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Since 2013, we have been helping our clients to develop their business on the Internet.

Logo development — order logo design

Design, not so much a complex task as one that requires talent and experience. It is not possible for a person to become a designer and immediately begin to create masterpieces.

This creativity is sometimes also the result of considerable effort. However, many designers, after a difficult and long period of work, begin to produce excellent design projects easily, almost "playfully".

Intuition plays an important role in this work. In symbiosis with experience and knowledge, it helps during the creative process and enables the use of known metaphors or symbols, practically feeling their necessity.

This magical intuition is sometimes characteristic of many people, but for creative people, it is a real treasure trove of beautiful ideas and a wonderful performance. As a result, designers can easily make decisions, come up with new ideas based on known and popular knowledge.

This article will deal with such an important issue as logo creation. It should be said that it is the quality and success of the logo that determines how much the brand will be memorable.

Create a logo that will be the face of the company and can be a great advertisement in itself — exactly what all designers want to achieve.

Roughly speaking, symbiosis is important for design:

  • Intuition.
  • Intellect.
  • Experience.
  • Knowledge.
  • Sense of style.

All this you will need to bring a logo to the world that will not leave any person indifferent. Let's talk about this in more detail.

Designer's creativity and intuition

A huge number of people think that everything is predestined and can't be changed, let alone that nothing can come by itself, and everything in the world has a measure, and that they can't change it, they won't admit it.

<However, there were many scientists and philosophers who considered intuition to be one of the factors in the creative and thought process. These are A. Einstein, Steve Jobs, R. Bradbury, K. Jung and others.

Intuition was also recognized by many logicians and mathematicians, who believed that all great mathematical proofs were a symbiosis of genius and intuition.

Many futurists of the past and present also think the same way. And for creative people, in particular, for designers, intuition is air that gives strength!

For true creators, intuition is the environment in which they exist. It gives them ideas, the ability to use them, while the mind and knowledge give them the technique in which they will be applied.

The school has always taught us that the basis of activity is only intelligence, but life gives us a clear understanding that only the mind combined with intuition is the "philosopher's stone" capable of creating the gold of creative realization.

Logo creation is no exception. Only through an intuitive process can you make a logo that will be the pinnacle of creativity and decoration of any company.

All the connections between intuition and intelligence are incredibly important to the modern world.

See a few words about symbolism and the use of metaphors in logos. This technique works perfectly to attract attention and keep it on the logo.

Roughly speaking, a logo based on a known symbol will not only be interesting to users, but also will be remembered. And such a company will be well recognized.

In addition, this technique helps filter the noise that new technologies create. They are both the engine of progress for any business these days, and they can slow down the spread of the brand at the same time.

This is also the case in today's economy, where methods are so rigid that in order to be constantly "heard", you need to use a lot of smart and innovative solutions.

Logo development in this case requires the addition of sensual and emotional solutions, along with the application of symbolism and known knowledge.

What concerns symbols, they are the oldest way for a person to express his or her idea. They can easily give meaning and clarity to any, even the most complex, information.

Other advantage is the brevity and conciseness. The ability to convey an idea with one picture, and the metaphors to support it and adorn it.

Symbols and principles of their application in logo development

Have you ever tried to describe a symbol in words? Not easy, is it? But that's what we'll try to talk about in this article. So let's define the difference between words and symbols:

  • Words need to be understood, while brain processing is lightning fast.
  • Words are composed of letters, also symbols, whereas symbols are already complete concepts.
  • For understanding words, you need to know the language well first and be able to convert them into text/picture.
  • Any word must first be linked to a visual representation, whereas the characters are instantly clear.
  • Applied to, the meaning of the symbol is related to a pattern known to almost all people.
  • May compare symbols with seeds or eggs. They grow into meaning with the help of nutritious soil from the observers — the knowledge they have built up.
  • In understanding the symbol, its main meaning will be a little like an image. However, they are inextricably linked and perfectly complement each other.

I can also give an example of a symbol and its understanding — we're all out of the ovum, we have an umbilical cord trace, and the symbol is related to the basic meaning.

Example, spheres and circles may indicate an original origin:

  • Cells,
  • Planets.
  • Eggs.
  • Molecules.
  • Semines.

In fact, the symbols were the prototype of human communication. They are archetypes of our understanding of each other.

This is a question that Carl Jung has dealt with a lot. He became a real popularizer of symbolism. According to him, archetypical symbolism is the foundation of the systems to be introduced and the structures to be created.

Let's fix what we've talked about above with an example:

So let's take an archetypal circle symbol. According to Jung, he also contains the main knowledge of the collective unconscious led by all people of the planet.

