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Internet store, which works

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Since 2013, we have been helping our clients to develop their business on the Internet.

Why order online stores from Space-Site?

Our studio develops online stores to meet the requirements of search engines.

This means we will optimize your online store for all the keywords in your business.

Site can be promoted in search engines immediately after creation.

 Cost of an online store — price

Online Store Price Price, $ Dates of development
Template design from 19999 $ 7-10 days
Unique design from 27999 $ 10-14 days
Unique design from 35999 $ from 14 days

Open Store Options

Many Ukrainian entrepreneurs — implementers, both beginners and experienced sooner or later begins to be interested in creating an online store. Of course, the first question is the value of its value, when developing from the very beginning.

It should be noted at once that the price of such a full-fledged development will be higher than the price of a simple site-cut-away or other similar. At the moment, the market value of a quality online store is different depending on its size and additional features. It can range from a sum of up to a dozen thousand hryvnias to several hundred thousand dollars.

Let's see where these boundaries come from and what parameters should be used as price markers.

One of the reasons for the difference in value is the peculiarity of price segments, on which the executors are focused.

For accurate costing of such a site, you should understand the differences between the existing three segments of the cost:

  1. Low prices — budget option from 20 000 to 36 000 $
  2. Average cost — this option is aimed at a competitive price in the range of 36 000 $ up to 180 000 $
  3. High price — premium class, which starts from 180 000 $

This article only describes the cost of creating a standard online store, excluding working on a site with integrated CRM and other things.

This is one more question that any businessman who creates an online platform for the sale of goods needs to know the answer, is the difference between expensive and cheap sites. To answer this question, it is important to understand the nature and characteristics of the types of online resources that developers usually work on.

Cost of online store development

Cheap sites are created on the basis of the previously worked out templates, developers, as on the conveyor belt, collect sites on them, selling each of the types of templates many times. In this case, of course, the price for the customer will be much lower.

Highly qualified specialists are not involved in such activities, as in this case their salaries will be too low and they will not work profitably.

This activity only requires a laptop or computer, CorelDRAW, Photoshop or other graphic program, a visual code editor and some knowledge of HTML and CSS (plus the ability to search for information on the Internet and use it).

This work attracts the price, the cost of these developments is not great, but is it worth ordering an online store in this case? Is it safe or will it cause more problems than benefits? These questions must be asked in order to effectively calculate all the possible risks.

After purchasing the services of such developers, you risk facing the following problems:

  • You won't be able to "access the site" and you won't have free access to the server where it is located.
  • You may have to buy back a site that has already been paid for and designed specifically for you so that you can move it to another hosting site where you can work on it yourself, improve it, and make the necessary changes.
  • You may encounter unstable and incorrect hosting.
  • You're most likely at risk of working with a support group that is incompetent in their work, or simply not.

We have listed just a few of the main challenges people face when ordering online store development at minimal cost.

Only online resources of such low quality will not be able to solve any of the tasks, all you get from them is a trustworthy address on your business card.

As well as the site will need to be constantly updated, it will require your time and attention, which is so valuable in commercial activities.

In the end, you will still order a more expensive and quality site with original content and design, but it will be after the irretrievably lost time, effort and money.

When a site is developed from scratch by people with a high level of qualification in the industry, and then the cost of such work immediately increases by an order of magnitude, if not a few.


In this variant the price for creation of a web resource includes not only original design and functional features, but also round-the-clock technical specialized support.

Please pay your attention to one small nuance — it is desirable not only to allocate large financial resources to create a site with individual and unique content, design and functionality, but also will not be stingy in the budget for the promotion of your site on the Internet, including social networks and other resources.

Usually, a pre-approved business plan determines how large the funding for development, marketing and other attributes of the site will be.

What factors influence the cost of creating an online store

At the same time, one of the factors that form the cost of developing an online store in the volume "turnkey" is the list and number of basic functions that are included in the structure of the site.

The market for such works often offers standard packages, which already have the main features and functions (the names of such packages are standard and usually it is a list of services from "Start" or "Standard" to — "Premium class").

