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Website NameStartStandardOwnUnique
Site cost$ 992$ 1620$ 1892$ 3922
Payment to get started 50%
Development period in days from 10 from 30 from 20 from 40
CMS system Tilda WP/Joomla/Modx
Unique website design
Filling content*
Willingness to advertise**
1 year domain
1 year hosting
Adaptation for mobile
Quick Application Forms
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Online chat
Express logo
Module our customers
Module our employees
Module our achievements
Social buttons networks
Creating Service Pages
Multilingual ability
Full site setup
Answer-Question Module
Google map
Slider module
Module our work
Feedback module
Site Management Instructions
Connect CRM and 1c calculated individually
Website advertising (optional) Discount when ordering a site 15%
SEO optimization*** $ 590
Google Ads*** $ 390
Advertising in social media*** $ 390
SEO promotion from $ 390 in 1 month
Site support free first month after creation

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Since 2013, we have been helping our clients to develop their business on the Internet.

Creation of a website for a printing house

Modern printing houses produce a lot of products — these are colorful booklets, leaflets, brochures, business cards, calendars. With the use of modern technology, it is easy to translate into reality any projects.

It's important to have an online presence and if your printer doesn't have one yet, it's time to create a website for your printer. This is actually an indispensable tool in the business. Its importance is huge, because the presence in the information field of potential customers is extremely desirable to create an image, attract new customers, simplify the implementation of business processes.

Besides, our own resource nowadays is a testament to the solidity, openness of the company, readiness for cooperation. Personal site of the printing house is a positive impression about the company, which thus stimulates potential customers to make such an order.

Properties of modern printers

Modern printing house can work in different directions:

  • Books and magazines.
  • Production of labels, packages.
  • Creation of advertising materials.
  • Production of newspapers.

Large printers connect several or even all of these directions.

As a matter of fact, depending on the specifics of the work, the services that are offered to customers may differ. Creating your own website is an opportunity to provide a potential target audience, maximum information about the company's services. Many sites offer the possibility of remote cooperation, order processing.

In today's world, it's hard to find someone who doesn't search the Internet for anything. And this means that if the printing house does not have a site, it loses a multimillion army of Internet users. That is, a website for a print shop of any shape and size is a great tool to attract new customers.

Search queries for the Polygraphy site

Users are looking for printing services on the Internet. The demand for the printing house's site is huge and the flow of customers who want and will order themed services can be redirected to your site.

A few other reasons for

The site is inexpensive and highly efficient. Also very important is the direction of Internet advertising. All these are the advantages of promotion with the help of the site for the printing house. Today, all this is used by many resources, so do not give up such a profitable and convenient advertising platform.

One of the convenient functional features of the website of the printing house — the ability to accept orders online. The visitor will only need to fill in the order form and attach the layout file to it. Managers of the company, it will be easy enough to process such an application and take the order to work. In this case, the client does not even have to go anywhere, the ready project can be delivered home.

Another point that deserves more attention is the precise targeting of the target audience. Colorful billboards are less likely to attract the attention of hundreds of people who pass by every day. It's a different matter for visitors who know exactly what they need printing services. He deliberately typing one or another thematic request, which and go to your site.

We offer the creation of a quality online resource for the printing industry, which will meet all the requirements of modern business in the field of printing. We will create a unique design, exclusive content, every visitor will appreciate its convenience.

Order a website for a printing house in Ukraine right now. Find out what the price for creating a website is by filling in the form.

Printing house website costs — Price 2022

Printing site price Price, $ Dates of development
Template design from 14999 $ 10-15 days
Unique design from 24999 $ 15-20 days
Unique design from 34999 $ from 20 days