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Since 2013, we have been helping our clients to develop their business on the Internet.

Mobile app development for iOS

If you want to sell more and be closer to your own customers or have interesting ideas for iOS applications. Or maybe your business requires the creation of such an application and you are just looking for professionals who have the experience and guarantee the result? No more searching for SpaceSite — the answer to all your searches.

Why would you order the development of a mobile application for iOS from us

Benefits of cooperation with us a lot, among the main ones:

  • Get a ready-made application that can function correctly on time.
  • The solution of all tasks is transparent.
  • A detailed study of the audience, market, and competitors takes place during development.
  • The design and usability of the widget is beautifully designed.
  • A thorough testing and placement in the AppStore.
  • We guarantee the fulfillment of our obligations.
  • We provide technical support for the application.

SpaceSite iOS Software Development Features

We are more than anyone else in the business of the client for whom we develop the application. A mandatory step is a detailed analysis of the audience, which the application itself is focused on. An important step is the analysis of competitors. And to be more precise, the analysis of other similar applications that already exist and work successfully.

Before you order an iOS application development, you should understand why your business needs it. Main reasons:

  1. The presence of your own application favourably distinguishes it from the competition.
  2. Mobile application will be next to the client online, without a weekend.
  3. Application is an effective advertising tool. Useful and more convenient applications are recommended to friends by users.
  4. Successes to raise the sales bar.
  5. Ease of automation of business processes of the company.

The tools we use to make your business successful

To create the right solution for your business, we first try to identify what users are missing and offer the right solution.

However, creating an application for iOS starts with analyzing similar applications on the market and studying user reactions to them. We pay special attention to the feedback and continue to work to improve user interaction with the application.

Flexible development under iOS

We use the flexible Scrum development methodology. The whole process is divided into short iterations — this allows us to control the process.

If it is simplified, the development looks like this:

  • All tasks are assembled in one document, they are evaluated. This is what is called Back-log.
  • Split into sprints. That is, on separate time intervals. For us it is 1 week.
  • After each sprint, we show you the result in the form of a demo version.

Because of this development structure, you can control the tasks that are launched and see at what stage of development. You can even "feel" the result after each completed sprint. You are the one who prioritizes tasks and approves deadlines together with the project manager. The result is a report on the work done, the source code is transferred to your repository.

Listen and test

The whole development process is built to create the required IT-products. For this purpose we use the following methods:

  • We will interview users at the design stage.
  • Collect feedback and suggestions after launch, create a list of possible improvements.
  • Test applications in real conditions.

Publication of the application

Besides the development we help in publishing applications. And for this purpose we register an account, take screenshots, take bright icons. Be sure to create a description and keywords. In doing so, we must follow the rules of publication from Apple.

At the stage of the moderator check, we provide support. Creating a program for iOS ends with the release. After that, our team takes part in updates and, if necessary, updates of applications.

Development on iOS: Design Nativity

The important thing is that the development of applications for iOS must comply with Apple's requirements. This also applies to design. To do this, we use native patterns in the interface.

Because of this, the user can quickly understand the interface and find the function he needs. We also create animations that help you navigate, making your experience with your application unique.

Approach and application development specifics for iOS

Working with such applications has its own peculiarities, among the main ones:

  • Analysis. We study in detail, analyze popular applications by different criteria. Special attention is paid to convenience, functionality, design, compliance with the requirements of users, search queries.
  • Prototype. All elements of the interface are carefully developed during the development process. This is required to create a user-friendly and intuitive application. It also takes into account certain features — whether the new application will be a stand-alone product or just an addition to an existing site.
  • Design. We create a bright, practical design. Keep in mind that on the screens of different devices the application should look equally attractive.
  • Development. Writing an application for iOS is done under the control of the customer, divided into small steps.
  • Testing. It is quite long and comprehensive. Our application only comes to market when we are 100% sure it is working and of good quality.
  • Publishing. It takes into account the requirements of the stores for new developments for iOS. Applications must be moderated.
  • Support. Technical support of the product is obligatory. In order for the application to work correctly on all devices, and the errors that occur in time to be eliminated, support is required.

We have an important difference — we conduct a thorough business expertise of the project and its subsequent technical support. While working on the project, we generate a lot of ideas in search of an answer to the question: "What does the user want? All ideas are thoroughly documented and flowcharts are drawn up. After that, the team decides what works best and implements the best variant.

Development for iOS takes into account the behavioral reactions of users. That's why our applications are intuitive and easy to use.

Devices that cover the iOS application

The applications we develop cover these apple devices:

  • iPhone. Development of a mobile application in this case has its own peculiarities. First of all — the specifics of the platform, each version of iOS has its own design requirements. The second point is the demanding audience of users.
  • iPad. In addition to business tasks, development of a mobile application for iPad solves multimedia needs. Namely reading books, watching videos, surfing the Internet, other tasks.

Project cost calculation for iPhone

Of course, the customer is interested in the financial issue, namely, what affects the cost of application development. It is formed by the following factors:

  • Time spent on development.
  • Design complexity. I mean, whether it will be native, or it is planned to use the corporate identity of the company.
  • Application functionality.
  • Mobile application compliance when published on the AppStore.

Guarantees and payment terms

With you, we enter into a contract that sets out each step of the work, including all of our warranties. In addition, we are always in touch with our specialist who is working on the development of the application.

Cause to choose us

We offer transparent work. At every moment of time you know what we do, how we do it and why we do it. We also offer a step-by-step breakdown — each of these steps you as a customer can control.

We can calculate the approximate cost of development now, just call our manager.

Selecting a reliable contractor

This process consists of several important steps. Among them:

  • Define the target. It is necessary to formulate the essence and value of the project in the most detail. It is worth looking at the market, trying to find and study similar proposals. It will be useful to take the place of a potential user and from this point of view to find the answer to the following questions: what needs to be solved by the application, what functionality will be most useful and effective, which will be convenient for the user.
  • Define the criteria for selecting an artist. They can be different, for example, the portfolio and the level of projects, the type of business the company works for. This can be a pretransaction solution system and the application implementation process. It is worth paying attention to the level of specialist, prices and guarantees.
  • Cases. It is worth asking the company for cases of implemented projects on your subject. In this way you will be able to understand all the processes of application development in detail and precisely.
  • Ask questions. They are necessary because only then will you be able to get comprehensive answers that meet your selection criteria.

We have our clients' requests at the project evaluation stage

  • We have a proven track record of developing applications for medium to large businesses.
  • We always conduct business expertise when developing startups.
  • Team of specialists in application development.
  • Uniqueness — we generate only such solutions.
  • Development period — from 3 months.
  • Transparent control system and development flexibility.
  • Reasonable cost of developing an application for iOS.

The cost of the iOS application — Price 2022

The price of the iOS application Price, $ Dates of development
Plain application from 4000 $ 1-2 months
Average complexity application from 5000 $ 3-4 months
Sophisticated application from 6000 $ from 4 months