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Since 2013, we have been helping our clients to develop their business on the Internet.

Enternet store design development

Enternet store design — online shopping, it's everyday life for most people in our country. According to statistics, in Ukraine every 6 users of the network make purchases online. And this is approximately 2.5 million people.


Online trading has a lot of advantages and this is appreciated by both users and shopkeepers. But despite the huge opportunities, not all resources become successful. According to statistics, only 10% of newly opened companies stay afloat, the remaining 90% are closed or simply have no income, and go to zero. There are secrets, and experienced specialists are ready to reveal them.

Errors that many online shopkeepers make and pay with their own child. The most common ones are as follows:

  • No strategy. To make an online store work successfully, it is not enough just to move your business from offline to online. In the field of online marketing, there are many laws that need to be taken into account. Only then can you compete in any niche.
  • Weaky or no STDs. If there is a high level of competition, it will be difficult to stand out from others and prove that you are the one worth buying from.
  • Integrated and unattractive design. Visitors can evaluate the design in the first 3 seconds and decide whether to stay on or leave the site in search of another.
  • Unbelievable usability. The desire to buy goods in a particular online store is not only an assortment, but also a clear navigation, convenient (standard) location of the buttons. If there will be difficulties with registration of the purchase, with great probability the visitor will make it in other shop.
  • Bad image of goods items. This also applies to low resolution, lack of view from different angles. The last point is especially important for clothes, shoes, accessories.
  • Not all information for customers. The person who has decided to buy something in the online store, does not want to take risks and tries to get exactly what is shown on the pages of the site.
  • Not adaptive design. That is, the lack of extensions and opportunities to use the site and order goods to users of smartphones, tablets.

As you can see, most common mistakes are related to the design of the online store. That's why we offer to consider in detail how to create the appearance and functionality of the site, so that it helps to sell. Conversion and a lot of sales, while following the recommendations, are guaranteed.


Preparation is the foundation of a successful online store in the future. And if the start is good, there is a chance that the result of the work will also be excellent. To achieve this, the following preparatory steps should be carried out:

  • Research. At this stage, it is possible to exclude ideas that will not bring profit. The task of the marketer is to conduct a study of the planned niche of work, analysis of competitors' websites, to study the demand for goods. For this purpose, it is convenient to use, for example, Yandex Wardstat or Google Advords. Already having the data will be able to develop a strategy for promotion, which will be attractive to the client. It is at this stage that the positioning of the online store is carried out, the creation of a unique selling offer, the study of the target audience.
  • Formation of the marketing concept. It will already help to determine the ways of attracting, retaining and converting target visitors into customers. At the same time, the behavioral characteristics of the target audience are determined, and on this basis, the key elements on the site are arranged.
  • Creation of a prototype site based on the information received at the first two steps. The main trends in the design of online stores are taken into account. We will present them further.

Trends that are relevant today:

  • Fon site is purely white. This allows you to focus on the products or other content offered.
  • Minimalistic. There should be no distractions that could prevent you from buying.
  • On the home page you need to place large, high-quality and colorful photos. This method will allow you to get the attention of the visitor at a glance.
  • Typography thought out. The main task in this case is to please the visitor so much that his first acquaintance with the site was remembered and we would like to return again.
  • Flat design. It is the first choice of developers, such a solution gets more response from visitors.

Check out the home page

It's time to move on to a specific job — let's start from the home page. It is very important to understand what the visitor wants to see on the first page. The main thing is to understand what you are selling. And each page, to which the transition takes place, only 3 seconds to convince the visitor to stay.

The first thing you look at falls on the center of the page, and it is here that you want to place the thematic image with the main product. An excellent example of such a concept site In the center of the main page the designer placed a bright, attractive image with the main products offered. The photo is very bright and immediately attracts attention with a color scheme. Also, at first glance, the visitor gets maximum information about the main categories of goods.

If this technique worked, and the visitor wanted to get to know more details to understand for himself, whether the resource is worthy of attention, as far as he can be trusted, the next look will be on the header of the site, where you should place such information:

  • Company logo. Better in the upper left corner.
  • Search string.
  • Information for communication. You need phone numbers, preferably all operators working in the country. In addition, specify the working schedule, the button for ordering a callback, and other ways of communication, if any.
  • Corporate — it's always placed on the right.

Fact! Of the respondents surveyed — 90% became victims of fraud on the Internet, so if the client stayed on the site, he should provide maximum information about the store.

On the home page you can place a horizontal menu with product categories or information pages. For example, pages about delivery, payment, reviews, question-answer.

After the first acquaintance with the home page, if the visitor is interested in it, he will probably want to get acquainted with the assortment. It is common to place categories on the left side of the screen. Immediately in the left sidebar should be placed news section, promotional or top product. If it is appropriate — the benefits of buying. A good example of In the footer of the online store designers decided to place a subscription button to the newsletter. This stimulates sales growth, informs customers and new promotions, discounts, receipts.

Category and card design features

Selling online store design, as it is not banal, should make you buy. On the page of categories potential buyer gets several ways — goes from the main one, comes from organic search, is redirected from advertising. In any of these variants it is expected that there will be a transition to the category that was requested.

On the categories and product cards page everything should be very simple, convenient and clear. The main accent is the quality of images, so a person can immediately understand that he got where he wanted to go.

Improved if the sorting of goods by price and other key characteristics is implemented. Placing such a filter should be user-friendly form. A good example of the implementation of the online store Already in the categories you can buy a product in one click or go to it for detailed viewing.

This is an important moment! For goods that are not available, it is necessary to provide information to visitors. In order to provide such information and not to lose the client, it is necessary to offer to buy an interesting position under the order or to subscribe to the notification about the appearance.

