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Creation of sites on Framework Laravel — order development on Laravel

PNR is one of the most popular server languages in the world. It remains in the top of the languages for the development of different applications, and mainly due to the release of a new version of RNR 7. It is significantly redesigned and optimized, especially through the use of RNR framework.

Why would Laravel

It has become the preferred technology in web development due to its flexibility, ease of use, high security and versatility. However, RNR encoding is what becomes uniform and repetitive.

Today, customers' tasks are becoming more complex and they are making more demands. That's why developers have to find ways to save time and effort, simplify and optimize coding processes. In this case, the RNR frameworks that perform the tasks of optimizing the process of application development become very useful.

If it's simpler to say, RNR frameworks speed up and optimize web development processes, thus minimizing the recurring encodings. This makes the process less boring and complex, including for developers themselves.

Not surprisingly, many people prefer frames that are easy to use and easy to learn. It is for them that the Laravel framework was created. With its help it is easier to implement tasks using RNR, especially when compared with other products such as Symfony and Zend. However, thus it is necessary to possess modern knowledge RNR, only in this case work with Laravel will appear simple and clear, and use productive.

Laravel for fast and quality development

Framework in general — a set of tools, templates that are designed to simplify the work of the developer of a web resource, application. Due to their use it is possible to get access to the database in the object-oriented form.

What concerns Laravel, it is a modern, clear and reliable tool for web programming. It has open source code, i.e. the framework is available free of charge.

Laravel is relatively young, because it appeared only in 2011. But during this time, a large community has formed and developed around it.

This framework has official documentation that explains a lot of literature and video courses. It is also based on Symfony components, which means that it uses a high quality code base. And, in fact, Laravel is a well thought-out combination of several frameworks that are convenient to work with. There are a number of important reasons why it is chosen by many developers, and we will talk about these important points.

First meeting

Laravel is without exaggeration the original solution among RNR-Frameworks for open source web development. That is, it can be used for free. It has an expressive syntax and elegant structure of that very code. At the expense of it, work on web-programming essentially simplifies. Useful attributes of the framework include several options for using utilities to adjust the database, modular system of packaging, a smart dependence manager.

Laravel from which side do not look at the winning option, and then we will offer the main arguments "for" its use.

Novative founder

Created by Laravel in 2011 by Taylor Otvel, and since then, there has been nothing left of the initial development. And this is good for webmasters, because the creator tries to constantly improve his child. There is a regular introduction of new solutions that help to get the most out of working with the framework. Among the main innovations:

  • SaaaS.
  • Template
  • Laravel Spark.
  • Lumen — microframework.

Mark documentation

Framework is not only an excellent basis for development, but also documentation that supports it. It was created by the same Taylor Oliver. Documentary support is clear and understandable. This means that any experienced, even if beginner, developer can learn and understand all aspects of working with the framework. Step-by-step documentation includes a detailed work instruction, and following it, it will not be difficult to perform the necessary task.

Ease of implementing dependencies

For developers, implementing dependencies is an everyday task. It is especially often necessary when working on long-term, large projects. Due to the introduction of dependencies, it is possible to remove a particular class using coding in the contract. At the same time, special attention is paid to the notion of weak class connectivity. Due to this, the code is simplified and there is a possibility to connect extensions for management.

Developed application structure

Laravel has a developed structure. Its main purpose is to get a good starting position for projects of any size. The structure gives the developer the ability to easily manage the application in the way that customers want it.

The best feature of the framework is that there is no limit to the placement of classes. The structure of Laravel includes an application package and a root directory. And the framework itself contains a lot of different ready-made packages for any task, including non-standard ones. This speeds up development.

Capabilities with Laravel

With the use of this framework, there are opportunities for the implementation of any large and large projects. And these are not only landings, but also corporate sites, social networks, dashboards, auctions, other services, including backends for mobile applications and much more.

Properties of Laravel over other platforms

There are a number of important advantages, among them:

  • Laravel is fast and has a bright future. The installation and configuration process is surprisingly simple.
  • From the box works with any of the popular DBMS. You will be able to sharpen it to work with NoSQL solutions.
  • Supplied with several preinstalled packages. This simplifies the web development process, saving not only time, but also the budget of the application owner and developer.
  • Laravel includes a number of tools that help protect against XSS and SQL injections. This reduces the time it takes to develop the code responsible for the site's security.
  • Use a high quality code base.
  • Permanent updates — every six months.
  • Laravel is easier than other offers, including Symfony.
  • Support integration with Vue.Js from the box.
  • It is suitable for creating any type of web applications — classic, service, SPA.
  • Technology integration: Redis, Meemcached, ElasticSearch.
  • An active community of developers has already been created and is constantly developing, working and maintaining packages for authorization, payment.
  • The convenient tools for testing are offered at once.

The cost of the site Laravel — Price 2021

Laravel price Price, $ Dates of development
Template design from 55999 $ 10-15 days
Unique design from 71999 $ 15-20 days
Unique design from 87999 $ from 20 days