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Since 2013, we have been helping our clients to develop their business on the Internet.

Corporate website design development

Design of corporate website — It's not easy to create a 2-in-1 website, which would be able to solve the problems of customers and employees of the company. But still it's not fantastic, and such a resource with great opportunities to implement still realistically. Modern corporate website is not just a "face" of the company in the network, but a powerful tool for commercial and non-profit organizations, which helps their development and growth in online space. It remains to be seen what this corporate website is and how to create it.

What is the corporate website design?

Modern corporate website design is a presentation of the company on the Internet. And the better it will be, the better for your own company. The main task of such a resource is to attract not only customers, but also partners. As an option, strengthen already established partnerships. With its help it will also be possible to reveal the advantages of the company, describe in detail the specifics of activities, services, products.

The purpose of its creation depends on the wishes and needs of the company. This may also include taking over a new niche, entering the international market.

Other value and difference between a corporate website and any other is the ability to perform important functions. Among them:

  • Support for round-the-clock communication with partners, customers.
  • File storage.
  • Tool for working with employees.
  • Internal communication of employees.
  • Advertising and selling services or products of the company. This is one of the most effective advertising platforms.

Major corporate website design tasks

In general, the tasks assigned to the corporate website depend on the goals of the company, but there are basic tasks that are in demand almost always.

Create or improve the image of the company

The image of the company in this case will work elements of design, information about the company itself. At the same time, such a tool will be surprisingly powerful and will help not only to strengthen positions in the market, but also to increase customer loyalty.

In particular through the corporate information portal it will be possible to promote and popularize the corporate identity, to increase brand awareness. That is, all the work on it is the formation of the correct perception of the target audience and partners based on the wishes of the management.

Expansion of bases: client and partner

This is facilitated by the placement of information about the company, its work, different terms of cooperation, they may be of interest to other companies. For this to work, you need to place a section with contacts, to provide feedback to the consultant, chatting online.

Any of these elements, and the more they are, the more effective it is in attracting new target audiences and partners. It also works to strengthen existing relationships.

Filing complete company information by CA

The specification of the corporate website is that the information provided on it has no limited scope. This is especially true for information content.

>It is very important to tell about the following things:

  • Companies.
  • Activities.
  • Answer questions about the company.
  • Submit all information that would eliminate the need to contact a company representative. This is an approach that many visitors to the site will appreciate. Plus, it will reduce the burden on employees.

As a matter of fact, sections can be offered in any number. Again, the main goal here is to provide as much information as possible about the company.

Maybe sections:

  • History, achievements, results.
  • Li>Guidance data.
  • List and description of goods and services sold by the company.
  • Information for partners that they may need to make a decision about cooperation.
  • Blog.

All that may be of interest to the target audience, be it clients or partners.

Opportunity to sell goods and services

It is logical that the corporate website will be able to purchase goods. However, it is not necessary to overload the selling information. It will be appropriate to place information about current promotions, special offers. Such advertising will be cheaper than if you place it in other places.

As well as that, the corporate website may include options for direct selling. This will make a profit for the company.


Correctly created website of the company will help to save on the services of recruiting agencies, do not have to submit ads to newspapers. On the portal you can create a separate section concerning employment.

Please submit information:

  • Candidate requirements.
  • Gains in employment.
  • Prospects for career development.

This will make it much easier to find new employees.

Types of corporate websites

Classification is based on the objectives and goals of the company.

Card site

Corporate business card site is the best solution for young companies, but the ones who already know their target audience. Such a page will become a startup for them. The resource of this type is not voluminous and includes only a few sections, maybe even lending. It contains:

  • Brief information about the company.
  • Contact.
  • Feedback form.
  • Briefly on goods and services.
  • The opportunity to download the price.
  • is offered

A convenience of it is that its development and increase is possible gradually, as the company grows. New sections, functions, categories and tools can be introduced into it. It will be nice to see customers who have previously visited the resource — they will see that the company is not standing still, but is developing and improving. This builds trust.

Catalogue site

This is a much larger site that performs several key tasks:

  • Presents the company online.
  • Sells product.
  • Produces from a potential customer's visitor.

Obligatory element on the corporate web-site catalogue is a voluminous and detailed information about goods and services. It is necessary to provide the possibility of communication with the manager.

