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Since 2013, we have been helping our clients to develop their business on the Internet.

Creation of an entertainment and leisure site

Entertainment is one of the most popular topics on the web today. Not surprisingly, many resources choose this theme for themselves. To stand out from the rest, you need to be special, so we decided to consider in detail the specifics of creating such a site.

Classification of entertainment sites

Today we should highlight such groups of entertainment sites:

  • Radio, movie, television, or theater.
  • Ob gambling.
  • Musical.
  • Sporty.
  • Both entertainment venues.
  • On tourism.
  • Comixes.
  • Video hosting like YouTube.

There are many more subgroups, but we won't go into that much detail to avoid distracting from the main one.

Promotion Specification

The characteristic feature of any such resource is not only attracting, but also retaining the visitor. Only at first glance, this task is simple, but in fact it is a huge professionalism. Especially, if not to say the most important, the role here is played by the content, without which the promotion of an entertainment site is simply impossible.

That's not to be forgotten — there are a lot of such sites, and to withstand competition, it is important to regularly feed your own child and keep an eye on him. Competent optimization here is important as nowhere else in the world. To the site came to the visitors, and with the increase in their number and advertisers, you need:

  • Each day to update content.
  • In the development stage, there are many sections to consider, so you can reach a large audience.
  • Concretize resource specialization. This will simplify its promotion.
  • Actively use social media.
  • Create a favourable environment for exchange of opinions. This should include not only the possibility of exchanging comments, but also the possibility of writing feedback. Chats with a consultant and other visitors, apps and other tools will be useful.

One other important feature is that you don't need to use too many keywords. It is enough literally 2-3 phrases, words which will be organically mixed with adjacent requests. You shouldn't use them in an exact match, but embed them in secondary keys.

Please pay attention! Promotion should start with the least-frequency keywords, followed by medium and high-frequency.

Spotlighting sites about cafes, restaurants and more

Owners of restaurants, cafes and other entertainment venues for a long time and successfully use the Internet for promotion. Interestingly, online advertising is now much more effective than offline advertising. Finding the site of a bar, cafe, club or restaurant is not a problem today.

For the effect to be felt, it is necessary to constantly work on advertising. Ideally, if it will be engaged in a team of specialists. But it is too expensive for many owners of establishments. That's why it's worth hiring a temporary employee to teach you and tell you. Moreover, he will find a performer who will qualitatively fill the resource and will be engaged in its promotion in all directions.

Target audience can be identified without the need to use expensive and less efficient high-frequency queries to find you. For example, the phrase "restaurant on Taganka" will work better than just "restaurant". At the same time, the cost of the first, more detailed below. Remember that visitors are looking for a specific cuisine or street, where the restaurant is located. So that they have a delicious meal and drove by. This should be taken into account when optimizing.

Sometimes mistakes, the assumption is still at the stage of creation, in the future only slow down the progress. It is easy to explain — the wrong structure of the resource from the very beginning. That's why you should entrust its development, promotion and maintenance to professionals.

Promotion of internet resources of cafes and restaurants should be carried out using PR-methods. This has an extremely positive impact on the image of the institution. When ordering contextual advertising, it is necessary to remember that its effect is short-lived. A comprehensive approach is necessary.

Also take care of the quality of the content. Texts should be accompanied by unique photos. A waste that doesn't exactly help you move forward is buying links. In this case, the method does not work.

Peculiarities of promotion of tourist sites

This type of site can be represented in different ways. More specifically:

  • Related to one or more countries.
  • Organizes travel.
  • Tourist portal.

Such resources often have high efficiency. But this is easier to achieve if you have a well-designed promotion program. In this case, the increase in sales reaches 150-300%. Promotion can also be entrusted to specialists, because in this segment is a very big competition.

One more important feature is that the nuances of the company's work do not affect the list of promotion methods used. It does not matter if it is the sale of vouchers abroad or the organization of rest in children's camps, treatment in sanatoriums. The scheme of promotion and the list of tools is the same.

In this case, the CEO's promotion is only effective if the target audience is well served. It is also necessary to work carefully on the usability, analyze the site for errors.

In the development of such a resource, the abuse of keywords is contraindicated, because the overload of search queries will be perceived as spam. At least, that's how search engines can look at them. It is also worth moving away from templates and responding to every change in the overall market situation.

Memorize that the tourism business is characterized by seasonality of demand. And don't forget about it when you promote it. Advertise and actively promote at least 1-2 months before the peak demand for permits. It is necessary to skillfully and accurately introduce search queries (keys) according to the season.

