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Best price! PHP и Mysql
FROM 4190$
 Adaptation to mobile phones as a gift!

Type of online storeNormalStandardUnique
The cost of the online store $ 4190 $ 7490 from $ 11990
First payment to start work* 50%
Online Store Design Pre-made Pre-made Unique
Website adaptation for mobile
Site Search Module
Product Filter Module
Social Media Buttons Module
Product sorting module
Ability to create categories
Instructions for filling the site
Email Order Notification
Full basket
Personal Area
Connecting an online consultant
Product Delivery Module
Payment module
Call from site
Bulk upload goods
1 click quick purchase
Search for products on the site
Multilingual ability
Filling a site with content**
Product Comparison
Product Reviews
Google stars
Module for market place
Bonus system
Promo Codes
SMS about purchase
Several language versions of the site formed individually
Integration 1s, CRM, SMS calculated individually
Support + Service support month free
Website advertising (optional) 15% discount price
Google optimization*** $ 590
Google Ads**** $ 390
Facebook / Instagram Ads***** $ 390
SEO promotion per month from $ 390 in 1 month

* After signing the contract, the payment to start work is 50% of the cost of the online store. The next payment for the online store in the amount of 25% will need to be paid 15 days after the first payment, and the last 25% will be paid by you before transferring the site to your or our hosting (15-25 days after the first payment). In fact, you have an installment plan for up to 1 month.

** Filling the site with content includes: creating pages of categories and subcategories of goods, uploading goods to the site using the mass loading module of goods, as well as filling informative pages of the site with the provided content.

*** Suitable for all stores. One-time payment for SEO site optimization for the Google search engine. Separately paid SEO texts — $ 3 for 1 thousand characters without spaces. The number of required SEO texts is equal to the number of categories and subcategories on the site. The budget for external website promotion per month from $ 390.

**** Suitable for all stores. One-time payment for setting up ads on Google search and setting up remarketing. The budget for clicks is paid separately — the minimum budget per day is $ 20 (Google pays for referrals to the site).

***** Not suitable for all stores. One-time payment for setting up advertising on any of the social networks. Separately paid budget for the display of advertising. The minimum budget per day is $ 5.

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Since 2013, we have been helping our clients to develop their business on the Internet.

Creation of Store Internet for any kind of activity is a crucial stage for the business owner and technically complicated process for the programmer. That's why it's important to give maximum effort and resources for such a necessary process, because it determines the further commercial success of your activities in the network.

As well as many other technically complex processes, create an online store in php and mysql is best outsourced to professionals.

Then you will be able to free yourself from the many hours you spend on your computer and the possibly unstable functionality of the self-created resource.

If you value your time and resources while sincerely wanting a good store that is profitable, you should contact "Space-Site".

Price of online store on PHP — Price 2022

Price for online store PHPPrice, $Timeframe for development
Template design from 5000 $ 9-20 days
Unique design from 15000 $ 25-35 days
Unique design from 25000 $ from 35 days

Create turnkey online stores

Our company's specialists have experience in implementing dozens of similar projects.

For you we are ready to offer individual solutions for the design, functionality and filling of your resource. Each of the stages will be executed qualitatively and in the agreed term.

"Space-Site" is the company that is ready to create an online store in php, as this is the most common and popular programming language in the world.

Our programmers have the knowledge and practical skills to implement any of your requests that relate to functionality, design and content.

For you we are ready to develop an online store as a small format, and quite a large, functional resource that has many categories of goods, shares and allows you to work with databases.

Everything you order is important to us!

It is precisely for this reason that we offer the creation of the php mysql online store, as this tandem is able to provide maximum stability and reliability.

Mysql database management system is considered the most popular worldwide. It provides the technical capability for medium to even large resources to work with a wide variety of databases.

MYSQL can guarantee simple work for the programmer and at the same time reliable work for the resource.

Other advantage is that it is distributed according to the open source principle. This means that you won't have to pay extra for expensive programs.

Order the creation of an online php store from the team of professionals at Space-Site, and you will get a stylish, stable resource, and at the expense of Mysql you will still get a simple and convenient work with databases.