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Author: Анатолий Ситников

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  • Number of goods is not limited
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Since 2013, we have been helping our clients to develop their business on the Internet.

Filling the online store with goods

Many authoritative experts in the field of Internet marketing are sure that the content is the main component of any online store. It depends on the content capacity and usefulness of the content, whether visitors will be interested in the resource and whether it will eventually become popular. If we talk about business projects, the interest is a greater number of orders, the influx of potential customers. As a result — profit.

To properly fill the pages of the site content, it is worth trying to do it and it is actually not so easy. To cope with this task can be the person who has the necessary experience and skills. In addition, the author is simply obliged to be attentive, diligent, interested in what he does.

That's exactly the kind of author we have. Experience, which has been accumulated over the years, makes it possible to work with sites of any orientation. That it really is so, can be convinced, having addressed to our managers and having ordered service of filling of sites.

Price for filling the online store with goods and pages

The cost of content development depends on the completeness of the information provided, the site management system and specific features of the material. It also takes into account the complexity of formatting, which should be implemented:

  • Picture availability and placement.
  • Graphs.
  • Tables.
  • Links.
  • Other additional elements.

All this, the cost of works varies within 100 hryvnias per text.

Filling the online store with product items

To successfully launch the online store, you need to fill it with goods, and make the thematic content is of high quality. On the description and the correctness of the characteristics of the presentation depends on whether the visitor wants to buy the product, whether the resource will recommend other people.

The important point is the speed of filling the resource with descriptions, because it affects the success of starting a business. Our studio offers to fill up the Internet catalogue with goods in the shortest time possible, and we will take care of all the worries about filling the resource.

We understand that the number of sales depends on the literacy of the description of the sold position. Therefore, we advise you to fill each position not only with a text description, but also with detailed specifications, photos, video reviews and other useful content. All this together increases the likelihood that the buyer will still place an order.

Fill your own virtual online storefront. But still, for the quick launch and start of work, and therefore, to make a profit, it is better to entrust it to professionals such as us. At the start and at the very beginning of the launch of the online store you will surely have a lot more important tasks, which are more important than writing texts. Cooperation with us, will give the opportunity to focus on the most important things, and we will already place all the goods on the shelves and serve them under a delicious sauce.

There is another nuance, which is very important for the work of the online store — the relevance of the information offered on the pages. This applies to prices, availability, description. It is clear that the range, quantity of goods, its remains are constantly changing. And this must be monitored, if you do not do so, there is a risk of losing the trust of customers. Such a situation can be avoided, and to do this, we recommend using our services not only to fill, but also to support the work of the commercial online resource. As a result, the visitor to the site, and therefore, the potential client will see exactly what you can offer him.

Fill your online storefront in different ways. Many people choose to do everything as standard, but it is difficult to interest a potential client so much, because there are many such offers. We recommend adding:

  • Colorful photo.
  • Full (reliable) characteristics.
  • Description.
  • Video Surveys.
  • Can compare your product with competitors' analogues.

In this way we are ready to work, and in this way we fill the pages of online stores, whose owners contact us. As a result — phones in sales departments do not shut up, and the point of sale brings a great income.

The cost of filling the online store with goods

Price of our specialists' services depends on many factors: the number of items, the volume of goods described, the need for additional work.

Variants of cooperation on filling sites

We offer several options for cooperation with online stores, you can order any of them from us:

  • Easy filling. It includes entering the name, price, quantity and adding one photo.
  • Standard filling with goods. Included: name, price, quantity and 2-3 photos. In addition, it creates a brief and complete description of the goods, forms a table with the characteristics.
  • Extended filling. Includes name, price, quantity, part number, stock balance, 3-6 photos and different angles. There is also a short and complete description, a table with full characteristics. All descriptions are edited and formatted. In addition, to the full description is added author's review.

No matter what version of the package you choose in your online store will be the quality content of each product item. This is very important, because this is how each of them will be effectively presented. The result of all this, of course, is income.

Store filling time

Our specialists are able to provide quality processing and information entry for the specified packages for 50-200 items per day. Besides, the speed is influenced by the quantity of goods, the system of site management chosen by you, the volume of the presented information and necessity in carrying out of additional works.

How to order a site content service

Order of filling the pages of the online store is not complicated. You are required:

  • File-list of goods. Format of any of the existing.
  • Sample CSV file in it to present description of commodity items.
  • Example of Excel file with description of commodity items.

In addition, we need information about the name of the product, price and stock levels. If the selected program includes the article, it or the internal code, which is used in your warehouse.

On top of that, our employees can create authoring content that helps to effectively demonstrate the features and benefits of products. It can look like:

  • Video overview of the main features.
  • Added photo of goods from different angles.
  • Search and selection of photos of goods in other colors.
  • User manuals, instructions for use in DOC format, PDF.
  • Tables with details of all characteristics.

But that's not all, because in addition to filling the online store with goods, we also offer other related services:

  • Correcting the description on the site.
  • Importing a product range from a CSV file.
  • Formatting an existing description.
  • Create additional markup for goods.

Full feedback form must be filled in for the order. But it is still more convenient for you and us to place an order by phone to discuss all the details of the upcoming order.

The cost of filling the online store — Price 2021

Online Store Filling Price Price, $
100 goods from 999 $
500-1000 goods from 3500 $
2000 goods from 5000 $
Broader than 2000 goods from 7000 $