The second example is apples and snakes. These symbols are more complex and lie in the foundation of a particular culture. While in the case of the snake, the main thing about the symbol is the spiral.

A complicates these simple symbols by adding cultural knowledge and definitions. When creating a logo, you need to understand this and embed the symbols in a culturally appropriate way.

Try to make sure that the chosen symbolism is clear when developing it, and if the meaning is clear, users will be able to easily extract it.

This is another great example, important for logo development, is the integration of the symbol into the structure. For example:

  • The two opposites that complement each other to the whole state — yin and yang.
  • Number seven, sacred and integrated into the Statue of Liberty, which in turn is a symbol of inclusion in abundance.
  • Reference of the pyramids — a reference to the unconsciousness and infinity of the universe.

It is also a good example to give a correct polygon that has several shapes, but which cannot be drawn with a ruler and a circular.

This way, it is important to understand these principles from the very beginning. This will help you develop a logo of the highest quality.

Symbolism and letters

The main difference between symbols and words is that all symbols can be instantly deciphered by the subconscious and on a sensual and emotional level. While the meaning of words must first be well thought out, to understand their meaning.

At the same time, it is difficult to immediately understand the basic connection between meaning and idea with respect to words, which is not the case with symbols of any level.

The symbolism neutralizes the connection with the brain and saves time and effort spent on information processing. Symbols are much more effective than words.

And one more undoubted advantage of symbols — they are absolutely universal, they do not require long studying and memorization.

But let's note that a great way to create a logo is to share both symbols and words.

How can I use symbols to work on a logo?

Let's take a look at a few examples of logo creation using symbols. We'll take the experience of one great designer as information.

  1. Creation of a logo for a farm specializing in the cultivation of Arab horses. This idea comes from the eighties. A symbolic logo was then developed, which schematically depicted the faces of horses of both sexes, gently touching each other. Symbolic of intimacy.
  2. The second logo for the same company was different — there was a schematic representation of the horse and foal. The meaning of these symbols is protection.

As a result, the second option was finally adopted. In the course of the work, one logo evolved into another, more mature and qualitative.

Symbolism condensation has simplified the symbol, made it more understandable and immediately recognizable.

Note that visual ease of perception is insanely important. This is necessary for the flexibility required by the logo, for the possibility of using it for a wide variety of applications. For quick conversion of one image into another.

In the example, the images of horses were used, so it is because they are elegantly arranged that we managed to bring the shoulder and muzzle closer together. Then the picture was encircled in a circle — that's the ready-made symbol that refers us to the famous yin-yang.

Remember, the simplicity of a logo is a guarantee of its recognizability, excellent memorability, and similarity with a known symbol will not be exactly erased from memory and will provide success.

This logo, as it were, immediately enters into a relationship with the user or just an observer. It is eternal, it has nothing to do with the passage of time and the change of fashion trends.

Such symbols are just a real find for branding that will serve people for a long time.

As an example, think of the Apple logo, or other well-known companies that have a long history in the market and do not go unnoticed by users.

The good logo is the one that will be used for jewelry, in print, on clothes and even remains in the history of carved granite.

Let's talk about metaphors

So, metaphors. They are similar to symbols in that they can give extension of information. Their second advantage is that metaphors can bind together seemingly unrelated concepts.

This quality ensures that the metaphors are loved by designers and enable them to work with the client, to define his features and "wants" in a quality way. In addition, it gives additional interest for the work. What's important for creative people.

And all the metaphors are memorable.

Let's give another example and look at the possibility of developing a very simple and at the same time madly powerful logo. It should draw attention to:

  1. Semantic level.
  2. Metaphorical.
  3. Symbolic.
  4. Intuitive.
  5. Logical.

Albuquerque (USA) has a community of farmers. It is called Valle Encantado. There were many options for developing metaphorical relationships that would take into account the name and direction of the firm.

The other important meaning of this letter is that it represents a five in the Roman reading of numbers. All these coincidences reinforce the meaning of the logo and give more information.

The work ended with the logo being supplemented with words like "Cultivating community".

Many designers are afraid that metaphorical logos are not easy to develop. They need to be able to immerse themselves in the purpose, name, idea and other relevant aspects. Also be able to create a visual extension.

When you get there, you can easily create a wonderful, slim and clear concept. The logo after this work will be light and bright, memorable and simple. Don't you need this?

For many designers this work is difficult, but if you learn the algorithm of the work, learn how to immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the company for which you create the logo, include intuition and associative thinking — the result will be obvious.

Remember, those logos that are able to transmit information quickly and efficiently will always be of interest to the client and will always be in high demand.