The price of these packages increases proportionally to the rank. In this case, we are talking about creating sites based on existing templates, without an individual approach to work.

The cost of developing an Internet resource by specialists individually consists of the amount of time spent by specialists on the work, as well as the following components:

  • Briefing — during which work clarifications will be discussed.
  • Design work — concept, implementation and completion.
  • Design layout — in HTML and CSS.
  • Writing a program and its initial approbation with the setting.
  • Test run.

You are lucky if you order a site in Ukraine. Now prices range from 18 to 30 dollars per hour of work of professional web-designers.

While for Europe this value is up to 42-45 dollars, and in the USA it reaches 180-240 c.u. <Therefore, the creation of an online resource, large and quite "advanced", will cost you around $20,000, while in Ukraine, of the same quality and size, the work will cost much cheaper.

So, how to do that — create a website yourself? Give a task to a freelancer? Involve employees of a web company in the development? Let's try to define the solution.

At least a decade ago, they wrote programs and created sites only for specialists. Now there are several options, and to achieve the final goal — to develop a quality online resource, you can in several ways, the differences of which include the cost.

  1. The most economical — with the help of site designers to develop an online store by hand.
  2. Average cost — use freelancers.
  3. Dearly — find a quality web studio and order work on the site from specialists.

Any of these options has its disadvantages and advantages. Before making a final decision on this issue, it is necessary to understand the peculiarities of the proposed options and to conduct a thorough analysis of them.

Site constructors

The main feature of specialized resources is that anyone who does not even have the necessary knowledge and skills can quickly and effortlessly create a working online sales resource.

All you have to do is strictly follow the instructions and follow the sequence of actions.

<However, why do many businessmen prefer to pay large sums to special web agencies, hire a specialist, rather than create a website in a couple of hours by themselves or their employees?

And why is it necessary to study the art of creating web resources for a long time and persistently, and it is not easy enough to rivet sites on available resources in accordance with your taste? Let's discuss the pros and cons of this method in more detail.

Properties of website builders:

  • At the time of registration, you are assigned a domain and hosting.
  • Work is free.
  • You won't have to sit on the site for weeks or months, all work will take no more than 2-5 hours.
  • All problems can be solved with technical support.
  • The templates are beautiful and the amount of them is pleasing.
  • All the subtleties of the online store are already written in the template, you will only need to use them competently.

Minuses of website builders:

  • Nothing worthwhile to you domain will be from the category of "third class", to work with it later will be quite difficult.
  • Ready for big restrictions in site functionality — does not mean good for free.
  • New codes, plug-ins and scripts you can't add, only the basic set of features is at your service. By and large, you will only be allowed to change text and pictures.
  • Integration with other systems and services will be difficult.
  • Advertising can only be turned off for an additional fee (as you can see, a free resource is not always free)
  • If you want to change the site and your online store grows substantially, it won't be easy.
  • Threats the administration to remove the site.

How do you see "not all that gold that shines" and not all that is good that is free? Plus, think about whether you've met any of the leading companies' sites that are made according to the template.

Frillance and freelancers

Working in freelance is not a surprise to anybody now, and advertisements about their services are widely spread on a variety of resources. The cost of the work can vary from minimal to fairly large.

Search for free graphics specialists can be found on resources such as:


The average price here for a standard online store ranges from 120 to 360 dollars. You can also find the development of a simple site for 20-50 c.u.

The average cost of one hour of a good freelance specialist will be about 10-15 dollars. Although most of the time you won't find exact prices on the stock exchange, many of them are working exclusively at the contract price.

This affordable cost is primarily due to high competition in the labor market. However, it is worth analyzing the advantages and disadvantages of ordering an online store from freelancers.

Products of ordering online store development from freelancers:

  • Intermediate work with the performer — this significantly affects the quality of work, simplifies discussion and task setting.
  • Financial savings — if the master of web design left his work in the studio, for the sake of "free bread", then its quality will be as high as before, and the cost of work is much lower.
  • Speed — Typically, a free artist observes deadlines more strictly, calculates his time, and does the work much faster than the agencies that usually have more downloads.
  • Freelancers are more likely to take into account the individual needs and characteristics of the customer, and it is easier to negotiate changes with them.
  • Selecting a performer, based on the feedback and recommendations of previous customers, you have every chance to choose a competent and competent specialist.

