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  • Creation of an interactive AngularJS website
  • Functionality of any complexity
  • Search Engine Optimization for Google
  • Template or unique design
  • Attracting customers through the site
  • Full support for the site in the future
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Best price! AngularJS
FROM 39990-
 Adaptation to mobile phones as a gift!

Type of siteCorporateShopService
Cost of the site on Angular 39990 $ 59990 $ 79990 $
Guarantee of success*
Payment to get started 50%
SEO optimization** 8000 $
Advertising on Google** 7500 $
Advertising in social networks** 5000 $
Adaptation to mobile phones
Finished design solution
Unique website design +14 990 $ +19 990 $ +24 990 $
Deadlines in working days to 15 days to 25 days to 45 days
Learning how to use the site
Open source site engine
Clear admin panel of the site
SEO optimization capability
CRM connectivity
SEO promotion from $ 8 000 in 1 month — from 6 months
Writing texts on the site from 30 $ per 1 000 characters without spaces
Site support free first month after creation

*The guarantee of success is implied by the contract for calls and requests from the site, in case our group of companies is engaged in further advertising.

**Time payment. Separately paid for the budget for advertising on Google or social networks. Budget for SEO site promotion per month from 8000 hryvnia. The minimum budget for displays on Facebook and Instagram is $3 per day. Minimum budget for clicks in Google per day 200 hryvnia.

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Since 2013, we have been helping our clients to develop their business on the Internet.

What to choose React.js, Vue.js or AngularJS?

This question arises for many who create a website or their own mobile application. There is no clear answer, because each of the proposed software platforms has its own peculiarities and unique advantages. In order to make the right choice, it is necessary to understand the peculiarities of each framework for your business tasks.

What is React.js, Vue.js or AngularJS?

Pretend that you need to create an interactive web application, in which case the Angular platform is the right solution. This is an open source JavaScript framework. Also great for creating landings. The main task of the software platform is to expand the additions created on the basis of the MVC template, to improve the development, to conduct testing.

React is a JavaScript library that develops Android and iOS applications. It is still possible to change the data constantly. When used to create single and multipage sites, it ensures that the management is simple, scalable. Plus, the site will definitely work quickly. The peculiarity of this software platform is that there is a unidirectional transfer of data from parent to child components.

And the third participant in the Vue js comparison is an ultramodern JavaScript framework. Its main purpose is to help develop adaptable user interfaces and advanced one-page sites. The main advantage of this program is the ease of integration into projects that use other libraries.

Strong sides

The platforms under consideration have similar architecture, design, but they also have some differences, features. That's what makes them so popular in one field or another.

Emportant features affecting the popularity of AngularJS:

  • MVVM or Model-View-ViewModel — allows you to divide the models and views for them to change separately about each other. For example, the developer can set parameters of work with data, and the designer works with the interface.
  • Double-sided data linking. Allows to release a server from work with templates, thus they are displayed as HTML-tags.
  • Improved RXJS and compilation of less than 3 seconds. This is the responsibility of the new Launcher — HTTP Client.

The main features of React.js:

  • Plain syntax. It makes it easy to learn and use the program. That is, development on this platform takes a little time, does not require an in-depth study of TypeScript.
  • Work at high workload. The only condition for using ES6/7 ReactJS.
  • Virtual DOM. It allows you to set the difference between the current and previous interface state. This makes it possible to optimize browser updates.
  • Constant updating of library data. This takes into account the wishes and feedback of the developers react application.

Emportant features of Vue.js:

  • Reinforced HTML. Helps optimize the processing of HTML blocks using different components.
  • Maximum performance. Due to the excellent speed and flexibility of the program, it is possible to take the highest performance when compared to other frameworks.
  • Detailed documentation. With its help it is possible to train faster by the developer, it very much saves time on development of appendices with application of base knowledge HTML and JavaScript.

How long will it take to develop a website

To begin to define the profile of the site, that is, what it will be — information portal, blog, site-cut-away, Lending. The process of creation is quite time-consuming, for its implementation it is necessary to spend a lot of effort. And it concerns both the efforts of the developer and the customer. The terms of readiness for each of these platforms and a specific project are specified separately. It can be both 10 and 60 working days.

Time to develop an application: how much do you have to spend?

When it comes to application development, you just need a responsible approach. This is especially true for the preparatory phase, which actually determines the deadline.

To begin, you should outline the complexity of the application and the platform for which it is being developed. So on the Android application will have to spend 20-30% more time than on iOS. The reason for this is the need to run the test on more devices. Also, the terms depend on many other factors and can vary from 3 days to 6 months.


It is influenced by a number of factors, including:

  • Functional load of an application or a web page.
  • Number of integration with external services.
  • Complexity of elements and animation, number of screens.
  • Server request loads.
  • Complexities of interaction between users.
  • Security requirements.

Development of applications on React.js, Vue.js or AngularJS from Space-site

The Space-site team has been developing web applications for many years. During this time, hundreds of successful projects have been implemented, which until now have generated profit for their owners and our customers.

Order the development of web applications or sites on React.js, Vue.js or AngularJS, you can leave a request on our site. Everyone can get a free consultation with different subject matter experts, just contact us in any convenient way. We can help you implement modern solutions and make your company a market leader.

Cost of the site on AngularJS — Price 2021

Site price on AngularJS Price, $ Dates of development
Template design from 14999 $ 10-15 days
Unique design from 24999 $ 15-20 days
Unique design from 34999 $ from 20 days