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Quick Application Forms
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SEO optimization*** $ 590
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Since 2013, we have been helping our clients to develop their business on the Internet.

Everybody started small, even giants like Sixt Germans and Hertz Americans, who rent cars. They offered their cars at rental centers, and later made an appointment over the phone. Today, their customers' opportunities are much wider — the car can be booked via the Internet.

Online circulation has greatly simplified the process of communication. However, their Google Play apps are not yet rated too high. Especially when compared to Uber or Zipcar. That's why the official website of the company remains the most convenient source for obtaining information about cars and their rentals. We'll show you how to develop the right site to help you rent out cars quickly, easily and profitably for your business.

We look under the hood

This is, of course, about the site and its internal content, which remains invisible to the client. What they see is the structure of the site and the possibilities for the implementation of the order. What is available to the company's employees is a part of the backend with order management tools, planning, statistics, pricing, reporting. Below is an example of a service structure:

The first step to take is to plan the database structure of the future service and describe the scenarios of user interaction with them. Next, you will need to start designing and developing the API.

Without this, it will not be possible to expand the service and create applications for a variety of platforms in the future. If you apply this development, you will need a lot of time and resources.

Now I'd like to say about specific technologies that will be convenient on such a site. For databases we recommend:

  • MySQL.
  • MongoDB.

For the backend, the Symfony2 PHP framework. They are used by the majority of large sites, such as GoGoBus, Blablacar, MeinFernbus.

The main task in development is to create a resource that would be sharpened for heavy loads in certain peak periods. For example, in the days of conferences, public events. In such periods, the number of requests will always increase significantly. That's why you need to settle all the issues with the hosting provider.

Site structure for car rental

Specialization of the service is specific, so it is necessary to develop the structure with it in mind. First of all, make a list of necessary sections and available features. For visualization, it is convenient to use different tools to create intelligent maps. If you compare the known resources, they all include the following sections with the information:

  • Services conditions.
  • Loyalty program conditions and discounts.
  • Vehicle data, service centres.
  • Support contacts.
  • Live account with order data. It becomes available only after the client logs in, i.e. authorization.

The main element of any of the popular resources is a detailed form of searching and booking a car — all this is located right on the home page. Moreover, to get information about the availability of a particular vehicle, you do not need to login to your personal account. This data is available to all users, including those who are not registered. Provided that they have specified the date, time of receipt and return of the car.

As a matter of fact, the booking form has a step-by-step structure and its approximate appearance is as follows:

  1. Driver and travel information.
  2. Select from available cars.
  3. Selecting additional services as needed.
  4. Booking confirmation.

All these data will be difficult to put on one page, and it will be difficult to perceive. Therefore it is rational to divide it into 3-4 pages.

How much does it cost to develop a car dealership site?

The cost of creating a website for the car dealership depends on a number of factors, mainly it is formed:

  • Web design
  • Development — frontend, backend and API

Of course, it is impossible to speak unambiguously about the price, because everything depends on the specific project, its specifics. Development time is six months and more. This period is influenced by the number of various functions the customer wants to see on his resource. The more they are, the longer the waiting period and the longer the implementation period are, the longer the support period is also increased.

If you need to develop a car rental website, please contact our experienced professionals, we are always happy to help you grow your business.

Cost of car show site — Price 2021

Vehicle Salon site price Price, $ Dates of development
Template design from 2999999 $ 10-15 days
Unique design from 49999 $ 15-20 days
Unique design from 100000 $ from 20 days