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Since 2013, we have been helping our clients to develop their business on the Internet.

Site redesign — order a redesign of the old site

Everything in this world is fickle. Changes affect all aspects of modern life, they are mandatory and always important. In terms of web resources, this is relevant and should be taken into account by the owners of the site.

Any site, regardless of its quality, needs periodic updates, or redesign, as it is commonly said now.

Depending on the purpose, it may be:

  • Surface changes, so-called "cosmetic repairs".
  • Deep changes, change of usability, adding new functions and site pages.

This is recommended on average every couple of years of work.

However, there may be situations when it is objectively useful to carry out a redesign in 4-5 years. Everything depends on the goals of the site and other factors, we will talk about them later, but for now, let's clearly define the concept of "redesign" that is associated with it, why it is needed, and so on.

What's a redesign and why does the site need it?

Redesign is the modernization of a resource, within which the content, functional features of the site and its exterior design are changed.

What does redesign contain?

This planned or unplanned upgrade usually includes:

  1. Modification, improvement of logos — it is necessary in case it is outdated, inconvenient, overlapping with competitors or not modern. They also change in case of a change in the company's policy.

The cost varies greatly and depends on what tasks need to be completed, as well as the accuracy and clarity of the goals set.

  1. Change in colors, style, fonts — here is the actual application of new trends and fashion trends in design. It is important to preserve or, conversely, add personality and make it memorable.
  2. Content change or addition — you can remove or add new headings, texts, replace photos and pictures with newer ones, enter chats and forums. This redesign enhances the quality of the content.

This gives the opportunity to increase the speed of loading pages of the site, which favorably affects the work of search pages.

  1. Animation and video application — if you haven't used it before, we advise you to enter it, and if your animations are outdated — it's better to replace them with more actual ones.
  2. Rewriting and thoroughly working on HTML code is necessary for efficient work of search engines.
  3. Optimization of settings and usability — this includes the introduction of a comfortable menu, navigation, search filters. It is important that the site can be navigated intuitively and it was simple.

Let's give a small example. For example, we have a company "X" on the site which was carried out a deep redesign.

Behave been done: reorientation of electronic resource from simple informative to qualitatively selling.

For this purpose, feedback forms, call for action buttons, and simple shopping solutions have been implemented on the pages.

Text content has also been replaced, making it easier to read and understand. The icons have also been changed to make it easier to understand the list of benefits and uses of the products.

Navigation was changed to a more thought-out and comfortable one, the list of services and goods was conveniently distributed and structured.

The cost of services and goods has been introduced on the site, and animation has been added to revitalize the resource.

All the changes have made the site look much more modern and stylish. This has significantly affected the number of orders.

The main reasons for ordering the redesign of your website

There are several main reasons why updates are required, including:

  1. Moving an electronic resource to a new platform.
  2. Search engine optimization is necessary for search engines to find a site easily, it requires clean code and fast loading of the resource.
  3. Change of site analytics. If you have noticed that visits have become less, the resource has ceased to be interesting to users, conversion has fallen, visitors come to the site for a small amount of time, it is necessary to redesign.
  4. Resource is very outdated and it's obvious. Besides, it loses in front of competitive sites.
  5. Company policy change, intensive development and introduction of new technologies, goods, services, marketing modernization and so on.
  6. Coverage of a new target audience, entering new sales markets.
  7. Improving the range of goods or services requires a mandatory presentation on the website.

The reasons for modernizing the style and design of the site of many companies is the old design. With the growth of the company, the change of its directions, products and audience is mandatory, so the site must be changed.

Usually there comes a time when all companies are faced with the fact that their current logo and slogans no longer contain all the information for users, and to solve this problem — requires redesign.

The need to rebrand the site is to: change the logo, names, names and so on.

This change usually affects all pages, from the main page to the contacts.

After such work is done, the site should become more attractive to the audience, and its visit should increase, which should have a positive impact on the conversion.

What types of redesign can be distinguished?

Of course, the modernization of the design can be very different. As a result, the redesign can be divided into:

  • Visual, or external — this includes changes in general style, colors, pictures, drawings. As a rule the basic direction of design does not change, elements are simply added or additional colours and shades are brought.

