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FROM $990
 Adaptation to mobile phones as a gift!

Site typeFinished designUnique
Site cost from $ 990 from $ 2990
Success Guarantee*
Website advertising (optional) Discount when ordering a site 15%
Payment to get started 50%
SEO optimization** $ 590
Google Ads** $ 390
Advertising in social services media** $ 390
Adaptation for mobile
Learning to use the site
Open source site engine
Clear admin site panel
Connectivity CRM
SEO promotion from $ 399 per 1 month — from 6 months
Site support free first month after creation

*Guarantee of success means a guarantee under a contract for calls and applications from the site, if our group of companies is engaged in further advertising.

**One-time payment. The budget for ad impressions on Google or on social networks is paid separately. The budget for SEO website promotion per month from $ 399. The minimum budget for impressions on Facebook and Instagram is $ 5 per day. The minimum budget for Google clicks per day is $ 20.

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Since 2013, we have been helping our clients to develop their business on the Internet.

If the list of services and goods that your company provides is a few tens or hundreds of pages, do without the site directory in modern business simply can not do.

To effectively present your brand on the Internet you need to order a website directory. The main task of such a resource is to easily view the list of products and information about each of them.

Catalogue site value — Price 2022

Catalogue site price Price, $ Dates of development
Template design from 9999 $ 7-10 days
Unique design from 18999 $ 10-14 days
Unique design from 2999999 $ from 14 days

 Difference from online store

Creating a catalog site in the Space-Site studio implies developing a system that will contain information about each product of the manufacturer, but will not be able to buy it through the basket of the site.

As in the case of the online store, the list can be extended indefinitely, the data are available for editing, and an image can be added to each service or product.

The only difference is the way to buy. The user can't buy the product he is interested in online mode, as there are no payment modules and a basket on the site-catalogue.

With the buyer in this case work through the feedback form. After the user has chosen the product of interest to him, he should fill in a few fields and send the form to the owner of the site. Administrator, who is engaged in the service of the resource, contacts the client, discusses additional details and draws up the deal.

 Benefits of use

Companies that do not have time to get their own directory site, should look for potential customers themselves.

This will be the responsibility of managers, and the success of the case depends on a happy accident and how effectively the list of phones is selected. Even if employees find someone interested in your product, they need to explain what it looks like and what characteristics it has.

If you create a directory site, the situation will change fundamentally:

  • customers will find you themselves;

  • Paper catalogue printing costs will be significantly reduced;

  • the manager will be able to free up time for more important tasks for the company;

  • p>potential customer will be able to explore the advantages of a particular product on the site.

Why do they choose us?

Space-Site Studio will help you win new success in the market! We have extensive experience in developing projects with further advertising on the Internet.

Designing the catalogue website by us means:

  • compliance with deadlines. We understand how time is valued in today's world, so we set a real deadline and provide the finished product on time;

  • efficiency. The catalogue, developed by our specialists, will bring real benefit to its owner;

  • convenient interface. Users will be comfortable on your site, because we will do everything to simplify navigation on the resource, to make an effective search, to ensure the scalability of photos of goods and text

  • Learning in administration. We will show you how to add or edit services and products on the site, thanks to the convenient management system, even a child can do it!

Order a catalog site from Space-Site and you will be able to take your business to a new level.