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Author: Анатолий Ситников

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Site coding from Figma - creating a website using the Figma

Many people know Google Dox, because this powerful tool perfectly combines the functions of an office suite and the ability to work together several people. Anyone who has access to the tool can edit, comment, and correct it. If business automation is used, then at first this tool is necessary. But many people are interested in whether there is an analogue for designers, which makes it possible to create prototypes and at the same time to implement the function of shared access. We have also found this one and this is the Figma editor, which we will now study in detail.

What is it?

Figma is an online graphics editor with three major advantages. Among them:

  • History versions.
  • Shared access.
  • Vector Networks.

Shared access

One of the basic concepts of this program is the concept of "team". Each project is created for the team, and you can invite participants to it at any time. This opens up huge opportunities for joint design development. Each participant has the opportunity to control the process of execution, to correct this or that moment, to make corrections or leave comments. Plus, there is an option of delimitation of rights, having defined the administrator and having allowed to edit or define the right of viewing. This is relevant for the client or supervisor.

Command editing option, implemented in real time. This allows you to see who is making the changes and what they are doing with the document when working on the project. This will be visible on the screen. The pointer is highlighted and signed by the name of the person who works with you


Selecting a file, you get to the editor, it is created in the image and likeness of Sketch, which is so fond of designers. But unlike it, Figma doesn't need to be installed, and it is available for any operating system.

In the editor, you can select the device for which you want to create a prototype, and you can even select a smart clock. You can then define the design for its vertical or horizontal position.


In this, as in any other graphical editor, tools are available to the user:

  • Forms - rectangle, arrow, line, star, polygon.
  • Per.
  • Risunok.
  • Text.

There is support for working with layers, shapes, effects, gradients, etc. All this has an intuitive interface. It allows even the most inexperienced user to quickly understand the process, even though the entire interface is in English.

At the same time in the main menu, comments can be left and answered.

The default fonts are Google, but you can also download your own. Texts can be formatted using a variety of effects, such as shadows and outlines. After that the results are exported to PNG, SVG, JPS. This allows you to create your own logos with inscriptions.

It should be noted that all the tools are well developed. Thus, when creating vectors, the variants of endpoints are shown. And with alt key you can copy the whole figure or its separate point. Everything can be easily added and removed.

May make layouts for more than one device at a time, with layouts simply placed side by side for both.

Full menu includes usual actions, and Sketch and Anggle files can be imported with almost no loss of quality.

Vector Networks

This is the third, but not the last, parameter by which Figma surpasses its direct competitors and other editors. This is how you can connect all vector points to the same network, rather than leaving the start and end points. It helps to move a line further entirely, without changing positions of its control points.

History and versions

Availability of version history opens up the possibility of viewing the previous version of the file, its duplication into the old version. Actually, versions are created 30 minutes after the last modification. The saving process is automatic, and even if the user closes the tab, the latest version will be saved.

To view the version history of a project, you need to open the file and click on the arrow next to its name. The version history will appear on the right side of the screen. Here you can see:

  • When the file was edited.
  • Who made the changes.

If you need to restore a particular version or duplicate it.


From June 2017 onwards, the creators will introduce new tariff plans. When working in a team, you need to choose one of the options. Each of them will be considered. Thus, Starter Team can be ordered for free, and you get:

  • Unrestricted access for any number of viewers.
  • There is a limit on the number of projects - they are not more than 3.
  • The version history is limited to 30 days.

The price of 12$ per month per editor, this rate is valid for payment once a year, but if you pay every month it is 15$. The following options are available:

  • Unlimited number of spectators.
  • Unlimited version history.
  • Unlimited number of projects.
  • Unrestricted commands with shared elements to the library.

It's important! The editor is a person who has the right to make changes to the version.

Desktop version

After creating your account, you can access the desktop version of the application. It can be accessed via an authorization form, with the interface being the same as the online version, the difference being the menu. It is classic for programs of this type.

This program is linked to the online editor, and changes made in the application will be available in the browser. However, like the other way around.


While this editor was released in September 2016, he has already received many fans. It is available for any operating system, and its work is joint, plus the version is available. All of these are huge advantages that users who are increasingly using it appreciate.

If you need to develop a website with a unique design from Figma layout, please contact Space-site studio, we work in Kiev and Ukraine.

Cost of coding from Figma coding — Price 2021


Price coding of the site from the codingPrice, $Date of coding 1 page.
Html+css from 200 $ 1-2 days
Adaptive coding from 400 $ 2-3 days
Landing coding from 800 $ 2-4 days

Creating a website from Figma means:

  • using advanced CSS3;

  • Rational size of pictures and HTML pages, correct format selection;

  • page preparation for quality indexing;

  • developing scripts for animation (jQuery, JavaScript, Ajax).

The cost of services depends on several factors. First of all, we are talking about the number of unique templates, the technical requirements and the need to perform adaptive coding.

Why do I have to choose us? We do not tear down deadlines, apply an individual approach to each client and do our work in the highest quality! You will receive the finished product just in time, and it will start to bring real benefit as quickly as possible.