This redesign makes the site more fresh and enjoyable External, visual changes can lead to increased conversion, but there may also be a situation where no changes will occur, and the past version will be more appealing to users.

Think carefully about the situation before such an upgrade, weigh the pros and cons, and only then order a redesign.

  •  Functional — This includes a much more serious and profound modernization. It touches on many sections, navigation, filters, menus and buttons. The need for work in this direction on the site arises if the site is inconvenient to the user.

This kind of redesign will need to be done in the case when as a result of the accumulated new information on the site, with unchanged usability, it became uncomfortable to use it.

  • Technical redesign is perhaps the most complicated of all and requires the most serious attitude. In this case, the program code will be changed, the page loading speed will be changed, many errors and buggy.
  • will be removed

In this case, the performer is optimizing the code. Such operations will have a significant impact on the position of the site in search results, optimizing the CEO.

  • Deep redesign — this type of upgrade leads to changes in visual content, code and functionality. That is — changes will be made throughout the site.

If we're talking about our example, let's assume that the company's website is outdated and it was decided to introduce several types of changes. In general, the modernization is global and very large.

While redesigning, we changed the logo, picked up the colors in the new gamut and with the new transition elements, changed the textures. The structure of the site has undergone huge changes.

This is what you might call a multi-lending. There has also been extensive work in all the pages, four (or more) languages have been added and each version is oriented to different countries.

Electronic resource became a seller, triggers were used with the help of beautifully placed text with icons and pictures. We introduced forms for communication between the client and the company's managers, added questionnaires and feedback.

This can be done on any page and done with any website. Often this is how it happens that you need to change the structure, design, add a huge number of new products, without which the site will lose half of its attractiveness.

Task of a good specialist to do it competently and on time. Such work is necessarily carried out in close cooperation between the contractor and the customer, and it is best if your project will be worked on by an entire team.

We can help you to redesign your website. Thanks to the fact that we have a staff of experienced professionals in various areas of design, it is possible to productive teamwork.

We are able to make your site upgrade so that it becomes even more popular.

How's the redesign going?

In order for the modernization of an electronic resource to be successful and efficient, the work on its implementation is divided into several parts. Let's look at the main stages of such activities, which will be discussed below.

Serious modernization of the site will benefit you only if you clearly understand why such work is being done and know what you want to achieve change.

Before you start working with specialists, think carefully about the goals, tasks, and final result of the redesign. Will it solve all your problems with the site.

Users often get used to the old design, it's understandable to them and they know exactly how to use it, where and what to look for, what color to use, and what color to highlight. But on the other hand, they may lack new functionality. We have already discussed the question of why redesign is needed, and now let's talk about the stages of work on it.

  1. Conception. The development of the idea itself is important and should be carried out in as much detail as possible. Ask yourself the questions — where to start, and feel free to start.

In this period of time, competitive electronic resources and errors are analyzed and positioning is considered. Analyze your site and find out what to keep and what to remove, how to diversify the functionality, what to do for the comfort of users.

  1. Text development. This content should be company-centric, taking into account all innovations and innovations.
  2. Presentation of the site layout. This work is carried out after agreeing on a common concept.
  3. Li>Like layout — in fact, this is the embodiment of the layout in life, at this stage, a full-fledged site is created. It will be aimed at users and customers. It takes into account the breadth of the audience, laying down various subtleties.
  4. Writing a program code. At the stage of programming, the modernization covers the program code — changes are made, actions are taken to speed up the download, errors are removed.
  5. Functionality check stage is testing. To make the site work perfectly, both professionals and ordinary users check it. Usually, it reveals defects and errors here.

Today in the majority of companies engaged in design and redesign of electronic resources in Ukraine, in particular, in Kiev, the cost includes all the above stages.

It follows that the electronic resource should be convenient and comfortable. All its pages and positions must be arranged in such a way as to be understandable to customers and buyers.

Design usually starts with the design, colour and texture changes. Then structure the content, add new features and options.

All changes are often written at the program code level.

