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Since 2013, we have been helping our clients to develop their business on the Internet.

Making a website for a government agency has many features and parameters that distinguish it from a resource for commercial entities. There are requirements regarding design, usability, technical parameters. It is also important to comply with legislation in this area concerning the representation of public bodies on the Internet.

Problems of creating a government website

We have experience in implementing such projects, so we know exactly how to make the right website of a government agency. And since there are positive results, we clearly understand what requirements it must meet and how to develop a convenient scheme of interaction. The key points concern the domain name, design, content and security. More about each item.

Domain name for the government website

If we talk about a commercial resource, there's a good idea and a free address. In the case of the state structure, this option will not work, because it is necessary to maintain a balance between a number of requirements, namely:

  • Domain name should be selected in accordance with the official name of the state institution.
  • Selected using the main abbreviation, and they are not always eloquent.
  • In many cases, those very abbreviations look unrepresentable in Latin transliteration.

That's why it's worth contacting us, because the specialists working in the state will find the right domain name and thus guarantee the transfer of rights to the state institution.

Government website design

There are two complications. The first is the need to maintain a strict, minimalistic, concise and consistent style. Do not use banners, flash movies. It is necessary to use state symbols, elements of the corporate identity of the state institution.

Second point — it is not recommended to make it too strict, because it can affect the perception of users. However, the resource should be attractive and "friendly" to visitors. There should be a waitress, but not a repulsive one. That is why it is important to pay special attention to the choice of colors, to act carefully with the placement of info-blocks. It is necessary to use the elements that will revive the site and give it a moderate colorfulness.


In general, the content of the state website is the responsibility of the state body itself and fills it with relevant materials. However, in some cases, we provide services for the search, preparation and placement of texts and graphic information. We work with text, graphics, including collages, illustrations, presentations, and icon drawing.

Specially the quality of the photo is important here. On the site, in particular, on the home page and individual sections are placed pictures of the facade, portraits of managers. For this purpose it is necessary to involve professional photographers. Actually, they do take pictures, process materials.

Whatever the content of a government resource is, it looks like this:

  • Contact. These are addresses for sending letters, e-mails, phones. It is necessary to specify the actual location.
  • Information about the structure itself. These are its subdivisions, departmental institutions.
  • Data on how citizens' appeals are handled. It is mandatory to specify the schedule of work of officials, including when they receive citizens.
  • Regulatory legal acts regulating the activities of the state body.
  • Draft regulatory legal acts related to this state structure.
  • General information. It may concern development, history. You can list the services it provides.
  • Information on managers, deputies, heads of structural subdivisions.
  • Data on public events, congresses, press conferences, public hearings.
  • Answers and questions section.

Please pay attention! By law, there is a requirement regarding the availability of information offered on such a site. Thus, it must be open for downloading, copying, viewing and copying. That's why there are no privileges for registered users and there are no restrictions.


Specific requirements for uninterrupted work with a large number of visitors. Such peak loads, the resource must withstand without problems. Speaking of security, it must be at a high level.

We suggest creating projects that can withstand any external influences. Already at the stage of modeling, testing of potential threats is carried out, due to this it is possible to develop a resource protection system.

Quality and reliability

We are a reliable contractor who is guaranteed to deliver quality results. We comply with all the conditions stipulated in the transaction, the work is done on time. The project will be worked on by professionals who have the necessary experience and knowledge.

Steps of work with the site of the state structure:

  1.                      Design development.
  2.                      Layout, programming.
  3.                      Content preparation and placement.
  4.                      Setting goals and objectives.
  5.                      Development of the project concept.
  6.                      Drawing up the terms of reference.
  7.                      Execution of work.
  8.                      Testing.

We are also responsible for the selection and registration of the domain name. How important it is for the state structures, we have told above. We do so in accordance with the existing legal framework.

This is another important step — training employees to work with the site. Mainly content management systems are used here. They are easy to use and intuitive to understand. But still need certain skills to work with them. A small training course will help you learn how to manage your site correctly.

The result is an effective resource to help you interact with citizens. The site we created will be easy to use, absolutely reliable, and safe for both visitors and government agencies. We are particularly attentive to usability laws, which means we make it as easy as possible to use. Due to this, every visitor will be able to find the information he is interested in on the site quickly.

Cost of state website — Price 2022

State website price Price, $ Dates of development
Template design from 2999999 $ 10-15 days
Unique design from 49999 $ 15-20 days
Unique design from 100000 $ from 20 days