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*Guarantee of success means a guarantee under a contract for calls and applications from the site, if our group of companies is engaged in further advertising.

**One-time payment. The budget for ad impressions on Google or on social networks is paid separately. Budget for SEO website promotion per month from $ 390. Minimum budget for impressions on Facebook and Instagram $ 5 per day. Minimum budget for Google clicks per day $ 20.

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Since 2013, we have been helping our clients to develop their business on the Internet.

Creation of a site on the Tilda constructor

Tilda's website development boom marked 2014. At that time, there was a real breakthrough in visual terms. There was a feeling that art had been touched and there was little faith that it would become so accessible.

At that point, discussions were held in groups of several hundred people who supported the platform team and gave advice on how to improve it. Today, the creation of sites on Tilda became a full-fledged direction of our work and the preferred management system. That's why we decided to talk about all the features and features of Tilda.

Site design on Tilda

Start designing a new website from scratch, literally. Zero-blocks are used. You can also use ready-made templates and blocks. They can be successfully grouped as a constructor.

Ready site templates on Tilda

They are divided by subject, purpose. More specifically:

  • Business.
  • Shop.
  • Evenue.
  • Contact.
  • Application form.

Ready blocks

Of course, the library of blocks, you can choose from them standalone design elements. Among the available:

  • Menu.
  • Text Blocks.
  • Images.
  • Video.
  • Forms
  • Buttons.
  • Stages.
  • Command.
  • References.
  • Cards Google, Yandex.
  • Other elements.

It's convenient that ready-made blocks are immediately adaptable, that is, they can be adjusted to different types of devices — computer, tablet, smartphone. In order to adjust the text size indents, you will need to set the display mode at the bottom of the block settings. To do this, you need to move the slider. All details on setting up the mobile version of Tilda can be found in the program manual.

Text, images for the Tilda site

To make changes to the text, click on it. Or there is another option — to do it from the menu "Content", it is in the standard blocks. Or through "Edit block" in Zero. In the editor is a built-in printer, it removes hanging pretexts, puts the correct dashes, quotes.

Images can be downloaded from disk, dragged and dropped, and a link to the image can be inserted from the Internet. Also in standard blocks there is an opportunity to change color, fonts, icons.

Zero-Blocks on Tilda

The best way to implement complex ideas is to use Zero-Blocks. Each element can be created independently. Adaptation is available for all types of devices in manual mode. Working in this block is like working in a graphical editor, only the results of your actions can be viewed in Tilde at once.

There is an opinion that Zero trends and minimalism in the appearance of sites dictate the task of designers to do more emphasis and pay special attention to color and typography. The content comes to the fore, and the designer's task is only to create an atmosphere that helps to consider the essence.

So clean and monotonous backgrounds, simple graphics on the site help to make its appearance more intuitive, it is perceived more intelligently. The user of the site does not interfere with anything, the content on it really wants to read, not just to consider its design.

Tilde has a simple block structure, so the site is easy to create. All components influence this: background, text, form, image — everything that is in the standard and Zero-blocks.

With Zero blocks you can do animation. But if the site requires animation, you will need to constantly edit, including making changes to all decisions. This is especially true for event sites.

One of the possibilities is micro animation. It helps to make the site talking, alive. In Tilde there are possibilities to adjust this effect. The site, which gives tactile feedback, forms a game with the user, thus prolongs the time of stay on the site, simplifies the familiarity with the content.

Also there is a template library. With its help the customer finds exactly what he needs on the site faster. At the same time, there will be savings on business development. Such a solution made it possible to save on the price of site development in 12-15 times.

Tilda makes it possible to make the site more efficient, and if you master its tools, you will not feel any restrictions at all. Even if you change your view of an element slightly, you can adapt it without losing it.

Tilda turnkey site views

Tilda is a comfortable environment for creating, publishing, storing and modifying projects. We often work with large projects according to the classical scheme of web development, namely:

  • Scheme.
  • Prototyping.
  • Content.
  • Design.
  • Technical optimization.

Tilda makes it possible to exclude one of the very expensive steps — HTML layout and programming. This reduces the cost of development for the client and time to create for the team.

Tilda is an opportunity not to involve a full-fledged developer even for multi-page sites. The only exception is the need to create complex calculators and other non-typical tasks. Compared to the development of the full site cycle, web pages on Tilde reduce the time for developing large projects to 1.5-2 months. This includes everything from prototyping to writing content and launching a working version.

Company website or Tilda Lending

Tilda is ideal if you need a product or service presentation site, landing page with feedback forms. It should be noted that at the moment in Tilde there is no function of the user's personal account. So it is possible to create all presentation pages directly in Tilde, and create a personal account as an external link to another resource.

Personal site or portfolio

Tilda makes it easy to collect portfolio sites, personal web pages of specialists.


We also have very large projects in Tilde. The results are encouraging, even for quite specific areas, we manage to get about 10 thousand visitors per month. According to the statistics of the owners of this type of resources, they bring business at least 15% of the annual turnover of the company.