This work is also useful for the master designer, as it develops and helps to create new masterpieces in the future.

And let's talk a little bit about the results...

Let's try to discuss the basic postulates of creating a good logo. We have structured them for you to make it easier to understand.

  1. Let your work be based on metaphors and symbols to pass information to the client. This technique is very helpful in linking the logo to the client and also helps to involve an outside observer in the logo. If it's easier for you to use words, it's a good idea to add pictures of them.
  2. Consider after style, color, typography and combinations of different textures. This is likely to need to be updated over time, but if the logo is linked to eternal symbolism, it's only for the best and will benefit.
  3. Memorize that symbols affect the integrity of the brand, while trends in fashion and style can change dramatically.
  4. Store your work — this is necessary to create logos more productively. You may notice something special over time and use it in your work.
  5. When using old sketches, remember that for some orders you can use old sketches that flashed between the final logo and the task at hand.
  6. Purely the concepts you work on for one customer can then be used for others.
  7. Black and white is the best way to work — this logo will last forever. Besides, if it looks great in two-color execution, with addition of colours and textures it only wins.
  8. Black and white logo perfectly gives the idea of connecting the positive with the negative, two polarities, two sides. It can clearly and clearly convey your concept. Symbols in the negative are exactly what will make the idea clearer.
  9. It is necessary to optimize the information the logo carries — this can be done by filling in the blanks in it.
  10. Take care of scalability — your symbolic logo should scale without problems. It is important that it can be used from the site on the hadroid, to huge posters and posters. If it looks good both there and there, it's a great job.
  11. If part of the logo is lost on scale, see if the meaning changes? If yes, the logo needs to be redesigned.
  12. Memorize the balance — when developing a logo, you need to "twist" it from all sides — flip it over, look at the mirror image. This will reveal inaccuracies and flaws.
  13. Details are important — try to ensure that the subtleties of the drawing and symbols do not pass you by. And as the details on the most drawn logo, and that it carries in itself. The subtleties of meaning are even more important than the picture you draw.

To use your intuition and experience to create the perfect logo, you need to work at all levels, from the visual to the intuitive. There are a few exercises that can help you get the skills you need to do this. Let's describe one of them in detail.

Consider objectives and goals as a way to develop. The main thing is to understand for yourself how to relate and apply your resources in the outside world, to develop design solutions.

  • Think about the tasks — try to cover everything soapy.
  • Draw your problem — schematically or abstractly irrelevant.
  • Convince yourself that you need help finding a solution and linking to the target/problem.
  • Be sensitive to yourself and your thoughts, sometimes decisions come spontaneously in your heart, or at lunch, be prepared to write it all down so you don't forget and then develop the idea further.
  • If an image, number, drawing, or phrase seems to haunt you, try to pay attention to it and think carefully about how it relates to your work.
  • Watch your emotions. They can tell you a lot about the task at hand.
  • Remove all the inconvenient problems. Sometimes an event or thought may prevent you from finding a solution — it's better to get rid of it, or solve it first.

This is a simple exercise that won't take you long. It is useful not only for designers, but also for ordinary people to understand themselves, their work, their goals.


Making a logo is not easy. But it's a pleasure to work with. Remember, the more energy and effort you put into your project, the better it will work. Excellent logos — simple, but have a deep meaning, intuitive, well remembered. They exist outside of time and space.

Perfect work has no limits — it will be understood in Europe and Asia, America or Australia.

As a matter of fact, such a job is the pinnacle of a designer's career. It requires a lot of experience and skills.

This work is better viewed as a way to develop skills, abilities, and new knowledge.

This way you'll learn to see deep into things and see them simple at the same time and see the little things that lie on the surface.

How do I order?

If you need a great logo — which will follow all the rules of development, which will look great on your site, promotional brochures, stands — we will be happy to help you.

Our designers will design the logo according to your concept. Creating a logo is not an easy process, but we are guided by it.

Ask our experts and they will create the best possible logos for you. Believe me, we know how to do this.

Logo creation cost — Price 2021

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Brand logo to order as part of something more!

Typically, a successful logo design is decorated with a letterhead, envelope, folder, business card and other documents. But in the proper organization of the logo can become a part of a large project of stylish and original corporate design.

You can additionally order from Space-Site:

  1. Individual brand development from scratch and further promotion.

  2. Creation and printing of related graphic products: booklets, calendars, business cards, folders, etc.

  3. Naming goods and individual products.

  4. Company name development.

Memorize that working with Space-Site is always a pleasure, because you can communicate directly with a designer who understands what you want from him. Our team always takes a careful and responsible approach to the development of logo and promotional products for our customers.

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