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Since 2013, we have been helping our clients to develop their business on the Internet.

British scientists scare the information overload, but in fact, the peak of the network is far from overloaded with news. There is enough quality news content, but its limit is still far away. All the topics that deserve to be covered are not yet covered, nor are all the events that should have been covered. Therefore, it is worth launching your own website to fill the media Internet sphere.

We want to make a mistake: it is not a problem if you do not know the specifics of the news content and the methods of its presentation. The basics will be explained further, and the rest will have to learn. For example, in a journalism department or by working with real media. But what is interesting is that in order to create a successful Internet resource with quality news content, you may not need it.

Where do I start creating a news site?

In many heads there are thoughts and thoughts that never come to fruition. So far. If you're not out of your mind, you've been haunted by such thoughts for a long time. We want to lead to the fact that any idea needs to be thought through, to focus on the future event, without being distracted by anything else.

News site is essentially an unregistered media outlet that has its own subject matter, and therefore has its own audience in the future. That is, the first thing that needs to be determined is what the site will be about.

The topic of creating a news site, however, like any other — this is the beginning of the beginning. If there is no desire to dwell on one topic is always a political resource. That is, the site will be a lot of headings that cover different areas of life.

But if there's an understanding of one topic and it's very deep, you can stop there. For example, car, fashion, design. The main thing here is not to be ashamed of your own self-expression — it works well.

Theme, what's next?

If it is decided to work with a lot of topics, it is necessary to determine for yourself whether it will be possible to fill the portal with such a volume of quality news, which could compete with major players in this vast area. If not, it is better to narrow down the direction. For example, start with financial topics, but it is also very extensive. You can focus on the banking sector.

Benefits and disadvantages of Poli and Mono Themes

Enlightenment of many topics is good from the point of view of finding advertisers, but there is a lot of competition. There are a lot of such resources, much more than narrowly focused ones. If we talk about a single direction, then the competition is weaker, but not everyone will want to be advertised. But still, advertisers will, especially if the resource can be filled with really high-quality content and it will be read.

There is a rule, the less competition, but also fewer advertisers. In this case, you need to balance — do not look too narrowly, because there is a risk that the news will be interesting only to you and a very small group of users.

Beginning to create a media site

Thematics is defined, but it's not a foundation, it's just an idea. The foundation will be the frame, the walls and the roof. In other words, it is a CMS and admin.

CMS — or Content Managment System manages what is on your site, allows you to embed new sections, pages, upload photos, edit texts, publish anything you want. It is also called admin, and there are good reasons for that, because it helps to administer the site, to manage the content. It is also worth to determine their own financial capacity. But based on the fact that the search for methods of earning in the Internet, the resources are few or very few. Otherwise, it would be easier to hire a staff of specialists.

If you have very limited resources, that is, a lot of free CMS, they are also called site engines. These are many favorite WordPress, Drupal, Joomla. Each of them can satisfy the requirements to create a news site. They will help to make a site with:

  • Structured rubric.
  • Content export capability.
  • News aggregators.

Define which platform to choose by looking at its features in more detail. But it still depends on your needs and the topic you choose.

Name for the news site

There's a headache, because as we know, the name of the boat matters. The best solution is if the name or domain is what it is.

Domain is what we see in the address bar of the Internet browser. But it is not necessary that the domain and the name of the site coincide. Well, for example, having decided to create a news site of auto subjects, it can be called "Motor", and the domain name to choose from those available from the registrar. Of course, the most beautiful, sound and popular are already busy, so in search of will have to work hard. It can take more than one day.

Tip: Don't choose a domain name that is simply an English word or phrase. It is better that it was just related to the theme of the site or it contained the word news.

Domain needs to be registered, this can be done either directly by the registrar or by resellers. The first option is more reliable because it will make it easier to extend the usage period if necessary. The second important point is that administration is much simpler and will depend only on you. If you choose reseller services, then the administration depends on this link as well.

There are also advantages to resellers, it's the price. They themselves get a more advantageous price due to the fact that the registrar buys many names at once. But it is worth mentioning another pitfall — unreliability, up to the loss of the domain.

We still advise you to go to the registrar. The largest in the zone of ru — and The cost here is 590 rubles. Payment should be made immediately upon registration and then annually. The registrar reminds that it is time to pay, as an option it is possible to bring at once the necessary sum for some years forward.

The site needs a place to live

After the domain registration, it can be left alone for a while. Now you need to deal with hosting. Hosting — a server, in fact, the place where the site is physically located. That is, all its pages, content, admin. This means that the site will not "live" on your PC, and on a remote server with a powerful channel. Through it, a huge number of readers will have access to the resource.

The important step is choosing a hosting company. To start, you can limit yourself to one of the minimum rates they offer. This is from 150 to 250 rubles per month. From the first day the site will not shoot and it will not fly a lot of readers, the competition is great. So we recommend to choose from or masterhost.

This is where you should pay attention to the initial setting, namely the following points:

  • Change at your resource domain in the control panel of NS-server.
  • Install a free engine on the hosting server. This can be done by a hosting company.

