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Website NameStartStandardOwnUnique
Site cost$ 992$ 1620$ 1892$ 3922
Payment to get started 50%
Development period in days from 10 from 30 from 20 from 40
CMS system Tilda WP/Joomla/Modx
Unique website design
Filling content*
Willingness to advertise**
1 year domain
1 year hosting
Adaptation for mobile
Quick Application Forms
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Express logo
Module our customers
Module our employees
Module our achievements
Social buttons networks
Creating Service Pages
Multilingual ability
Full site setup
Answer-Question Module
Google map
Slider module
Module our work
Feedback module
Site Management Instructions
Connect CRM and 1c calculated individually
Website advertising (optional) Discount when ordering a site 15%
SEO optimization*** $ 590
Google Ads*** $ 390
Advertising in social media*** $ 390
SEO promotion from $ 390 in 1 month
Site support free first month after creation

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Nightclub website — order a website

Modern nightclubs offer their visitors many different services. It's a disco, a bar and a show program. The target audience is young people, and that's why the clubs are dominated by unrestrained energy, fun and music. When choosing a nightclub, where many people hike, today they turn to search engines. Not surprisingly, services related to the development of nightclub websites have become very popular.

How many thematic views can I get?

If we talk about the statistics of Yandex, the combination of "nightclub" users enter 364281 times a month. And all of them, or many others, can be attracted to their thematic resource. As a result, they can become visitors to the club and bring income.

Nightclub website, significantly different from other business resources. Here everything else is different — design, content. But still, it is able to provide greater support for the club business, nowhere less than other means of marketing.

Nightclub Website Structure

The main purpose of such a resource is to provide potential visitors with maximum information about the institution, attract attention and cause a desire to visit the club. That is, it is necessary to tell at most everything that concerns the institution. An approximate list of sections that can be created:

  • On the club. Here it is worth telling the history of the institution, its development. Be sure to submit information about the direction of music, to offer data on the structure of the premises. That is, how many halls there are, their purpose.
  • Club poster. Here are announcements of upcoming events, parties. In the announcement it is necessary to inform about the date, name, theme. We need to give information about the cost of entrance, dress code, if any. Be sure to include special notes, for example, regarding the entrance for girls, couples, etc. Here you can also briefly tell about the artists who are performing.
  • Photogallery. The image of the interior gives an idea of what the club itself is, its capacity and other features. You can offer photos of the most interesting parties, photos of the residents of the club, invited stars. And in general, everything that can motivate a visitor to the site to become a visitor of the club.
  • Virtual tour. It can be considered the most convenient solution for modern institutions. Such a technology implies the inspection of the club in every detail with the help of special technology of shooting. This is an online tour.
  • Club prices. Today, a good tone is considered to be the policy of openness and transparency of the entrance prices to the institution. Publication of prices, even approximate ones, is a chance for visitors to calculate the upcoming costs and understand what budget will be required for the party.
  • Table reservation. This can be done over the phone, but at least you need to know the club number. Not all people want this kind of communication. And if there is an option of online booking — it is a more modern solution. To do this, you only need to provide an order form with the minimum amount of data required. Such an opportunity will only make you better in the eyes of potential customers.
  • References. This section is fully devoted to the opinions about the club from real visitors. Positive and sometimes negative emotions every visitor can leave here.
  • Loyalty programs. This implies the provision of various bonuses and discounts. Club cards, free flyers, etc. can be offered. The presence of this section in itself makes the site, and therefore the club itself more attractive to most visitors.
  • Contact data. You need to enter phone numbers, addresses (don't forget about e-mail), and other data that visitors may need. In addition, you can offer a train map here. With its help, even those who are visiting the club in the city or do not know it very well will be able to visit it.

If there are foreigners among the potential clients, it is worth to duplicate each or the most popular pages with other languages. Nightclub is a place of rest and pastime for many tourists. The foreign language version of the site increases the coverage and expands the target audience of the club.

Nightclub website costs — Price 2021

Nightclub price Price, $ Dates of development
Template design from 14999 $ 10-15 days
Unique design from 24999 $ 15-20 days
Unique design from 34999 $ from 20 days