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Since 2013, we have been helping our clients to develop their business on the Internet.

Android app development

We develop mobile applications for online stores, business, startup projects.

Who should I order the development of the Android application

There are several groups of people interested:

  • You have an idea for an Android app and you want to start without delay.
  • You have an active business and a ready-made website and now you need to develop an application based on Android.
  • Aspire to find Android developers and do not want to risk getting to inexperienced professionals.

The reasons why we order an application is a good idea

All the main reasons:

  • Analytical research. You get a solution based on your business project and target audience analysis.
  • Experience. We have already developed a lot of such applications, including complex ones, and we have already developed them in time and in high quality.
  • Guarantees. We guarantee the fulfillment of obligations — the main argument — the concluded contract for the implementation of works.
  • Stability. Development of Android applications we have — the best price offer.

New features with Android application development

Android mobile apps have many uses. Applications:

  • Corporate use. The application will help to automate business processes and reduce business costs. It is also possible to create additional convenience for the clients, to analyze the efficiency of the company employees' work. Through the application it is possible to receive feedback from customers, personnel.
  • For online stores.  You will be able to use the application as one of the selling tools. The key value is to increase customer loyalty and repeat sales. Also with the help of this tool it is possible to inform customers about offers and promotions. Additional opportunities for optimization of internal business processes.
  • For startup projects. Android application is more than 1.4 billion users. At the same time, any social groups of users become available due to the huge number of Android device owners. The application can also become an additional service to the web version of the site. It is possible to achieve analysis and create flexible development of new versions of applications.

Android app development is more than 1.4 billion users. Android apps have open source code, which gives even more opportunities for developers. These apps are available for different social groups of users, as Android devices are very popular.

Android application development features from SpaceSite

Android app development covers several stages. To make the program interesting and useful to the user, we hold the following events:

  • Analysis. It is a detailed study of popular applications in the same niche by various criteria. Among them: comfort of use, functionality and design, compliance with user requirements and search queries.
  • Prototype. With the careful development of all elements of the interface, the main task is to achieve ease of use, clarity and usefulness for the user. This takes into account the main features — whether the new application will be a stand-alone application, or will be an addition to the site.
  • Design. We think of a bright, practical design. It's important that it not only attracts, but also looks optimal on different screens.
  • Development. Actually writing an application for Android. This happens under the control of the customer, divided into small steps.
  • Testing. For normal operation, the Android application must be tested. It only gets to the market if we are absolutely sure that it is working and of good quality.
  • Publishing. It takes into account the new requirements of the stores for the development of Android. Applications must be moderated.
  • Support. After development, the interaction with the application does not end, because it is very important to provide technical support. This way, you can achieve smooth and optimal performance on all your devices. If errors occur in the process, they are promptly eliminated.

We have an excellent quality — expert knowledge in everything. In the future, the application will receive, among other things, technical support. In the process, our experts have a lot of ideas and all of them are carefully written down to achieve the desired result in the future and create an Android application that will be easy and understandable to use.

Flexible development of Android applications by Scrum

Android programs are created according to Scrum's flexible development methodology. To make it clearer what it means, let's present a step-by-step process:

  1. The full list of tasks to be performed is formed to start with.
  2. Next, the so called sprints are separated in the area. We have a sprint duration of 7 days.
  3. Step programming and demonstration of the result after each sprint.

This work structure allows you to control each step and the overall task execution process. Also, the customer has the ability to change the priority of tasks and after each sprint it is possible to see the result of the work. You can literally feel the application.

In the end, the development of the Android application becomes clear and transparent to the customer.

Creating an application natively and according to Google Play rules

Android application development requires knowledge of native elements. Google has developed the visual language Material design. This is a set of principles of good design for Android these principles are taken into account by us in the process of developing the application. As a result, we are able to get a program that has a clear and user-friendly interface.

Also it is important to follow Google Play rules, otherwise the application will be blocked.

Development and support after delivery

After delivery of the project, we advise customers, iterative products develop. You can count on our help in further development of your project.

Android app development cost

The peculiarity of pricing in the development of the Android application is that we do not charge for the hourly fee, but for the finished project. At the same time, we offer prices with which you will be comfortable to start developing the application.

Guarantees and conditions of payment:

  1. The conditions of cooperation in the smallest detail are specified in the contract. This is the guarantee that we will fulfill our obligations.
  2. Also you get a guarantee that the application will be understandable for Android users and will be moderated for placement in Google Play Market.
  3. Get help placing the application.
  4. Analytics system setup.
  5. Support of the project after its delivery.

And you can also order an Android app development cost calculation right now, all you need to do is contact our managers.

How to choose a reliable contractor

To find a suitable developer, there are many things to consider. So at the first stage it is necessary to define the purpose of the project. To do this, it is useful to find and study similar or similar applications. Ask yourself the question — what exactly is the user's need to solve the application.

Also, it is worthwhile to be guided by certain criteria for choosing an executor, namely:

  1. Portfolio and the level of projects it works in.
  2. Types of business we work with.
  3. Solution selection system before entering into a deal and during the implementation of the application.
  4. Professional level.
  5. Prices and guarantees.

It's worth looking at cases — already implemented projects on similar topics. This will allow you to evaluate which result you are likely to have.

Also feel free to ask questions, because only in this case you will be able to avoid any misunderstanding. Ultimately, asking the right question at the right time will save you time and resources.

Customer requests at the project evaluation stage

We have years of successful experience in developing applications for Android. The most important stage in this process is a thorough business expertise. A whole team of specialists is working hard on this task. As a result, we are able to achieve uniqueness and move away from standard solutions.

Time of development depends on the complexity of the task and is approximately 3 months. Throughout the entire development period, you can control the process. We always offer a reasonable price that is backed by excellent quality.

Android App Value — Price 2021

Android application price Price, $ Dates of development
Plain application from 3000 $ 1-2 months
Average complexity application from 5000 $ 3-4 months
Sophisticated application from 6000 $ from 4 months