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Since 2013, we have been helping our clients to develop their business on the Internet.

Jewellery store website

Creation of a jewelry store website is a filigree task that requires special attention and a special approach. We are ready to provide an effective solution, to develop an attractive design, to fully think through the navigation on the site. Our many years of experience will be useful to your store, because experts know exactly what you need to achieve the main result — to get a large flow of buyers.

Specificity of the jewelry store

Our goal is to think through each site in the smallest detail. As a result, it is possible to launch an online store quickly and not to spend a huge budget on it. We are ready to make any site, but it is for the jewelry store we offer the following options:

  • Small catalogue in which the main product groups will be offered.
  • Window directory with detailed description of each position.
  • Full online shop with the ability to place orders through the basket.

Also on the site you can:

  • Use or do without the shopping cart.
  • Think of a personal account.
  • Do not offer any authorization.

In any case, we are ready to present each catalogue item in a favorable light.

Site structure

Each visitor to the site structure should be clear, because people do not want to dig in the sections of the site in search of the necessary goods. If the visitor does not understand something, he just will not look, and will go to another resource. Our proposed structure is as follows:

  • Catalogue. This is the most important section for an online jewelry store. It depends on how attractively the items sold here will be described, whether they will be bought or not. Depending on your wishes, the level of detail can range from a simple product page to the details by section.
  • How to order. Here you should offer delivery and payment options, and the more they are, the better. It is important to describe the ordering process step by step.
  • On the company. It is worth telling about the store, if it is a separate jewelry brand, it is necessary to tell about it. Here you can tell the story of creation and development. You can offer certificates and licenses. You can provide a list of partners.
  • News. The section about your company's news or industry news.
  • Actions and special offers. Discounts are loved by everyone, so this section can attract new customers, draw attention to the already established.
  • References, recommendations. It's no secret that many customers are guided by the feedback they receive when making their purchase decisions. If such opinions are collected right away on the site, the visitor will not have to look for anything else. Here it is important to submit as many advantages as possible.
  • Answer the question. It is possible that customers have specific questions about the order or the choice of goods. Here you should answer them immediately. In the case of jewelry, the questions may concern the selection of the size of the product, suitable stone by sex or age, etc. Here you can specify the process of ordering a product.
  • Articles, documents and other information. Here you should place as much useful information as possible. Perhaps thematic articles, reviews of jewelry brands, novelties, documentation.
  • Photogallery. Well, if the jewelry will be offered not only in the catalogue, but also in a separate album. Plus you can show the office, production, if there are other points that may be of interest to potential visitors.
  • Contact. Fill in the contact details in detail and to the maximum extent possible. The more they are, the higher the level of confidence the visitor has in the store. Of course, all phones and communications must be up to date and working. It is also useful to place the fare scheme here.

How many of the sections presented, to use for the site to decide you. Here you should choose based on the features of the resource and your business.

Recommendation! Making the site even more interesting and informative is easy. In addition, you can create sections that increase the attractiveness and information. This is an online fitting room, video reviews, encyclopedia of jewelry. And such pages will make the site of the online store not only corrupt, but also more useful for users.

Implementing merchandising principles

To create the necessary effect from the site it is necessary to introduce the following points:

  • Product description, characteristics, price.
  • Images that allow you to show the product in all its glory.
  • Comfortable filters for product search by size, color, material, manufacturer.
  • Behind each product the section "with this buy...". This method allows you to increase the size of the average check.
  • discounts and special offers.
  • Sale in sets, sets.

Higher conversion

At the stage of development of the site by our specialists, the process of forming a commitment to the store is launched. The main objective of the process is to increase the number of loyal customers, attract their attention to new product items and special offers. In addition, it is possible to increase the level of decision-making when visiting the online store, to increase the number of pages viewed and the volume of purchases made.

Making the most of it

You are professionals — we will show it, we are ready to offer favorable prices — we will bring it to the potential buyer, guarantee a quick response to the order — we will show it too. The task of our specialists is to emphasize the competitive advantages of your online store. For an example, "For a year we have sold more than 10000 ornaments. Our assortment will satisfy the most exacting buyer!"

We know how to focus on the most important things for your store and customer. We know how to do the following things:

  • Select professionalism.
  • Demonstrate global branded products.
  • Submit exclusive offers.
  • Provide an online fitting option.
  • Organize a convenient operating time.
  • To ensure delivery throughout Russia.

We will convince you of our professionalism and no advantage of buying in your online jewelry store will go unnoticed.

Details are important

Creating a jewelry website requires attention to detail. Complete convenience for visitors is as follows:

  • Ease of working with large directories gives the introduction of 1C.
  • Connect a payment acceptance system to make it easy for customers to pay for the order.
  • Sorting goods by different characteristics.
  • Connection with various payment systems.
  • Photogallery of goods.
  • Automatic output of recommended products similar to or rated as popular.
  • The system of comments and evaluation of goods by users.
  • Currency choice.
  • Bonus system, discounts.