Minuses of working with free performers (freelancers)

  • You will not have any guarantees — the conclusion of the contract is usually not carried out, a person who works in freelance can be anywhere and anyone, in case of disputes and contradictions, as well as unfulfilled in the term of work — it will be very difficult to find him. There will be no one to satisfy your claims.
  • All of us people and your employee may be tired, tired, sick, equipment may break down, and the Internet may accidentally shut down, causing you to lose contact. He or she will not be able to give the job to anyone, and the job may fail, or at best be delayed indefinitely.
  • Many freelancers start working only after making an advance payment. If you do not know a person, it is not necessary that after receiving the money on the account he or she will do the job, it is very possible that such a "specialist" will just disappear forever.
  • Change in the cost of work — there are freelancers who suddenly realize in the course of work that they are cheaper and begin to demand higher wages. If you don't have a formal cooperation agreement, you're unlikely to be able to prove anything and return the original cost of work. You will either have to pay extra or be satisfied with the unfinished work.
  • The term of work on the project of the online store as a result of the task performed by one specialist can be much more than the one for which the same amount of work can be performed by a large team of a variety of specialists.
  • Error correction — the team is more likely to notice each other's mistakes and miscalculations and promptly correct them without waiting for indignant messages from the customer.
  • Qualification level — of course, among freelancers can be a lot of outstanding professionals and just masters of their craft, who know how to layout and design sites will make excellent and fill the content competently and tastefully. Of course, there are a lot of people who "dog eaten" in the development of online stores, immediately understand what you need, introduce the latest and most fashionable elements in the program, and more. However, most often it turns out that free developers are significantly losing to specialists web studios. The fact is that the development of the team, the acquisition of new knowledge and skills, as well as increasing the general and narrowly focused specialization and competence, is much more frequent, easier and easier than alone. In addition, the team can always count on the help of colleagues and friends, while freelancers can only google and try to learn.

As an option, it is possible to charge the task on a site to different freelancers, but in this case you only increase possibilities of display of all disadvantages of such working out, proportionally to quantity of the hired employees.

Professional web agency — Kiev and the whole Ukraine


Paying for the studio's work on your online store you get the work of a large and competent team of specialists who are coordinated and have extensive experience in such developments.

These companies often have discounts and promotions to pay for services, as well as an agreement (if not stipulated in advance) on the subsequent maintenance of the site.

In terms of price and price segment of web studio services, they occupy the highest level. Typically, the cost of creating an online store "turnkey" they have varies from 12  000 to 250  000 $, and more.

The price depends largely on which specialists will be hired and what the hourly rate they have. It is clear that the higher the qualification of the master coder and web designer, the higher his payment will be. You can create a site, as a student trainee, and high-class and experienced specialist.

If you decide to use the services of such a company, then you need to determine for yourself the studio with which you want to work. What criteria do you want your contractors to meet? How can I make the right choice? What should I pay attention to? And how to avoid hiring incompetent and dishonest performers?

All this is described in detail in a separate article, and you can always read it on our resource. Tips will help you make the right choice, and now we'll look at the pros and cons of working with web companies.

Benefits of the web agency

  • System and team work on the development of the online store — all work on the project of your task will be competently divided between different specialists. And each piece of the site will be executed by the specialist who knows it best (web designer, DTP, programmer, SEO-specialist, content manager, project manager). Besides, such work helps to avoid errors.
  • The employees of the web company will be interested in the audience for which it is intended, your goals, objectives, wishes, taste and preferences to create a full-fledged online product. In order to be in the trend in such firms, they must carefully study the popular trends in web design and new directions.
  • At the planning and development stage of the idea, the agency analyzes the market of your company, the level of competitors and potential buyers or customers. Further, you will be asked to implement the most effective methods and techniques to increase your competitiveness.
  • The work of the employees is always very qualitative, the site is created individually and its design is 100% original, technical support is as responsible as possible performs its work, the creation of the site is accompanied by further development. As a rule, the guarantee from the web company for life.
  • When developing a website, a comfortable system of online store administration is laid down. You will be able to make changes and additions to the site at any time.
  • Cooperation is formalized at the legislative level, it is obligatory to create a contract in which the terms of work, price and other important aspects are specified.

