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  • Creating a store on a popular engine
  • Selling online store interface
  • Search Engine Optimization for Google
  • B2B sales support and support
  • Provide website placement for 1 year
  • Full support for the site in the future
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Type of online storeNormalStandardUnique
The cost of the online store $ 9190 $ 14490 от $ 19990
First payment to start work* 50%
Online Store Design Pre-made Pre-made Unique
Website adaptation for mobile
Site Search Module
Product Filter Module
Social Media Buttons Module
Product sorting module
Ability to create categories
Instructions for filling the site
Email Order Notification
Full basket
Personal Area
Connecting an online consultant
Product Delivery Module
Payment module
Call from site
Bulk upload goods
1 click quick purchase
Search for products on the site
Multilingual ability
Filling a site with content**
Product Comparison
Product Reviews
Google stars
Module for market place
Bonus system
Promo Codes
SMS about purchase
SMS about purchase formed individually
Integration 1s, CRM, SMS calculated individually
Support + Service support month free
Website advertising (optional) 15% discount price
Google optimization*** $ 590
Google Ads**** $ 390
Facebook / Instagram Ads***** $ 390
SEO promotion per month from $ 390 in 1 month

* After signing the contract, the payment to start work is 50% of the cost of the online store. The next payment for the online store in the amount of 25% will need to be paid 15 days after the first payment, and the last 25% will be paid by you before transferring the site to your or our hosting (15-25 days after the first payment). In fact, you have an installment plan for up to 1 month.

** Filling the site with content includes: creating pages of categories and subcategories of goods, uploading goods to the site using the mass loading module of goods, as well as filling informative pages of the site with the provided content.

*** Suitable for all stores. One-time payment for SEO site optimization for the Google search engine. Separately paid SEO texts — $ 3 for 1 thousand characters without spaces. The number of required SEO texts is equal to the number of categories and subcategories on the site. The budget for external website promotion per month from $ 390.

**** Suitable for all stores. One-time payment for setting up ads on Google search and setting up remarketing. The budget for clicks is paid separately — the minimum budget per day is $ 20 (Google pays for referrals to the site).

***** Not suitable for all stores. One-time payment for setting up advertising on any of the social networks. Separately paid budget for the display of advertising. The minimum budget per day is $ 5.

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Since 2013, we have been helping our clients to develop their business on the Internet.

Internet store on ATG Oracle — creating a store

A number of reputable analytical companies, including Gartner, Forrester, IDC platform Oracle ATG Commerce is one of the best solutions in the market. It is necessary to consider more closely the main features and capabilities of the application to meet the needs of trading companies, and thus claim such a responsible role of a leader.

For the beginning

It is worth understanding that modern e-commerce systems are no longer just sites that help to buy something. Now the attack on the retailer comes from different sides — from online store, mobile and social commerce, the body of marketing.

Implementing multi-channel trade, makes it possible to reach different segments and significantly more consumers. At the same time, it is necessary to use many formats of promotion, to take into account the peculiarities and preferences of different groups of customers. Another important point is that the customer should not only be attracted, but also kept. This points to the need to connect the customer relationship and loyalty management system. You will also need applications that allow you to personalize services and offers for a specific customer.

Buying scenario in a multi-channel e-commerce system looks like this:

In the past, we only talked about the presence on the e-commerce market. Now domestic retailers set other goals for themselves, namely:

  • Enhancing conversion of visitors and buyers.
  • Order volume growth.
  • Decrease in total cost of ownership.

It is precisely for this reason that e-commerce platforms are subject to stricter requirements. In fact, this also explains the recent trend towards the abandonment of handwritten systems, in favour of modern industrial platforms. This is convenient, because they are able to adapt to the specific features of the business of a particular company. In this case, they are not inferior to solutions that are developed individually.

Second point — they have much wider opportunities to attract and retain visitors, increase the efficiency of conversion. Last but not least, they have a good margin of safety and are ready to expand their sales if they need to do so at some point.

Now it's time to consider the main features of the Oracle ATG Commerce platform, which, according to a number of analytical companies, is considered one of the best in Europe and Russia.


Oracle ATG Commerce platform has a convenient modular structure. It includes a number of low-level components and software services, more specifically:

  • Directory and user repositories.
  • Price calculators.
  • Content and Personalization Management Functions.
  • Buyer's cart.

Based on these and a number of other components and services, the e-commerce application and administrative management modules were built. These are the components that users interact with. And both buyers and employees of the retailer who are engaged in servicing the trading system.

Major modules

It is very convenient that all components and individual modules can be adjusted to their needs and budget, and it is possible to take into account the specifics of the business. In addition, it is possible to integrate your own components into the e-commerce system.

Commerce Reference Store (CRS) is the actual website of the online store. It is a template example of an online store that comes with Oracle ATG Commerce as a standalone application. On the basis of this component, it is possible to quickly create an online store, which takes into account all the features and requirements of a particular business. The application itself is provided with a test data set and source code. A wide range of functions are available to the user via the website interface, including:

  • Browsing the product catalog, searching for individual items.
  • Buyer's cart.
  • Forms for creating and placing an order.
  • Order history.
  • Store ads in Google.

Mobile Store Versions

This component has only been implemented since version 10.1 and is a web-based version of Oracle ATG Commerce for smartphones. The functionality is the same as that of the main site, but with a small screen and touch screen optimization. The mobile versions also offer source code, making it possible to quickly customise solutions to your company's requirements.

Like multifunctionality, allows you to have multiple e-commerce resources on a single server. At the same time, sites may have common or different catalogues of goods, differ in visual design, currencies of calculation and even language. For business, such opportunities are important, because it will be possible to reduce the cost of equipment — physical servers. In addition, it facilitates the process of supporting the network of sites.