Save money on marketing by betting on bass and midrange keys. This won't reduce costs, but it will also attract customers. A plus to improving the perception of the resource is the addition of colorful photos, preferably unique ones. You should also put your contact information in a visible place.

For the successful promotion of the tourist site, it is necessary to submit comprehensive information about tours. Be sure to specify the features, options for recreation, available hotels, terrain, the possibility of organizing a trip. That is, everything that may interest the client he should find on your site. Also, the popularity is influenced by reviews, it is worth publishing at least a few posts from customers who have already collaborated with you.

Don't postpone the work on creating a recognizable face for the site. It is clear that it is not easy to distinguish yourself from so many sites, but it is possible to achieve this goal. It is necessary to work on the design, use advertising, promote in social networks.

Specificity of promotion of sites about rest and entertainment

Like the others in our collection, there are a lot of them too. That's why more visitors get a resource that has been carefully considered in developing a promotion strategy. You also need to keep your content up to date by downloading new, interesting content.

You need to make sure that the design of your resource is different from that of a competitor. You need to think about the overall concept in advance, and having it is a prerequisite for the development of this type of site.

For such resources, advancement in social networks matters, because that is where the largest amount of traffic comes from. Here we work well with hidden marketing, which uses illustrations.

Also useful tip — do not get carried away with the build-up of reference mass. If all the stages of promotion are correct, then links will appear without your participation. It is necessary to use all possible methods of promotion, but it should be done consciously.

It's a good habit to announce positions. This encourages visitors to visit the site more often. Announcements should be posted on social networks, forums, thematic resources, etc. Also, do not neglect RSS-feeds. Although this technique has long been known, but it does not lose its relevance and effectiveness.

Profitable will be the habit of regularly looking at the resources of competitors and analyzing them. It will not be possible to compete at the proper level with the promoted ones at once. To begin with, you need to make a name for yourself, get regular readers and make the best possible steps to promote, and then the recognition will come. Do not forget that it is entirely up to you.

How only the attendance crossed the threshold of 300 unique visits, it is worth using the plugin Get.2leep.com. The essence of his work is that by clicking on the image on one site, the visitor moves to another.

You can also register with the site viewer. This will help to increase your attendance. After viewing a certain number of sites, a link will be created, which can also be distributed. Attracted users should visit the site before registering. That is, the more people involved, the higher the attendance of the resource. We do not agitate to use it unambiguously, because it is still controversial. Apply it or not, it is up to you.

The method of commenting on blogs with similar themes remains relevant. In the post, you can make a link to your own site. Due to this, it is possible to visit the sites of all commentators. This method, unlike the previous one, we recommend using.

Slightly about traffic

Statistically, news resources visit before any important events, especially political ones. When it comes to sporting events, the same rule applies. Once the event has taken place, the interest in resources decreases significantly.

To understand what direction to choose, you need to study the target audience, and such entertainment portals on the statistics it is as follows:

  • 21% — men 25-34 years old.
  • 20% women 18-24 years old.
  • 19% — women of 25-34 years old.
  • 18% — men 18-24 years old.
  • 12% — men of 35-44 years old.
  • 10% — women of 35-44 years old.

If you look at the statistics of visits to entertainment sites, then:

  • 48% of visitors come in the afternoon.
  • 31% in the evening.
  • 15% in the morning.
  • 6% at night.

These statistics will help to better understand the target audience. But still it is impossible to speak about the terms of promotion, because there are many additional factors that can affect the promotion.

This is only possible after an audit, and it takes 2 months to optimize the resource. After it is finished, you will be able to bring all the parameters to normal and get a significant increase in traffic.

Collaboration benefits

If all of the above has not convinced you of our professionalism, we are ready to give you a few more strong arguments "for" working with us:

  • Many customers who have already got the result. We are proud of our huge customer base.
  • Available prices. You won't find it cheaper.
  • A competent budget distribution. To promote your entertainment site will be spent exactly as much as necessary to achieve the desired result.
  • We use only proven techniques that are guaranteed to work.
  • Many free options to help with promotion.

If you have any questions or want to start cooperation with us, please contact our managers.

The cost of an entertainment site — Price 2021

Entertainment site price Price, $ Dates of development
Template design from 14999 $ 10-15 days
Unique design from 24999 $ 15-20 days
Unique design from 34999 $ from 20 days