Control system for online jewelry store

We are partners of popular and convenient systems of online store website management, we cooperate with:

  • CMS 1C-Bitrix,
  • Joomla,
  • Viart,
  • PHPShop,
  • HostCms,
  • UmiCMS,
  • PrestaShop,
  • OpenCart,
  • CS-Cart,
  • Other CMS.

Working with them makes it easy to manage an online store. You can easily edit any page of the site.

We are ready to choose the solution that will be most appropriate for you. In doing so, we are guided by budget and requirements, as well as requests for functionality.

Enternet Store Design

You can order a beautiful online store design from us. For convenience of selection, proceeding from the budget, we offer such variants:

  • Saving proposal using the ready-made layout. In doing so, you will be able to get a website that functions very quickly and inexpensively. You define the design you like, and we make the adjustments you need.
  • Individual design. This offer is more expensive, but you will be sure that you get a unique resource, the appearance and even the smallest details of which will not be repeated on another site. And we develop special chips for you.

Any of the designs we create emotionally inspires the customer, emphasizing the solidity, reliability, success.

Advanced development of the logo, icons for the site, banners, flash screensavers.

Ready solution or custom development

You're the only one who decides if you need a quick solution to make a profit right now or if you need a well-designed design that can bring even more profit. We offer both box solutions and turnkey development of the jewelry store's website. You decide to save or pay more and get a wow effect.

If you need to get the result quickly and at a minimum cost, your option is a box solution. It will take no more than 14 days from order to launch. If you need more sophisticated and unique solutions, you should wait a little longer.

All development details

When developing a design, we perform the following mandatory actions:

  • Development of the site structure taking into account the prospects of its further development, expansion.
  • Domain registration.
  • Design development and layout.
  • Integration of the resource management system.
  • Installation of additional modules and services for the online store.
  • Content Creation and Seo-Optimization.
  • Filling the goods catalogue.
  • Integration with 1C.

Besides the creation, we offer professional promotion and maintenance of your site. If you order the development from us, the subsequent services are guaranteed with a discount.

Also we are ready to provide services of experienced copywriters who will create unique and absolutely appropriate content for your site. Any texts about jewelry are not a problem.

Development cost

The price of any site that came out of our hands — not taken from the ceiling. This is a calculation, which takes into account all the processes carried out and services provided. At the same time, we work with your requirements for appearance and functionality. That is, all this affects the final price.

We can get a preliminary estimate of the cost of development, to do this, fill out the form and wait for contact with our managers.

In any case, you can be sure that we will find the right solution for you in terms of price and requests.

Free additional services

If you decide to order the development of the site from us, you will get a nice bonus, or rather a lot of bonuses in the form of additional free services. Among them:

  • Register the domain name in the selected zone. We check if this or that option is available and select the appropriate domain name for your site.
  • Register the site in large search engines. The whole process is carried out manually, so we provide a guarantee and quality of work.
  • Set the attendance counter at the resource.
  • Placement and configuration of the online store on the hosting. We offer a selection of hosting options that will match your site's workload. Its work will be correct and stable.
  • Training an employee to work with the control system.
  • Technical: online or telephone support for 6 months.

Cause to contact us

Development of an online jewelry store, you should trust the real professionals of our studio and that's why:

  • All actions in the development process are transparent. That is, as the owner of the future online store, you can learn about the progress of development, actions regarding the implementation of systems and launch.
  • We implement an individual approach to each client. We study the specifics of the business and penetrate in particular the development of an online store for the jewelry business. As a result, the maximum effect is achieved.
  • There is a possibility of remote registration of the contract for development. You can live in another city or even a country — we are ready to cooperate on convenient conditions for you.
  • Select the optimal content management system. The requirements for functionality and budget are taken into account.
  • We use all the methods of development — those that have proven themselves and innovative. Due to this each site turns out to be interesting and unique in its own way.
  • Only licensed products are used to create a resource.
  • Each customer is unique to us, you can be sure that you will get the time and attention you need.

How and where to order

If you know what the future online jewellery store should look like, send us your finished statement of work. If there are only ideas and ideas, but they are raw, then contact us to help translate them into a convenient form for execution.

If there's only a desire to make a site, but no idea what it should be, we're ready to help you figure it out.

You are only separated by a call and a visit to our office by a new source of income and your own online jewelry store.

Cost of jewelry site — Price 2021

The price of the jewelry site Price, $ Dates of development
Template design from 1200 $ 10-15 days
Unique design from 3300 $ 15-20 days
Unique design from 5000 $ from 20 days