Business Control Centre (BCC) web-based platform management interface

This interface is only applicable to business users. The management capabilities can be divided into 2 groups:

  1. Content administration. It supports basic operations from managing individual items, such as goods, prices, page templates, to deploying sites.
  2. Personalization. Its features: creating, configuring rules for generating site content depending on the type of user and his settings.

In the system there is a version of the data and it is possible to look through, approve the changes made earlier. Well, for example, to see, how the updated catalogue will look, the prices, rules of granting of discounts. And this feature will be available only to the administrator, and not to users of the site.

Also there is a possibility to create a system with intermediate servers. In this case, content changes are tested prior to production. In Oracle ATG Commerce, administrative functions and access levels can be separated.

As a matter of fact, BCC enables IT professionals to expand the system's capabilities. For this purpose, the development of additional administrative modules is available.


As well as the standard features of the catalogue, products and prices, the system includes a merchandising module. With its help it is possible:

  • Set the time frame for placing goods on the site.
  • Specify page templates for displaying products and categories.
  • Price list price and item level price.
  • Set up statistical and dynamic recommendations for related product items.

Since version 10.1 there is also visual merchandising in the system. That is, you can visually edit the structure of the catalog, categories of goods, other information directly on the page of the site. Changes occur, but their viewing is available in the test mode. This is convenient, because you can immediately assess how the page will see the visitor.

Specially worth talking about merchandising search. This option allows a company specialist to set rules that influence the output of search results for site users. Here you should consider examples, options for what you can do:

  • Organize a redirection to the specified page, replacing it with a search page.
  • Exclude certain products from the search results list.
  • Change the sorting of the results according to the weight of the product attributes.
  • Place specific goods in the top positions of search results.

discounts, coupons

The system offers a flexible mechanism for working with discounts. Here you can set the rules at different levels. For example, a discount on a specific product, on the entire order, on the delivery service.

Based on the number of items in the basket, prices, and time of day, the system determines what kind of discount to offer. The merchandiser has convenient tools in his hands: masters, designers. With their help, it is possible to set convenient and profitable rules for all participants. Simplicity of actions is achieved due to the clear interface. Version 10.1 offers the possibility to add free gifts to the order.

Advanced to discounts, coupons can be linked. To activate the bonus, the client needs to enter the coupon code on the cart page at the time of purchase.


Other additional option to help increase sales volumes is the extensive customization of special scenarios to support business processes that are included in standard personalization and merchandising models.

It will be clearer by example. The buyer has undergone the registration procedure in the online store, collected items in the shopping cart, but did not make the purchase. Here it will be relevant to set up a scenario in which the customer will be reminded that he has not completed the purchase and he has deferred items. In order to stimulate the completion of actions, it is worth offering a discount.

Other option is to show the buyer an advertisement for goods that may be of interest to him personally. You can choose such actual positions based on the analysis of information from your personal cabinet, if the profile is filled in.

For scripting purposes, you can use the visual editor. It helps to construct complex sequences with different conditions and branches without programming.


Improved reporting system that includes multiple report templates is convenient to use, covering the following issues:

  • Efficiency of web commerce. The following indicators are defined: sales volume, number of visitors and buyers, work of the support center.
  • Product analysis: sales statistics, returns on individual items, information about visitors and search queries related to the order.
  • Marketing efficiency: miscalculation of statistics on the use of promotions by buyers, determining the impact of individual promotions on income.
  • Efficiency of search functions. Here you can see the statistics of search usage, system response time, keyword data, connection between customer requests and sales.

Based on specific needs, it is possible to develop custom templates for a particular sphere.

B2B sales support

After the B2C segment, Oracle ATG Commerce also supports B2B, i.e. when the customer is a business, not an end user. This model has its own characteristics, namely:

  • Designation of different catalogues and price lists for buyers and organizations. The option is provided, for example, to conclude a contract with discounts.
  • Presence of limits on the size of the order, which are set by the buyers. It is also possible to program the approval process, the order within the purchaser's organization, if this limit is exceeded.
  • Payment under the contract, writing off the order lines for different cost centers.
  • Sending parts of the order to different addresses.
  • Automatic repetition of the order.

In addition to this, there is a module that provides the above options and an example of how to implement it for the site. In this case, it is possible to simulate the business of a wholesale supplier.

Commerce Service Center (CSC) Sales Support Center

In the platform, there is such a separate application. It is designed for operators of telephone support services of the online store. Here is a convenient interface that allows you to keep track of customer requests, review the history of orders, monitor their status, place orders on the phone. It is also convenient that you can change them at the request of the client, provided that they are issued through the Internet.

This system can be configured to generate tasks for operators. For example — to make a call to the buyer to confirm the order, if its amount exceeds a certain limit.

Integration with external systems

Oracle ATG Commerce is a comprehensive set of software interfaces for integration with external applications. Typical examples of candidate solutions for online store integration are

  • Order execution system.
  • Warehouse system.
  • Payment systems.

Separately, it should be noted that integration with different Oracle products is possible for the platform. In this case, users get an integrated solution from a single vendor, and it covers a wide range of tasks: technical and business.

Oracle ATG Commerce is one of the most popular e-commerce solutions for medium to large businesses. With this system, it is possible to increase efficiency in attracting new customers, transforming them from ordinary visitors to loyal customers.

The cost of the ATG Oracle site — Price 2021

The price of the ATG Oracle site Price, $ Dates of development
Template design from 55999 $ 10-15 days
Unique design from 71999 $ 15-20 days
Unique design from 87999 $ from 20 days