Shortcomings of the web agency:

  • The main disadvantage of orders in web studios is the high cost of works, it can be several times higher than the price asked by freelancers.
  • Practically minimal involvement — most likely you won't be in direct contact with the performers of your order.
  • If the agency is popular, you will most likely need to wait until your order reaches the queue and you will be taken care of by specialists. This period can be up to 3 months. However, as a rule, the work of the company's employees is done quickly and in this way, the time will eventually be equal to that of freelancers.
  • You should be prepared for the entire work to be based on an installed plan, and it is unlikely that you will be able to change any detail immediately. Or you will have to re-approve everything and make adjustments in advance.

As you can see, the cost of creating a site does not always determine the main thing — its quality. Usually the secret of effective work and popularity of a good online store in the work in tandem — the customer — the executor.

In how much the first one will be able to understand what he wants to see in the end and what bonuses to get from his site, and the second one will be able to recreate it all, beautifully highlight the main points, carefully hide in the shadow of the shortcomings and minor inaccuracies, to impress the client or the buyer with a wonderful picture and a chic interface.

However, without proper guidance and an overall company concept, a good online resource is not created. Of course, you want to make money investments and just expect fabulous profits without making any efforts. But that's not the case and it can't be.

<However, the main thing in the development of sites "turnkey" is not a cost saving, not a flexible work of the designer, who can fulfill any of your whims and immediately understands all your ideas, not lifelong maintenance and other pleasures and pleasures.


This is the work of real professionals, creators, people who will create a real masterpiece for you, and then it does not matter what value it has. It is important that your order was engaged in real fans of web design and work on the site, people for whom quality, beauty and individuality is the main thing in the work.

Such fans will definitely be interested in your work themselves, "cheering" for it and for their project, because they have invested their work, feelings, emotions, a part of their soul in it. To get the best result, you should be flexible and cooperate if:

  • Executives can explain the logical main reasons for introducing changes and innovations in the structure and design of the site, if they can justify them by the latest trends and directions.
  • Attribute to the importance of usability, and offer you to moderate the beauty of the decoration in its favor. In general, they suggest all these changes after a detailed justification of their importance and significance.
  • Can put themselves in the shopper's shoes and know their psychology, as well as how to design a site with these factors in mind. As a matter of fact, a good developer, a web designer is also a great psychologist, who will be able to feel  and understand what exactly customers need and how to achieve this with a virtual picture.
  • Make the layout of the site, based on the concept of Google, taking into account its changes and transformations — can explain to you the importance of this move, ranking sites in the search engine.
  • If all their offers lead to an increase in sales and attract new customers and buyers to the online store.

In general, if you have managed to find a person whose work you think is genius and who is suitable for everything you do, knows his business and knows how to allocate resources and highlight the strengths of your online store, then take care of him and try not to interfere in the work. Do not reduce the payment, excessively bargain and constantly argue, insisting on changing certain characteristics. It is also important to submit and approve work plans in time, without delaying the performer and not forcing him to sit without work, waiting for your edits.

The cost of creating an online store website, its components and price examples

The cost of an online store is shaped by several factors that we have already mentioned. They must be fully transparent and reasoned.

If your goal is to analyze and understand all the steps and subtleties, then you can of course easily understand everything and understand the main nuances for yourself.

We suggest you consider gradually the entire list of budget costs allocated and required for the site.

  • Hosting fee.
  • CMS for online resource.
  • Design and web design.
  • Li>Modeling work.
  • Domain name.
  • Activities of specialists in adaptive design.
  • Coding (programming). Additional works.
  • Content entry in the body of the site.
  • Mass media and other online marketing and promotion activities, including social media.

