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  • Creating a website with a convenient CMS WordPress
  • Available and understandable admin site
  • Search Engine Optimization for Google
  • Unique or template design
  • Provide website placement for 1 year
  • Full support for the site in the future
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The best price! WORDPRESS
FROM $992
fire 03 Adaptation to mobile phones as a gift!

Вид сайтаСайт услугМагазинЛендинг
Стоимость сайта от $ 992 от $ 1190 от $ 990
Платеж для начала работы 50%
Сроки в рабочих днях от 10
Гарантия на успешность* checked space site com ua checked space site com ua checked space site com ua
Реклама сайта (по желанию) При заказе сайта скидка 15%
SEO оптимизация** $ 590
Реклама в Google** $ 390
Реклама в соц. сетях** $ 390
Адаптация под мобильные checked space site com ua checked space site com ua checked space site com ua
Готовое дизайн решение checked space site com ua checked space site com ua checked space site com ua
Обучение пользованием сайта checked space site com ua checked space site com ua checked space site com ua
Открытый код движка сайта checked space site com ua checked space site com ua checked space site com ua
Понятная админ панель сайта checked space site com ua checked space site com ua checked space site com ua
Возможность подключения CRM checked space site com ua checked space site com ua checked space site com ua
Поддержка сайта бесплатно первый месяц после создания

*Под гарантией на успешность подразумевается гарантия по договору на звонки и заявки с сайта, в случае, если дальнейшей рекламой занимается наша группа компаний.

**Разовая оплата. Отдельно оплачивается бюджет на показы рекламы в Google или в социальных сетях. Бюджет на SEO продвижение сайта в месяц от $ 390. Минимальный бюджет на показы в Facebook и Instagram $ 5 в сутки. Минимальный бюджет на клики в Google в сутки $ 20.

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The decision to create an individual Site-cut-away or corporate resource is no longer a curiosity. But, unfortunately, a well implemented resource is still rare.

In view of the fact that recently there have been a lot of resources in the network, there is a reason to order the site on the popular worldwide platform "Wordpress" with original content, design and convenient functionality. Only in this way you can distinguish your own or corporate brand against the background of millions of faceless sites.

The visitor feels that he is facing an original resource or another fake, so it is important to pay attention to the design. No less important is the functionality of individual blocks and the entire resource in the complex, filling and so on. For the owner of the resource it is important simplicity and convenience of administration.

What better choice?

All these tasks can be solved by developing sites on the wordpress engine. This CMS is a popular platform all over the world, providing many opportunities for professional programmers and at the same time it is intuitive for ordinary users in case you want to manage the resource yourself in the future.

Wordpress website development allows the programmer to implement all the wishes of the client regarding the design or functionality. This "engine" is distributed on the principle of "open source", which means open source.

This is another argument to order "Creation of sites on Wordpress, because you do not need to invest heavily in the platform. You get it absolutely free.

The cost of the site on WordPress — Price 2020

WordPress pricePrice, UAHDevelopment time
Template design from 4999 UAH  9-13 days
Unique design from 14999 UAH  13-21 days
Unique design from 19999 UAH  from 21 days

Company "Space-Site" makes cool sites on Worpress "turnkey"

Because creating and filling a resource yourself is a technically complex process that requires some knowledge and skills, we recommend order Expensive website from Space-Site.

Note that the cost of creating a site on Wordpress includes the formation of technical specifications, the creation of a layout of the future resource, the development of individual design, filling the necessary functional blocks. Also optionally you can order the filling of the resource with unique content, SEO-audit or promotion.

In addition to creating a website on Wordpress at an affordable price, we also offer professional resource administration. You won't have to spend time on such time-consuming processes. You can always be sure that your site is completely stable and working, and also as much as possible corresponds to all your inquiries.

Company "Space-Site" will professionally develop the site on the most popular engine Wordpress. Management and administration of such a resource will be simple and convenient, and a unique individual design will allow you to stand out from the crowd of similar gray resources.

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anton ok 123 Alexey Developer
anton ok 123 Valery Designer
anton ok 123 Sergey Developer
anton ok 123 Irina Designer
anton ok 123 Bogdan Sales Manager
anton ok 123 Alexander Sales Manager
anton ok 123 Dmitry Account manager

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Answers to various and popular questions

Admin panel to manage the site?

Yes — admin panel is provided for all projects. If you have a non-standard project, we have the opportunity to develop a unique admin site panel with the necessary base for content management.

After the site is accepted and the project is closed, our experts will provide detailed instructions for use.

If the instructions are not enough, then a consultation in the form of a conversation on Skype is possible.

Will the design be drawn from scratch?

There are several ways to implement the design for the site - a unique design "drawn" from scratch in a graphical editor (expensive) and with a unique design based on the finished template (cheaper).

What are the terms of website development?

The time and terms of development will be indicated in the contract. The minimum development period of the site is 10 working days.

If, nevertheless, there is a delay in the delivery of the project, our company bears penalties with financial responsibility for each day of delay in the delivery of the site.

Mobile version or adaptation?

Your site will be fully adapted (convenient to look) for mobile devices — tablets, smartphones and handheld computers.

Terms of Reference required?

If there is no task and is not planned, fill in brief by reference. If you have a technical task, then to evaluate the cost of developing a site, send it to our mail

A completed brief is enough in 90% of cases, we will clarify all additional information if necessary.

Site support and further promotion?

We provide full support for the site - attracting customers from search engines through contextual advertising, website promotion in organic search, as well as teaser and banner advertising.

What is a brief and why is it needed?

Brief - a small questionnaire, on the basis of which we can prepare a commercial proposal for you and develop a website site.

You can fill in a mini brief by link here.

Hosting and site domain?

We provide all our customers with free hosting ( and domain name for 1 year in the zone *, * or *

Payment Procedure and Payment Terms?

We work according to the classical scheme in the field of website development - 50% deposit, 50% after you accept the fish. Payment can be made on the PrivatBank Ukraine card.

In the same way, you can make a payment through any payment system convenient for you.

You make discounts when ordering multiple sites?

If you simultaneously order the development of several sites, then you can make a discount of up to 15% depending on the total amount of projects.

When ordering a second site after the delivery of the first project, you also have the opportunity to get a good discount, which will be negotiated individually.

Bank transfer via bank account?

Yes, it is possible to pay via bank transfer and MPD. Website cost is calculated individually.

Contract and documents for tax?

Before starting work, we sign a contract to create a site. Further, after each stage of the robot you will receive acts of the work performed.

All documents required for tax reporting, we will provide.

How to calculate the cost of the site?

Website development cost is calculated individually, to calculate the cost follow this link. Cost examples, You can look at the site section — portfolio.

I am not from Ukraine and want to order a site from you?

It so happened that we have not personally met with 90% of our customers. Moreover, 25% of our customers are outside Ukraine.

We have the ability to perform quality operations with customers from anywhere.

What CMS will be used in development?

Over the 11 years of creating sites, we have developed the skills to create online stores, business card sites і corporate sites on the most convenient and fastest CMS systems — Joomla, WordPress and OpenCart.

Where to start cooperation?

To start cooperation, you need fill out a short questionnaire here, on the basis of which we can form value.

Is website promotion project Yours?

The project belongs to single group of companies (TOV The Right Web Solutions) and this is a separate team of specialists, but they work for us :)

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Come and visit:

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