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Since 2013, we have been helping our clients to develop their business on the Internet.

Everyone who decides to create their own business strives to make it as profitable as possible, if it comes to the online store of ritual goods, there are its own peculiarities. Trade develops and goes beyond the limits of offline space, and more precisely, it enters the Internet. Buy even such a specific product online, today decided by many. This saves time, you can find the most favorable conditions for buying, order home delivery, especially if it concerns large cities.

There are also positive things for the seller. There is no need to look for a suitable trading space, i.e. the threshold to enter the business is lower. The site can work around the clock, the staff is minimal. A huge plus — a minimum of administrative checks and other bureaucratic barriers.

Deficiency — the inability to fully evaluate the product by buyers. In addition, if the store opened recently, there will be little trust in it.

Stages of creating a ritual online store

Making a ritual site isn't that easy, but you might want to go through the following steps:

  1.                      To register the activity that will help to avoid problems with the tax authority.
  2.                      Determine the range of products for sale. Before you launch the ritual online store, you should monitor the market and identify the most popular products. If it is possible, it is worth to occupy a free niche.
  3.                      Find suppliers and determine exactly how deliveries will be made. Today, there is a demand for dropshipping. With this scheme, the goods are never available, and its order from the manufacturer is carried out at the request of the buyer.
  4.                      Choose a domain. The name of the store must be easy to remember and pronounce. But given the specifics of the activity, do not forget about the restraint. It is worth using top-level domains com, net, info and others. Such just easier to remember, and they work more stable. If there are no ideas in this direction, you can always use the services of freelancers, who specialize in naming.

This is a preparatory step that can't be avoided, regardless of the niche occupied.

Creation of a site for ritual services

Creation of an official site of monuments or virtual funeral store. It should not be amateur, its efficiency is important. Here it is better to resort to the services of professionals who will create a competent resource or even a site on a turnkey basis. In addition to creating, it needs to be promoted, adapted to the needs of search engines. Only in this case, it will be in the top. This, in turn, will increase attendance and the likelihood of receiving clients.

Professionals, among other things, will select the appropriate design, develop a design that can be sold. They will also add products and write tags, make a layout and set up all the necessary functionality. Since the site is focused on sale, will connect payment systems.

Of course, you can use templates for ritual services, but they are not as effective as an individual approach to resource development.

Delivery, payment

The important stage in the launch of the site is to configure the payment options. Some customers want to pay for purchases immediately and then only wait for delivery on time. But most often they resort to payment after delivery and inspection.

It is important to take into account the interests of everyone, so you should still take care of setting up payment options. Which option to choose from is up to you, whether it's electronic payment systems, SMS payments or bank card payments.

Obligatory to take care of the customer's comfort by offering delivery. And the options are different, including the use of its own courier service. Here it is not always actual attraction of foreign services and especially mail.

The right move, will offer free shipping from a certain amount of purchase. And it should be realistically achievable, but not minimal. So the buyer will get the goods.

Other points

Important, at the stage of creating a ritual business site, is advertising. The most correct solution — is to promote the forces and resources of a specialist. In addition, you can use e-mails, TV advertising in the media, the so-called "sarafannoe radio".

Specially worth paying attention to the promotion on various regional forums, targeted advertising in social networks. It is quite realistic to work banners on city portals, advertising in Yandex, Google.

If an online store is launched, you will still need a certain number of employees. Its number depends on the scale of activity. But in any case, there must be an administrator, driver, couriers, system administrator or programmer, storekeeper.

Well, the last thing is to prepare the warehouse. Ritual stores can not always work according to the scheme of dropshipping, so the warehouse still has to be. All goods such as gravestones, baskets, wreaths, fences and monuments must be stored in proper conditions. The storage room should meet all the requirements, and its location should be convenient and easily accessible.

If all the steps are done correctly, the online store of ritual goods will earn its full potential, and will bring a stable income.

Cost of ritual site — Price 2021

Ritual Services Site Price Price, $ Dates of development
Template design from 8999 $ 10-15 days
Unique design from 4999 $ 15-20 days
Unique design from 10000 $ from 20 days