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Author: Анатолий Ситников

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Best price! PSD CODING
FROM 60$
 Adaptation to mobile phones as a gift!

 Price benchmark (from)from 60 $ per 1 page
 Site layout by PSD layout
 Adaptation to mobile phones
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 Connecting the admin panel
 Adding animation

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Since 2013, we have been helping our clients to develop their business on the Internet.

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In the process of developing any Internet project, you need to do the layout. Gaming site, Internet-shop, blog or usual business card — make-up of all these types of resources is performed according to CSS and HTML standards. Site layout from psd layout is one of the main activities of the studio "Space-Site".

What is PSD layout?

Psd layout of the website implies a competent breakdown of the design of the Internet resource into parts where the software code will be introduced in the future. Before ordering a service, it is important to determine the parameters of work. To date, it is customary to distinguish between adaptive and fixed layout. The first type is very popular, because sites with such a layout look great when viewed on any device.

Interestingly, the layout of the site from psd is performed in the presence of a ready-made design, which provides the client.

Professional layout consists of the following steps:

  • planning. It is important to define in advance the tasks, clearly define the terms of reference, which will stipulate all the requirements (unique templates, animation, adaptability, cost);

  • introduction. Space-Site experts use such technologies as JavaScript, Bootstrap, CSS3, HTML5;

  • quality control. Testing at all stages of execution is a mandatory stage of layout development by psd layout.

It is important to understand that layout is not a ready-made site in itself. You are given an archive with images and files of another format, which should be "stretched" on one of the control systems. Programmers from "Space-Site" will gladly implement your wishes and prepare a fully usable product.

Cost of layout from PSD layout — Price 2021


Price layout of the site from the layoutPrice, $Date of layout 1 page.
Html+css from 60 $ 1-2 days
Adaptive layout from 120 $ 2-3 days
Landing layout from 240 $ 2-4 days

Create a website from PSD means:

  • using advanced CSS3;

  • Rational size of pictures and HTML pages, correct format selection;

  • page preparation for quality indexing;

  • developing scripts for animation (jQuery, JavaScript, Ajax).

The cost of services depends on several factors. First of all, we are talking about the number of unique templates, the technical requirements and the need to perform adaptive layout.

Why do I have to choose us? We do not tear down deadlines, apply an individual approach to each client and do our work in the highest quality! You will receive the finished product just in time, and it will start to bring real benefit as quickly as possible.