When the transition to the product page has already taken place, the main thing that is needed here is a quality photo, price and order button. These elements should be made visible, highlight them on the page.

Memorize that buying online is very demanding on the quality and quantity of images. Visitor can not take the product in his hands, so it needs to be shown from all angles. Especially if it is clothes, shoes, accessories.

Obligatory to be zoomed in, and to convince the client of the solidity of the store will be able to professional pictures taken from different angles.

As well as the standard photo of the product, it will be useful to show its use. That is, if they are shoes, then there should be images on the foot of the model, if the wallet — the money and cards inside, the wardrobe — clothes in it. Actually, the photo should be placed in the left upper part of the product card.

After getting acquainted with the appearance, the visitor will be interested in the characteristics, reviews, product evaluations. All this should be presented in a simple and easy to understand form. If there are reviews and ratings — it will only increase the credibility of the store.

Maybe we can look at the example of the Tolstosum store. Here in the product card there is information about the method of delivery, its price. This is one of the factors that affect the decision to buy. A good effect is given by placing information about the return, guarantees, benefits of purchase in the product card. The site from the example gives information very unobtrusively and conveniently, because the card has a system of switching blocks, and the content is well structured, it is possible to immediately request feedback. This is how you can establish a trusting relationship with a potential client.

To increase the purchase receipt, it is necessary to place useful and appropriate accessories to the product, possible kits, positions at a discount.

All the information array mentioned should be placed according to this client's thinking logic:

  • What's the product?
  • How does it look?
  • How much does it cost?
  • How do I buy and get it?

The application of this sequence is based on AIDA's popular marketing idea — attention, interest, need, action.

Shopping cart and order placement page

At the same time, let's look at the statistics — 68% of the goods that fall into the basket are never purchased. Why is this happening? Sometimes the customer just changes his mind about making a purchase or just wanted to estimate how much he would like to get. But also a frequent reason for refusing to buy items in the basket is:

  • Uncomfortable design of the design page.
  • Hards to edit an order.
  • Lack of complete delivery information.

We will find out what the cart and design page should be like for the buyer to finish the purchase with payment.

Let's start with the basket. This may not always be a separate page, but it may be a pop-up window where you can confirm the addition of the next item. Here you can show its image, cost and number of units in the order. It should be possible to remove a position from the receipt or increase/decrease the number of items. It is also necessary to provide the button of return to purchases or transition to registration.

In fact, the design page includes:

  • List of selected goods with image, value and possibly characteristics.
  • Fields for entering data from customers to place an order. Here you can specify your name, delivery address, method of delivery, phone number for communication.

Always use the function button to buy in one click. Sometimes clients don't have time to fill in all the necessary fields and then they order a connection with the manager by entering only the phone number.

Please pay attention! The e-mail address request is no longer as relevant as before. Messengers are now used for communication, and most purchases are made via a smartphone.

Other useful information on the design page:

  • Guarantees.
  • Variant returns.
  • Profits of acquisition.
  • Maximum details regarding delivery: methods, cost. It will be useful to estimate the cost of delivery, the period of receipt of goods.
  • Methods of payment.
  • discounts and bonuses.
  • Any information that will help you make a decision to buy.

Live Account: convince the user to register

The main thing that the client comes for is the purchase of goods. Often customers are not ready to spend time on registration in the personal cabinet, even if it gives certain bonuses. In this case, the option of incentives to register as a prerequisite for buying goods does not work — a lot of competitors who do not ask for it.

To motivate the transition, it is necessary to make the client a very tempting offer or to speed up the registration process as much as possible. One of the solutions is authorization through social networks. At least one of the popular ones, which is used by every modern person who makes purchases on the Internet.

It is important to show the benefits that the potential client gets from registration. They can be:

  • Option to save goods in the wish list.
  • Storage of information about previously made purchases.
  • Comparability of commodity items before final selection.
  • Creating individual settings.
  • Store personal data to help you place your order faster.
  • Priority receipt of notifications of bonuses, discounts, new receipts.

This is a basic set, but the owner of the online store can implement additional ones, for example:

  • Mention of interests. Based on them, the client will be offered potentially interesting positions.
  • Profile creation and providing detailed information about yourself.
  • Adding an opportunity to leave a review of the purchased product.
  • Call for socialisation — the ability to exchange messages with other customers.
  • Ability to share a wish list on social networks. This gives the store an additional influx of customers.

Search filters

To make it easier to find a product, you need to embed a search string in a visible place.

Fact! 20% of online store visitors enter product names with errors, 40% of queries contain English letters.

In order to optimize the search on the site, it is necessary to implement the possibility of processing requests with errors typed in the English layout, using synonyms. Live hints will be useful.

With a wide range of products from different positions, search filters work well. They help you to sort the product in a certain price range, by the characteristics specified by the user.

Information page design

On such pages, the visitor to the site has the opportunity to learn more about the store, the specifics of its work, methods of payment, receipt of purchased goods. Here you can find other useful information. It will be an additional argument for making a decision to buy.

Customer-friendly structure, each position should be complemented by icons. This is very easy to understand. It is also worth adding feedback buttons with the suggestion to ask a question. The last important point — in the field of view of the user to place a search line and images of goods. This will help people not to forget why they visited this page at all.


When creating a selling page, it is very important to consider the target audience, its preferences. For the client it is necessary to create the maximum convenience, possibility of viewing and simple registration of purchases from the smartphone. It is important to build user confidence based on psychological triggers. Provide help and assistance in finding products. If all these points were taken into account, it will give a good result. But if you are not sure about it, it is better to order the design of the online store from the specialists of the business.

Cost of online store design development — Price 2022

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PK version + mobile + tablets from 2000 $