Now when the domain is joined, the site will be available after a while. However, as long as it is empty or has a so-called host "plug" on it.

Site attention — working on the look

Now the site is just a blank page, but it still has to be worked on. If you do not have the skills to create it, you will have to pay. The cost of such services depends on the requests, the desired appearance of the site. If you turn to one of the numerous freelance exchanges, you will need to lay out from 5 to 50 thousand rubles.

Terms of execution about a week and in the end you will get a new, but not yet completed site. On it it it is possible to see only desirable design, text "fish", images. So it will be possible to understand, how it will look with a content.

News Filling

Filling the news site is almost the final stage, but it takes time all the time. In order to understand where and how to upload information content, it is worth asking for the help of a specialist involved in the design of the resource. Let a short, but step-by-step instruction will help to understand. Here it takes a week to practice to reach the automatism of actions.

Ways to attract readers

In no time you should not count on a huge thread, but as soon as the news gets to the front pages of search engines, readers will appear. The number of them directly depends on the amount of news you offer, on how interesting they are. If the subject and content attracts, the first visitors will bring more. Moreover, they can leave links to particularly interesting materials. This is useful for increasing the audience and ranking, that is, moving the search results closer to the top of the first page.

Interesting content: where do I get it?

To write interesting news, you should at least have an author's vein. If it is absent for good, it is necessary to address to the one who is able to express beautifully and competently the thoughts. There are several options:

  • Buy finished materials at thematic content exchanges.
  • Order writing from scratch. This is the most expensive option.
  • Find artists who will translate content from foreign sources, but it is important not to infringe copyright.

There are nuances to using a photo. So not all images presented in the network are in the public domain. Every photo has an author, and he may not like the way the creation is used on your site. Solution options are as follows:

  • This is an opportunity to discuss with the author in advance the possibility of using photo.
  • If blame cannot be determined, specify the link to the resource from which the photo was taken.
  • To use the services of photobanks. This solution will allow legal introduction of images into the material. Remember, cheap photos are small and can only be used once. However, the author still has the rights to the image, and he has the right to resell it in the future. There are photobanks where you can find free images, but their number is limited. After the limit is exhausted, you must either pay or re-register to other data.

Counting visitors

The number of visitors you need to know, because based on this indicator, you can assess how interesting the resource turned out to be. For statistics, you can use one of the most popular systems:

  • Yandex.Metric.
  • Google Analitics.

In any of them you should register, and then just from time to time to time to log in and check where, who, at what time and in what amount visited the site. It is also important to check which articles and sections turned out to be the most interesting, from which page the visitor left the resource.

What's interesting, you can attract additional readers by yourself. To do this, you should use the methods proposed below, which can be divided into paid and free methods. The paid methods include:

  1. Contextual advertising. There are 2 popular contextual advertising systems from Yandex and Google. With their help you will be able to place links to your news site on the resources of your partners, based on the user's search query.
  2. Reference exchanges. With their help it is possible to lift a site in search results, that is pages of a site will get to people who are looking for something by a certain search query.

What repents free, it's mostly news aggregators. The right decision to add your site to all kinds of aggregators, and definitely should not ignore the main:

  1. Yandex. News. Here you will need to sign the agreement and send it by mail. Create an RSS file on the site. You may need help from a programmer.
  2. News Google. It is necessary to create a special website for news. Here it is necessary to involve the programmer.
  3. New Tech. Here the RSS.
  4. created for Yandex.
  5. Rumbler-News — RSS for Yandex.
  6. Liveinternet news. RSS.
  7. will also help

This should be enough, but there is a certain specifics of working with aggregators. For them, it is not so important that the news is unique or stunning, as getting into a popular story. And the information should be presented so that it was referred to by other participants of the aggregator. This is especially important in Yandex.Novosti.

There may be some mistakes, but this way you can develop a strategy that is successful. The result will be that your news will be in the top a couple of minutes after publication.

Also there is the possibility of using RSS directories. Users subscribe to them and, if interested, go to the full version of the news.

Social networks

Not to bypass social networks — they are, this field for the development of no worse than the search engines. You should create a public group of your site and add social widgets to the page of the resource. If, for example, to add the ability to write comments, the stream from social networks is almost provided.

To organize a group with the help of a widget, it must be publicly available. It is worth publishing news every day, so subscribers will be notified when they log in to their social networking site.


The perspective can be characterized in two words: iridescent and seductive. So, the more visitors a day will be on the site, the more advertisers will want to fill the empty space. For this they are ready to pay with electronic money or on account. In the first case, everything happens without any contracts, in the second case there is a formal deal. Most likely, the site will be interesting to advertising agencies. In general, consider tired.

And if you decide to become a full-fledged media in a couple of years' time, there are of course even more prospects here, but the attention of government agencies is also higher. Especially from the Federal Antimonopoly Service for Advertising and Roskomnadzor.

Price of news site — Price 2021

Media site price Price, $ Dates of development
Template design from 2999999 $ 10-15 days
Unique design from 49999 $ 15-20 days
Unique design from 100000 $ from 20 days