Comfortable sites of this kind for companies that can not set a constant price. For example, are engaged in the supply of goods that pay in foreign currency. And the rate, as you know, is constantly floating. Also, such a site will be relevant for companies that sell goods or provide services on special terms, selling exclusive products under the order at the request of customers.


It's clear from the title that this resource is designed to provide maximum information. There is no need to sell, but it can teach, provide useful information. The goal is to form interest groups, uniting them on the basis of one topic. There are various trainings, lessons, articles, and even a news site.

What's interesting, even in such sites, the company manages to apply a marketing component. So, when placing the lessons, you can offer to buy the full course.

Emportant moments when creating a company website

Quality and design of the corporate website are very important and should not be underestimated. The image of the company is at stake, and then jokes aside. That is, the development of the site should be conducted using modern trends, taking into account the needs of visitors of different categories. Only in this case, the portal will be able to present the company as it is beneficial to it, to give convenience to customers. There are a lot of criteria, but it is worth considering the main ones.


The first thing you need to do when developing a corporate website is to analyze its structure. Here, the logic of building transitions is very important. Only in this case, each visitor will understand how to find the information in the proposed sections. On the quality of the structure depends on the success of the site as a whole.

Integrity, illogicality, mistakes — all this will push away the visitors and they will not come again. The correct structure also affects search engine indexing, which is a plus for promotion.


Corporate website should be stylish, memorable and appropriate to the company's activities. Here, design is perhaps the most important role. It can attract and make you stay, or push you away and create the wrong impression.

Correct is the corporate identity of the company. But if it does not exist, then the design should be based on modern trends, emphasize the merits of the company, cause the right association with the target audience.

All that matters is the colors, their combination, the placement of the individual elements.


We have already mentioned that the right functionality is capable of solving many different tasks. And what tasks it will be able to perform should be considered from the very beginning. In this case, you will be able to achieve maximum convenience for staff, clients, and partners.

Modern corporate website can:

  • Serve as an assistant in file storage and sharing.
  • It will simplify the management and documentation of trade.
  • In supply control.
  • In product consumption.
  • Personal interaction with the customer, partner, etc.

In view of the special tasks that you want to implement, it is worthwhile to implement some functions.

All information

We have already touched on the issue of the amount of information on the site, but I would like to remind you once again that there are almost no restrictions here. This is the resource that can and should contain as much information as possible. That is, it should be so much so that the visitor can find answers to all his questions without involving managers and filling out feedback forms.


Adaptive layout is just as important as developing the right site structure. Often, developers who do not have much experience, forget that the site is viewed not only from a PC, but also from smartphones and tablets. If there is no adaptability, it is a significant blow to the image and in most cases it leads to the loss of some customers.

Download speed

Optimization in this case is above all. The corporate website should be loaded instantly rather than keeping the client waiting. To achieve a fast download, you will have to work on the technical parameters, optimize all the elements that can affect the download speed.

This even applies to catalog sites with a large number of images. For example, you can use a download technique where the site only downloads images that are visible on one screen. There are many other options and tools to influence the download speed. They should be applied to the maximum.

Secure hosting

To, whether the site can withstand critical loads, says a lot. The appearance of an error that prevents you from logging on to the site due to hosting overload, will affect the desire to come again. In most cases, visitors refuse to do so. To avoid such technical troubles, it is better to use a reliable hosting.


The possibility of a language change to familiarize oneself with the site should be envisaged in cases where promotion is planned in a country where several languages are used for communication. And obligatory, if it is planned to reach the international level. This will only add convenience to the visitors of the resource, because it will be able to read in the language that is convenient to him.

If there is no possibility to register such a site, it is worth creating it on several domains.

As there a need for a corporate website at all?

You can make or order your own corporate website without any problems. But to begin with, it is worth understanding whether it is necessary at all and whether your company is ready for it. Corporate site — this is not the option when they made and forgot. And that's why:

  • Services to create such a resource are quite expensive, and don't forget that.
  • The site is in constant need of updating, support, improvement in case of force majeure.

Only after you have weighed the pros and cons and realized that you can become the owner of such a resource if it meets the technical and user requirements, only then it will pay for itself and will be able to solve the tasks.

Cost of corporate website design — Price 2022

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