The use of Tilda for the layout of articles is convenient, because you can place the required blocks exactly where you want them. This applies to subscriptions, social media links, links, links and other materials. The whole process is fast and the result is accurate. What is ultimately aesthetically pleasing is that it improves the behavioral characteristics of visitors, which ultimately has a positive impact on the ranking of the resource.

For content projects, Tilda has a number of very useful functions, among them:

  • Meta Tags: H1-H3, Description, alt for signing images.
  • Mixed content to be displayed in the search engine output, including texts, badges.
  • Tagging for Facebook.
  • Access buttons in social networks.
  • Subscription forms.
  • Configurable page addresses.
  • RSS feed generation
  • Ability to temporarily close an article for an indexing block.

In Tilde it is possible to add text content to the photo and video materials. This makes it a convenient tool for publishing books, longrides.

Evenue sites, promotional pages

For events, you can create a link to the ticketing platform.

Training project sites

Tilda is highly recommended to be used in such cases:

  • Course or product is sent to the user by e-mail after purchase.
  • The landing page is needed to sell the lessons.

In Tilde there is a possibility of closing one page of the project by password.

But you have to understand that you can't create a lesson storage system with homework using Tilda alone. There are other control systems for this. But it helps to show the product very effectively.

This way it is possible to develop a resource that "lives" on two domains. So on the basic contains its content part and lidogeneration, on the other hand, a self-written CMS. In this case, the ecosystem of projects will have a common, and links leading to another domain name, open in the same window.

Small online stores

Tilda should be used in the following cases:

  • The customer has a specialist on staff who can be entrusted with the administration of the store, or the customer is ready to stay on the technical administration with us. Manual work in this case can be really much.
  • Small range of goods. The ideal solution for a mono grocery store, perhaps a few modifications that will not be difficult to administer.

The similar online stores can be integrated with Yandex.Cash Desk or any online cash desk.

Tilda won't work if:

  • Integration with 1C is needed, the showcase and warehouse remains are synchronized.
  • Logistics is carried out by an outside company, there are several delivery options. If delivery is possible not only in one region, i.e., there is a complex tariff schedule for such services.

This is a bad experience for Tilda in conjunction with Ecwid. At the same time, the latter performed only the functions of the basket, although now Tilda has a built-in one. The need to integrate the delivery service and other advantages of their solution led to the fact that the system worked only nominally and incorrectly.

Other features of Tilda

CMS Tilda is able to please you with other features, some of them will be considered in detail.

Article tags

Today in Tilda there is no possibility to set tags for articles and filter materials by them. Tags can also be replaced by tabs in the ME 602 or ME 603 menu, but only if they are not more than 5. This principle is a good way to implement an online store. A more complex version is also available, in which each tag is a separate page with articles in one column.

Calculators and tests

Not so long ago in Tilde appeared tests and calculators. Previously, they had to be created separately and inserted into Tilda only code.

Tilda project examples

Projects on Tilde are diverse in form and content, they can inspire and impress. Examples are worth seeing on the site, and it is also useful to look at the collections Tilda has published on social media.

SEO options

Based on our experience of working with Tilda with site ranking, there are no difficulties. The automatic Google check shows a warning "Remove the JavaScript code and CSS blocking the top of the page". Cannot influence the code and remove the warning, it actually affects the download speed.

But Tilda's specialists analyzed it and found out that removal of scripts will give a small gain of 0.3 s. In any case, because of the priority of behavioral characteristics for the search engine output, pages manage to get a decent share of traffic.

Site optimization on Tilda:

  • Adding a favorite for the site. It can only be uploaded to the site in .ico format, you can use the converter.
  • for this purpose
  • Add an error page.
  • Configure HTTPS.
  • Set clear page addresses — url.
  • Write page throwers.
  • Set tags for headings and subheadings.
  • Set alt for images.
  • Open pages for indexing.
  • Check for errors in Tilda.
  • Webmaster Panel
  • Connect Yandex.Metric, Yandex.Webmaster, Google Analytics, Google Search Console.
  • Connect your own domain.

It's worth mentioning the important features

Receiving SSL Certificate

Tilda offers a free digital SSL certificate, which is required to configure HTTPS. Full instructions can be found in the Tilda.

help center

In this case, we do not recommend using the second option of obtaining SSL service CloudFlare, if the activity is conducted primarily in Russia. Actually, the procedure of obtaining their certificate will not cause any difficulties, but the site will receive an IP from CloudFlare, and it will most likely be blocked by Roskomnadzor from the majority of providers, in the same Rostelecom. This will mean that most domestic visitors will simply not be able to see the site.


Webmaster Panel

After configuring meta tags, go to Site Analytics Settings and SEO-optimization for search engines-go to section.

Interesting section "Critical errors and recommendations". You can see the red recommendations in it. To quickly go to the desired page you just need to click on the underlined title. After the transition you will be able to eliminate errors.

