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The best price! ADAPTIVE CODING
FROM 5000₴
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 Price benchmark (from)
5000 UAH
8000 UAH
from 15000 UAH
 Placement of the site on the hosting 
1 year 1 year 1 year
 Number of pages on the site
from 1 from 2  from 5
 Development of a unique design
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 Adaptation to mobile phones
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 Connecting the admin panel
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 Adding animation
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 Connecting an online consultant
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Do you have a ready-made design and want to create your own website based on it? Studio specialists «Space-Site» will gladly help you with this case!

What is the adaptive layout of the site?

Any site is created on the basis of a pre-prepared design, which is then cut into pieces and set in the necessary position of the resource.

Unusual user does not need to know about all the subtleties of layout, the main thing is that the site where he went to look holistic and meet all the requirements.

If you need a quality adaptive layout, you can order it in our studio.

Before the site is adapted, it may look completely different on different devices. Today, people want to get information as quickly as possible, no one will spend time to figure out what corner of the screen is this or that module.

All should be as simple, accessible and attractive as possible.

In the make-up process, small buttons, as well as all distractions, unreadable text, and hidden vital keys (e.g. trash can) are replaced by more functional analogues.

Tasks to be solved by adaptive layout:

  • easy to read text;

  • convenient navigation;

  • all elements are clearly visible and accessible;

  • buttons are designed to fit the finger size and can be easily pressed;

  • nothing extra and distracting.

Cost of adapting the site to mobile phones — Price 2020

Price for website adaptationPrice, UAHTimeframe for development
No design changes from 3500 UAH 3-10 days
With a unique design from 5000 UAH 7-15 days
According to your job from 10000 UAH from 7 days

Benefits of working with us

Our experts know how to create a convenient and functional website that will look great on your computer screen, tablet, mobile phone or netbook.

By working with us, you will receive:

  • layout layout of any complexity;

  • Internet project adapted to any device;

  • the same resource display in all browsers;

  • using the latest technology;

  • best site ranking by search engines. The weight of the Internet project, developed using modern tools, is much higher than sites with fixed layout.

Many people are interested in the question "How much does adaptive layout cost? We do not overstate the prices and calculate the budget, based on several important points: the need to perform in the shortest possible time, the number of unique templates, the use of techniques that can be used to increase conversion (for example, floating basket, automatic call when you click on the phone icon, etc.).

To order the services of the Space-Site studio it is enough to fill in a simple order form. Increase your sales with adaptive layout right now!

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