Memorize that the better you redesign your site, the better it will be perceived by users.

As another option, when the external site is almost unchanged (it may be related to company policy, for example), and its software code is almost completely rewritten.

This gives a wide range of SEO capabilities and removes a lot of bugs from the site.

The most frequent mistakes in the modernization of the site, which are allowed

We talked about the reasons and stages of redesign, it's time to describe the main mistakes that both customers and executors make when working on changes to the site.

The main ones are the following:

  • Badly set goal. If you do not see the final result, the work on the site will be from the series "go there do not know where. Starting modernization, from the very first stages, you need to clearly understand what you want.

Every end goal will give you the opportunity to provide the performer with a well-designed specification. And the result directly depends on it.

    <Don't be stingy and don't save money. Of course, saving the company's finances is commendable, but if you cut through the list of necessary works as much as possible, be prepared for the fact that the site will turn out to be "not very".

Investments in good work always pay off. They guarantee you profit in the future, increase sales, attract new audiences and so on.

  • Unrepressible fantasy, especially without understanding the complexities of implementation. This is a frequent "evil" that is not easy to fight. Many customers, in their effort to bring everyone to the site, forget about their users.

In the end, you get a site overloaded with innovation and functionality that is impossible to understand, it scares away users and leads to losses.   

  • Lack of understanding of the specifics of redesign work. You should understand that for such work, many specialists are involved, one and the same person, even having many talents, will not be able to upgrade the site.
  • Thermal work is a question of the time that will be spent on modernization, always a sensitive topic. It so happens that customers usually need the site to be ready immediately, or "yesterday".

This is a misguided move that leads nowhere. Try to estimate the time of execution soberly, trust professionals, and understand — you can't do a quality job quickly.

So be patient if you want to make a difference in the quality and effectiveness of the site.

We have listed the most common mistakes made by customers who want to get a good site based on their old one. Be careful, come to us with an order already knowing about these points, and we will help you.

Few words about search results as it is affected by redesign

In today's reality, especially when it comes to selling resources, we must not forget seo website promotion. In order for a modernized site to be successfully defined by search engines as popular and important, it is necessary to take seriously such requirements as:

  1. Think and take steps to effectively redirect, especially if you have added pages or the link itself has been changed.
  2. Make searching simple, improve navigation, and structure products or services.
  3. Don't forget to update the content. Usually, there are huge changes in the company between redesigns, they should be reflected on the site. Adding a new test and new images is useful and leads not only to the interest of the audience, but also to the popularity of search engines.
  4. Enhance page loading speed.
  5. Check out the program code — optimize it, remove the errors.
  6. Make the design adaptive. It will increase your audience and also be better understood by search engines.

This is not a complex measure and can be implemented immediately with redesign. However, they're a great way to help you promote the site.


<That's it. The main thing about redesign, we told you. In fact, we have listed the most important thing, what we cannot do without and what we must think about.

Our note concerns, first of all, customers and we hope, it will help you to think over the technical project and as a result to get quickly updated your site.

Don't forget that the main periodicity of the redesign is the same, try to update the site every year — five years, depending on the work of the company.

According to the specifics of your business, as well as the world's innovation in website development, determine for yourself what kind of resource upgrade you need. Often, only a fraction of the work is needed.

In any case, we will be glad to help you and carry out the redesign of your site. We are waiting for you! Our coordinates you will find on the site — call, write, will be glad to change your site in the best way.

Site redesign cost — Price 2022

Site redesign pricePrice, $Time of development
Computer design site version from 8999 $ 9-13 days
Computer design + mobile from 20999 $ 13-21 days
According to your task from 8999 $ from 3 days

Algorithm of work is as follows:

  1. Our manager will work with you to develop the terms of reference for designers and other specialists. In this way, you will form a unified impression of the future design concept of your resource.

  2. Our employees will create a website design.

  3. After it is agreed, programmers will start the direct redesign of your resource.

We strictly follow all previously agreed deadlines. We also provide you with a personal project manager, who will keep you informed about the progress of each step.

Do not lag behind in the Internet, order a redesign of the site! Competitors do not sleep.