All of these items must be well paid, and of course, they must be done by highly qualified professionals.

The price of creating an online store:

One of the components of the price for the site is the cost of the license for the CMS. The only exception is free platforms. Before you choose, please read the parameters such as:

  • The number and difference of templates.
  • Functional.
  • Price.
  • Interface languages (it is important that you understand the language, otherwise it will be difficult to work with this platform).

All customers are very different — some prefer to pay and get the maximum parameters and characteristics, others save and solve only narrow tasks, giving up additional functions.

This is where the experience of web studios will help you to choose the right characteristics that will benefit you and raise your sales and give up those that will only hinder and force the customer to spend.

For example, you can read some of the most famous CMS:

in our space

  • Cute.
  • Magento.
  • Imagecms shop
  • Bitrix
  • Woocommerce

This list is worth studying before making a decision, it will help you understand the topic.

The cost of hosting an online store

Monthly fee, which is about 150 — 1 000 $ (per 1-10Gb) and is the price of hosting for your online resource in the form of an online store. This hosting will be perfectly optimized for the site. For example, the characteristics may be as follows:

  • Intel Core i3-4170 3.70 GHz 3MB 8GB DDR3 SSD 120 GB.
  • Bandwidth to the exchange point UA-IX — 1 Gbit/s.
  • Automatic backup of databases and files (necessary function, which will save your information in case of force majeure situations).
  • Filtration of DDoS-attacks on the server  -such protection is necessary in the realities of modern life, as well as competitive wars.
  • Backup space — 100 Gb.

Slight differences in hosting settings are also not scary, you will be instructed on this in detail in the web studio.

Domain name price for online store

The cost of this parameter for sites, including online stores is very small and depends largely on the registrar. It starts from 150-200 $ for the year of the resource operation. It is best and most advantageous (for uninterrupted work including) to acquire a domain name under In this situation, you get an easy and simple promotion of the site on the Ukrainian segment of the Internet.

Price for online store design

In order to find out the cost of a good, high-quality design of an online sales resource, you need to first understand what you want from the site and what requirements it has. For example, options such as:

  • Updating the style and changing an existing site.
  • Beautiful, but banal design, made by ready-made templates.
  • Original, customized website developed "from concept to finish and start of sales".

Of course, the most expensive will be an exclusive site, made only for you. However, it will be the only one made with marketing and psychological trends in mind, and will leave competitors far behind.

Site is the face of your store, its facade, which should produce a good opinion on the buyer immediately.


All in all, the price will be made up of a huge number of components.

Web page layout

The cost of such works varies from $ 5 thousand

Adaptive online store design

Often it's a free pleasure, because you'll already have a layout. Some additional work should be paid for separately, after the launch of the online store.

The cost of programming the online store

Experienced programmer works for 500-600 $ per hour. Approximately similar cost (plus or minus 100 $) and for other works. Agency with a good reputation and good staff will help you to minimize the costs of proper work.

One word, for an adequate price you will get a quality product, and even in the shortest terms.

And the money saved is best invested in additional marketing, SMM, CEO and other sales promotion items.

Price for filling the online store content

The amount depends on the amount of work, the number of pages, and the complexity of filling. This includes working on banners and other graphic details.

Often it is necessary not only to put the texts on the service pages, but also to add interesting materials for clients, as well as to work out the product cards.

The work of the copywriter will cost you about 120 $ for 1000 characters, the editor — in 30 $, the selection of pictures and illustrations — 5-10 $.

Price for promotion and advertising online store

The cost of such services starts from 350-400 $. This includes a large number of parameters from auditing to page optimization. It is important to think about this issue before launching the site and make the necessary adjustments. Work on such subtleties is important for the stable attendance of the site. For owners of online stores is not recommended to save on marketing, as it is directly proportional to income.

We hope you find our article helpful in working on your own website and orientation in prices and work of specialized agencies and individual specialists.

Why do online stores work

Lately, doing business on the Internet has become not only a rule of good faith, but also a fairly profitable business.

