Fitness club website — order development of a fitness website

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Since 2013, we have been helping our clients to develop their business on the Internet.

Fitness club website — order a fitness website

Fitness club website development, the task is not the easiest, and requires to take into account a lot of details. Not everyone understands the importance of creating such an Internet resource. The main thing is not to forget that the site is a loyal assistant in a round-the-clock mode. Today, very few companies that do not imagine themselves online. No wonder that the business cards, along with all the necessary data is the address of the website.

Why is the site so important?

To start, it presents your fitness club on the Internet 24/7. It also helps:

  • Sell without breaks for weekends, lunches, holidays.
  • Organize and control all processes.
  • understand how customers behave, how they make decisions.
  • Improve the image, add value to potential and current customers.
  • Create a new service for customers — it can be a private office, online payment option and order tracking, etc.
  • Cutting maintenance costs.

Don't forget that the Internet is a promising and large-scale project. And website development is a significant investment in the future that can improve your assets.

All this is good, but developing a resource is not an easy task, because there are many nuances to consider. Among the minimal set:

  • Adaptive layout.
  • Sources of traffic.
  • The right structure for search engines.
  • Yuzabiliti.
  • Web analytics.
  • Many other things.

With our help, we will be able to avoid typical errors that can complicate the process of promotion in the Internet space.

Fitness club website development features

The main feature of the fitness club's website is the creation of a service for existing clients and the opportunity to interest new ones. It will be great if you manage to oblige your coaches to keep a corporate blog and a healthy lifestyle, and training. It will be useful to demonstrate the photo of coaches, clients who have already achieved excellent results. The blog is generally useful and can be maintained on social networks, and traffic can be redirected to the site.

When developing the site for existing clients, it is worth making a personal account, there will be additional options for them in the form of payment for the lessons, receiving advice from coaches regarding the exercises. They will also be able to learn about the group lessons schedule, view promotions, subscribe to news.

Configure SMS and Telegram notifications to make the system more responsive and responsive. You should also take care of creating a system of discounts, coupons — it will give you the opportunity to increase customer loyalty.

Special attention should be paid to the design — it should be aggressive, energetic. Here it is necessary to use qualitative images of the tightened bodies, contrasting tones, large inscriptions. Of course, do not forget about the sequence and compliance.

Major stages of development

We have been developing websites for many years, including special resources for fitness clubs. Therefore, we have already developed a certain scheme of creation. Let's describe each of the stages in detail.

Step #1 Concept creation

It is developed by the client himself or together with our specialists. To get the necessary result, you should answer a number of questions, among them:

  • Who is the target audience?
  • What's the product?
  • What is the planned business model of the site?
  • Major site services?
  • Roles in the system and structure?

May include more specific points related to the subject area.

Step #2 Formation of the technical task

In fact, the terms of reference define the detailed description of what needs to be done in the development of the fitness club's website. On the basis of the ToR it is possible to determine the exact cost of works. It is necessary to understand that without the detailed task, to determine the cost and timing of development is impossible.

Theoretically, the customer can form those tasks independently. But as practice shows, it often does not take into account many technical aspects. That's why we recommend you to create the ToR together with our specialists, but taking into account absolutely all the wishes of the customer.

This service is paid and its cost depends on the complexity of the site and the requirements, such as additional layouts, for mobile devices, etc.

Technical task development takes 10-20 working days. Standard included in the ToR:

  • Page requirements.
  • Design.
  • Ceo.
  • Performance.
  • Business logic description.
  • Layouts — schematic image of all pages.

Step #3 Phased development project

After the terms of reference have been formed, a contract is signed for the development of the fitness club website engine. This is the very basis for the contract. They determine the terms and cost of work.

We recommend dividing the project into 4-5 steps. This will minimize your risks as a client by fully controlling the development process. The client also gets access to the project's metrics, i.e. he will understand what has already been done, what can be seen, checked against the calendar plan.

Step #4 Commissioning

None this step is often ignored, it is forgotten. But for nothing, because the correctness of the launch depends on the smooth integration of the site in your already working business.

At this stage it is necessary to carry out the whole complex of different works, among them:

  • Correct server configuration.
  • Automatically create copies of site backups.
  • Tracking changes in site parameters.
  • Change test settings to working.
  • Seo audit.
  • Check content on the site.
  • Creation of DEV and PROD versions.
  • General testing.
  • Training of personnel to work with the control system.

Step #5 Support and development

After the development of the site, the interaction with it does not end, do not think that it will remain in this form forever and will give the result. The site needs to be developed, because it is important that it keeps pace with the development of the fitness club. New ideas should be present, new needs should be realized. Feedback from the consumer matters.

This is the development and maintenance of the site — it is a continuous process of improvement. This is the only way to make a really valuable online tool for your own business.

The accompaniment we're willing to offer includes:

  • Server maintenance. If the site is large, we do not recommend hosting.
  • Creation of new modules for the site, i.e. web programming services.
  • Adding new content to the site. Including texts, articles, goods, services, promotional materials.
  • Web analytics.
  • Advertising optimization.
  • Search engine promotion.

Supportability of website development for fitness

The exact price cannot be said because it depends on many factors. At the very least, the evaluation requires a statement of work. The website of any fitness club can be made simple, or it can be saturated with a large and diverse functionality.

The price plug that we offer is large and is also affected by the timing. So, the budget varies between 150-700 thousand rubles, and the terms of 1.5-6 months.

We recommend that our customers always start with a lighter version — this is the right thing to do. After its implementation, it is possible to develop the site to the desired scale in the future. And it is better to do it on the basis of feedback from the real clients of the existing resource.

Alternative option, which we think is bad, is to create the mix as long as possible, run it and finally realize that the client doesn't need it all.

It is better to move sequentially, first the base, and after the reaction to it (desired), the development of the product without stopping.

Where do I start?

Algorithm of actions is very simple:

  1. Create the concept of your own project. It should be converted to an Excel file. It is more convenient to send it to us for consideration. We will be able to comment on the project immediately in the documents.
  2. Defining the scheme of cooperation and the desired result based on the existing budget.
  3. Starting work and delivery of the finished result.
  4. Run and support young site.

We are ready to develop a fitness club website for you, which helps to create an additional flow of clients, and thus make a profit.


Cost of the site for fitness — Price 2021

Fitness club website price Price, $ Dates of development
Template design from 14999 $ 10-15 days
Unique design from 24999 $ 15-20 days
Unique design from 34999 $ from 20 days