Webmaster pane available:

  • Connect Yandex.Webmaster, Google Analytics.
  • Set up page redirect.
  • Https.
  • Https.
  • Getting access to the extended tavicon loader.

Connect Yandex.Metric, Yandex.Webmaster, Google Analytics, Google Search Console

To start you need to create a counter in Yandex and Google, pre-register in your personal cabinet. After that you need to go to Analytics and SEO-settings of the site. Here to choose necessary counters, to save changes and to republish all pages of a site.

You will be able to track key indicators through the Tilda panel. For today, this is happening in a very truncated form. You need to go through the pages one by one: SEO-analyst site settings.

It is worth noting that Tilda updates this section. At the time of work on the material was available to view the session from mobile devices, the number of visits by days, months, popular pages.

Connect your domain

K site on Tilde you can connect your domain — the unique address of your site. If you use a free account, you will be able to publish your project only on a domain like "site name" The function of placing on your own domain becomes available starting from the paid Personal.

tariff plan

Preferredly we recommend to try the basic functions on completely free tariff. Later you can activate any of the paid functions. And for Personal during the first 2 weeks you can not pay for it, so to speak to test it. For this period it is quite real to look through a web page and to pay for already published site.

Don't let the developer register a domain — do it yourself. And do not forget that the name of the site — one of the most important assets and it is you who should have access to it.

Integration with data reception services from forms and payment systems

Data reception

Sites developed in Tilde work very effectively with incoming requests. In doing so, you can use the built-in form builder, and then you can collect data. Actually, the data can be downloaded and used, for example, as a base of retargeting or search for a suitable audience on Facebook. It is possible to set for all forms the type of "hidden field" and the name of the variable formname in this case you can quickly identify them.

Tilda will also be able to collect requests from visitors to the site and receive information via Telegram, Trello, Slack. Another option is to create a mailing list for services such as GetResponse, MailChimp, MailerLite, SendinBlue, UniSender, or send leads to CRM (AmoCRM, Bitrix24, Megaplan, Pipedrive).

Payment systems

Regulation of the law — to accept payments it is necessary to get the status of individual entrepreneur or legal entity. And, remember, that the electronic purse Yandex.Money can be used only for non-profit organizations, charity.

You should also take care of connecting the online cash register and placing it on the website of the public offer. This is a serious matter, and it should be treated in the same way. To connect to Tilde you can choose from the following payment services:

  • Paypal,
  • Yandex. Cash register,
  • Robokassa,
  • CloudPayments,
  • Yandex. Money,
  • LiqPay,
  • Tinkoff Bank,
  • Alpha bank,
  • Sberbank,
  • AB pay,
  • Stripe,
  • Cash,
  • Without cash settlement,
  • Promocodes

Technical support of the site on Tilda

To start communicating with Tilda's tech support, click on the orange icon at the bottom right of the screen. It's worth noting that speed is not always guaranteed, but the friendliness is guaranteed.

I would like to remind you that in 2016 and 2017, when Tilde had to resist DDOS-attacks, all the problems were solved by changing the IP-address. At the moment, special equipment is used to protect sites from attackers.

Plus, in addition to this, the Tilda team has created a large help center, and even an educational journal. They will be useful not only during the development of sites on this platform, but also in the process of configuration, will help to find answers to a variety of marketing questions. Namely:

  • How do I set up my mail?
  • How to create a landling?
  • How to create a personal data processing policy for the site?
  • And many others.

It is also worth noting the usefulness of Tilda's paid courses. They offer extremely useful information, which is presented in clear language, illustrated with various live examples.

Tilda has a telegram channel and publishes all news related to the service update.

Standard value on Tilda

Tilda has several different tariffs, so the cheapest is 750 rubles, if you pay monthly and 500 with a one-year payment.

Other rates:

  • Business — with a monthly payment of 1250 rubles, if just one year — 12000 rubles.
  • Pro 10 — monthly payment — 2500 rubles, just for the year — 25000 rubles.
  • Pro 15 — every month 3750 rubles, 1 time a year — 40000 rubles.
  • Pro 20 — monthly — 5000 rubles, just for the year — 50000 rubles.

Plus to this, the pages created on Tilde can be loaded to those sites that are already functioning. Thus interaction with API is accessible for tariff Business. There are ready plug-ins for Bitrix and WordPress.

We recommend that customers host on Tilde, rather than migrate sites created on this platform. This may seem expensive, but it will also provide editing or page duplication opportunities. This will save time, nerves, and ultimately money, respectively.

Tilda — this is not just a designer, she was able to turn the idea of this market, brought the sites on the templates to a fundamentally new stage of development. Among the existing designers at the moment it is difficult to find a more designer-friendly Russian-language environment.

Order a site on Tilda in Ukraine, you can fill out a form on our site — we will develop a site with a unique design at a reasonable price.


Cost of the site on Tilda — Price 2021

Site price on Tilda Price, $ Dates of development
Template design from 14999 $ 10-15 days
Unique design from 24999 $ 15-20 days
Unique design from 34999 $ from 20 days