Audience: the customer audience is expanding significantly (you have virtually no restrictions); you also do not have to pay expensive rent for retail space, pay for the services of sellers, managers and other staff. Today you can get rid of all these worries by creating an online store.

You can sell anything from magnets on your fridge to expensive jewelry online. At the same time, commercial activity becomes more structured and successful.

Based on developing an online store you can reach a new level of activity, leaving your short-sighted competitors far behind.

If you want to make more profit, if you want your product to be more recognizable and popular, you should create an online store.

Where do I start planning an online store?

So you decided to order a professional online store creation on a turnkey basis. Congratulations, you have made a balanced and strategically correct decision that will help your business.

You need to clearly understand that this process of developing an online store requires some technical training, time and labor investments.

If you want to make a site that will be beautifully decorated, thought out by structure and will work well, we recommend you to contact our company.

Company "Space-Site" professionally engaged in the creation of sites for about 5 years. Having addressed to our services, you automatically get rid of routine work and from the decision of accompanying problems. These tasks will be worked on by experienced specialists, who have dozens of successfully completed projects.

Store price

We offer several tariffs for you. Therefore, you can order from us online shop of the best format for you at the most appropriate price. Each of these options for creating a website with an online store includes the development of an individual project, its coordination and professional technical implementation.

Different cost of developing the site implies different number of advantages and individual bonuses, which will help you to attract more customers in the future.

You can order the creation of an online store with a classic design (adapted to your brand and activities), or you can order the production of a resource with individual design, technical support and functionality.

No one of your clients will be neglected. Our specialists will help you to optimize the behavioral model of embedded systems and make the ordering algorithm as convenient as possible for your client.

When developing an online store on a turnkey basis, not only experienced designers, marketers, programmers and specialists in other industries work on your project, but also use a unique software to create online stores. All this makes it possible to provide a quality product in the shortest possible time.

I already have an online store. What can you offer

If you already have your own online store, you can order its audit, professional review and optimization of structure, functionality or just update the design.

In this case, our experts will conduct a deep and comprehensive analysis of your portal, analyze the competitors and offer a number of useful tips to optimize your online store. We are also ready to offer transfer of data about goods, categories and regular customers from one store to another.


Space-Site" company will help you to master online trading and bring it to a new level of quality!

Plain online store from Space-site

In the age of information technology, every private entrepreneur at least once thought about creating their own Internet resource. There are a lot of reasons for this, because today a huge percentage of purchases are made on the World Wide Web.

This is because a generation of people from social networks are not used to wasting precious time in queues and long shopping trips.

The simple online store is the best way to present your brand on the Internet. Your potential customer will be able to evaluate the products at any time, make a quick decision and place an order.

Company "Space-Site" will help to create a simple online store, clear and user-friendly, and most importantly — profitable for its owner!

Benefits for a potential buyer

  1. Gives the customer the opportunity to receive relevant information about the company, such as methods of communication, location of offices and much more.
  2. Ability to post promotions, discounts and other important events.
  3. Products can be viewed from any angle, compared to their analogues, choosing the best option.

Who are we?

The "Space-Site" team is designed to help you bring your online business to a new stage of development! Our specialists have been developing, designing and optimizing web resources for more than 5 years.

We have prepared a lot of interesting projects for this period, which in a short period of time have brought fruit to their owners.

Creating an online store at a reasonable price implies a ready-made functionality with a design already made — you do not need to look for content managers, designers or optimizers. The experts of our company will help you to create an online store.

Working with us, you get

  1. Selecting over 1000 ready-made designs;
  2. Express training after site installation;
  3. The possibility of further development of the store and its advertising;
  4. Rework according to your wish according to the budget.

Enternet store development is inexpensive from "Space-Site" will give you the opportunity to expand your capabilities, as well as to enter a new market with your product and win your target audience on the Internet.

If you decide to order an online store, you will get a convenient, functional product that will be attractive to a potential buyer.

We develop Internet resources with the prospect of further optimization and promotion, so from the first stages we carefully build the structure so that the site could become a leader in its niche in the network.