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Author: Анатолий Ситников

  • Creating a website on a convenient CMS system
  • Attractive website design
  • Promotion of the site in Google
  • Favorable presentation of insurance services
  • Provide website placement for 1 year
  • Full support for the site in the future
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Website NameStartStandardOwnUnique
Site cost$ 992$ 1620$ 1892$ 3922
Payment to get started 50%
Development period in days from 10 from 30 from 20 from 40
CMS system Tilda WP/Joomla/Modx
Unique website design
Filling content*
Willingness to advertise**
1 year domain
1 year hosting
Adaptation for mobile
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Connect CRM and 1c calculated individually
Website advertising (optional) Discount when ordering a site 15%
SEO optimization*** $ 590
Google Ads*** $ 390
Advertising in social media*** $ 390
SEO promotion from $ 390 in 1 month
Site support free first month after creation

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Since 2013, we have been helping our clients to develop their business on the Internet.

Creation of an insurance company website

The insurance company's website is its face. The extent to which it will be qualitative and convenient depends on whether the client wants to apply to this insurance company at all. In the process of creation, there can be problems, errors. To avoid them, it is best to contact specialists. But still it is worth learning about the main points of creation.

Popular errors

Amidst the mistakes that are found on many insurance companies' sites are as follows:

  • Advertising. If a web resource is created on a third-party resource that provides free hosting or on the site builder, it shows advertising. It is because of this, they can provide free services. Yes, there will be savings at the stage of creation, but then there is a risk of losing potential customers. They just don't want to clog their time with extra advertising and will most likely go looking for a resource where it is not. Thus, there are examples of sites that the first 15 seconds show no thematic advertising. Many visitors do not want to wait and just leave the resource. To solve the problem, you need to move the site to normal hosting. Sometimes you have to create a new resource, because there is not always an option to port.
  • Viruses. Sometimes it happens that when you try to access a resource's site, a red screen appears that indicates that accessing the resource may harm your computer. Most visitors will close the tab immediately. This is a loss of image in the eyes of potential customers. The only solution is to remove viruses.
  • Delayed payment for domain or hosting. It happens that after the creation of the resource, the owner decides not to order support, as a result he does not know when to pay for the domain and hosting. The result — the site is simply closed. Basically, companies that sell domains and hosting, keep the resource for another month after the expiration of the payment. If during this time the owner does not extend the subscription, the domain goes into free sale. Even more difficult when the domain you previously owned someone to buy out. There are not many options, or re-create the site or try to buy it from the new owner. In order not to get into such a situation, you just need to order support from the start.
  • Appearance and comfort. Much depends on how the site looks, because the first impression works here. If the visitor on the site is uncomfortable, he will not use the services of insurance, and will try to leave the web resource as quickly as possible. Interestingly, in the development of sites for insurance companies have their own trends and fashion. If the design is outdated, there is a risk that the potential client will leave the resource.

Attention to social media groups

It makes sense to give statistics here. So from 100% of insurance companies, sites are made only at 60%. Of these, quality resources, where you can get meaningful information 8%. And if we talk about convenience and beauty, it is only 1-2%.

As a temporary solution, insurance companies choose to create a Facebook group. Of the same 100%, only 30% have a page in the social network. And there are only a few pages with normal design. Next you can see an example of quality design:

Moving on

Order a site or make it yourself and wait for the result — not the right strategy. In order for a resource to really bring customers, you need to promote it. To do this, when creating content and design it, you need to use keywords. It is important to prescribe meta tags, fill the site with useful content that can answer certain questions of visitors.

Has a value for relevance and usefulness. It is worth creating a blog where you can regularly cover important news and issues. Regular updating is a guarantee of frequent indexing by search robots.

Contextual advertising in Google and Yandex

To attract customers it is worth using contextual advertising. Here the correct setting is important. Important points:

  • Adding minus words.
  • Set the correct inserts for each group of keywords.
  • Making the correct ad, as required by the search engine.


For companies that have been operating in the market for a long time, and therefore have a well-established customer base, it makes sense to remind them of yourself. Thus, the client can be congratulated on his birthday, informed about new promotions. Remind that the policy expires especially useful for motorists.

There is a variant of buying MTPL database from the State Automobile Inspection and making cold calls to those who are about to expire or adding such motorists to the mailing lists. In the text of the letter, it is necessary to insert the link and offer to order insurance from you.

Flyer distribution

When using this method, it is important to divide target audiences and pass the flyer on to a specific group of potential customers. For example, in terms of car insurance, it may be CMTPL or CASCO insurance. The first option is compulsory motor third party liability insurance. The target audience is everyone who has a car. At least once a year, everyone has to take out such an insurance policy. You can find such clients near the traffic police, at other stationary points of insurance. And it is possible to open an office directly near the IREO. People are more willing to go there than to the gazelle at the entrance. Actually, the flyer can be distributed in places of large accumulation of cars, in parking lots, even at paid parking lots. Here you can agree with the security guard to give everyone a business card or flyer.

KASKO is optional insurance. It is most often issued by car buyers on credit. The bank is not particularly interested in whether the customer wants to take out an insurance policy or not. Here, for distribution of information leaflets, it is necessary to make an agreement with banks and car dealerships. That is, in most cases, the target audience is drivers with little driving experience.

Also, insurance services can be divided into the following groups:

  • DSAGO.
  • Green card.
  • For the property separately: apartments, houses or cottages.
  • Health — VHI and OMS.
  • For travellers: abroad, across the country, migrants, shelter protection during holidays.

That is, for each potential audience, it is necessary to develop an individual proposal, to understand where these groups can be concentrated. It will also be necessary to arrange for the flyer to be distributed or even allowed to be posted prominently.

But that's not all that matters, whether it's answering calls, using the Internet or in person at the office. Information for interested parties should be kept up to date and clear. That is, it is important to prepare qualified personnel.

What we're offering: Results

Collaboration with us to create the site includes:

  • Creation, design, redesign, adding functionality.
  • Social networks. Creating a group in social networks, its design, creating contests.
  • Promotion and advertising. Promotion of a site, groups in social networks, conclusion of contracts with mass media, bloggers, distribution of advertising materials.
  • Support. Applies to the site, groups in social networks, transferring the site to another hosting, removal of viruses.
  • Design. Creation of logo, banner, design of website layout. Including the development of corporate identity, design of business cards, booklets, flyers.
  • Writing texts for the site, articles for the media.
  • Training on site operation, management, and content.
  • Complex audit of the site and groups in social networks. Correction of defects and defects.

The cost of the insurance company's website — Price 2021

Price of the insurance company's website Price, $ Dates of development
Template design from 14999 $ 10-15 days
Unique design from 24999 $ 15-20 days
Unique design from 34999 $ from 20 days