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  • Site on optimal CMS system
  • Available and understandable admin site
  • Optimize taxi service functionality
  • Unique eye-catching design
  • Provide website placement for 1 year
  • Full support for the site in the future
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Website NameStartStandardOwnUnique
Site cost$ 992$ 1620$ 1892$ 3922
Payment to get started 50%
Development period in days from 10 from 30 from 20 from 40
CMS system Tilda WP/Joomla/Modx
Unique website design
Filling content*
Willingness to advertise**
1 year domain
1 year hosting
Adaptation for mobile
Quick Application Forms
Back call
Online chat
Express logo
Module our customers
Module our employees
Module our achievements
Social buttons networks
Creating Service Pages
Multilingual ability
Full site setup
Answer-Question Module
Google map
Slider module
Module our work
Feedback module
Site Management Instructions
Connect CRM and 1c calculated individually
Website advertising (optional) Discount when ordering a site 15%
SEO optimization*** $ 590
Google Ads*** $ 390
Advertising in social media*** $ 390
SEO promotion from $ 390 in 1 month
Site support free first month after creation

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Since 2013, we have been helping our clients to develop their business on the Internet.

Taxi service site

Creating a taxi service website is an opportunity to get more customers. We offer the development of an attractive design, thoughtful navigation. We have been working with such resources for many years, so we know exactly how to create a selling website, which will only increase the number of regular customers of your taxi service.

Taxi service site features

Thought carefully through the creation of each site — this is the main feature. Our specialists study resources-leaders of this sphere, programmers introduce new technologies. Seo-specialists are responsible for creating content that will be interesting to search engines. In addition to this attractive design, user-friendly structure, interactive services — all this can be distinguished from the mass of taxi services, which also go on the Internet.

Please pay attention! We do not overburden the site with information, it works on a well thought-out structure of sections. We try to attract attention to the fastest taxi ordering on the site.

Additional sections that can be implemented:

  • Our car. Here you should offer a description of the fleet. Perhaps there are cars with a larger trunk capacity, premium class or with a child car seat.
  • Service directory. In this section it is necessary to mention the whole range of taxi services. This can be a wedding car, a sober taxi service or a corporate travel car. There may be premium transport — all the details need to be explained in detail.
  • How to order. Step-by-step description of ordering a machine through the site. If there are several ways to order a machine, then all of them should be provided.
  • Company information. It is worth telling the visitor about the company, history and mission in a very concise way. It is necessary to offer to get acquainted with permit documents, including licenses. You can provide a list of clients, partners.
  • News. It is useful to fill this section not only with company news, but also with industry or public information. Of course, it should be thematic.
  • Actions and special offers. Competent development of this section will provide additional attention of clients.
  • References and recommendations. Don't be modest, it's important to present yourself in a better light, and if clients and partners give recommendations, it will only play into the hands of the client.
  • Answer the question. Useful and informative section for visitors. To fill it, you should analyze the most common questions of clients and give answers to them. This will make it easier for them to order a machine.
  • Articles, documentation, other information. Place useful information, feature articles, tips for customers in the section.
  • Photogallery. The album is very useful. Offer not only photos of cars, but also drivers, office, show the company's events.
  • Contact. In addition to the information about the dispatcher's phone numbers necessary for ordering, you can specify the address of the office, branches, and other contacts.

On your site there may be all of these sections as well as some of them. In any case, we will develop a page that is right for your purposes and budget.

Interesting additional sections that we are ready to develop for you — a taxi company or a price calculator, or you may like the section "best driver".

Higher conversion

In the development stage, the site is being developed to create a commitment to the site. The goal is to increase the number of loyal customers and attract their attention. For this purpose, it is worth developing a number of special offers. This will help you decide in favour of your taxi service. Options, increasing conversion:

  • Integration on the sms-informing site.
  • Design of the calculator for calculating the cost of travel.
  • Integration of Yandex.Map functionality with the possibility of routing.


We know how to highlight the benefits and advantages of your taxi service. This way you can focus on your strengths, such as:

  • Professionalism.
  • A regular vehicle inspection.
  • Rapid auto.
  • Receive information about the cost of travel immediately when ordering.
  • Professional Drivers' Station.
  • Other benefits.

We know how to convince your professionalism of every client who visits the site.

Site management system

Development of the resource is not all, because you need to maintain its functionality, regularly fill it with new content and track orders online. All this is the responsibility of the management system — CMS. With the help of one of the selected systems you will be able to comfortably manage the resource, edit materials, add new ones, delete irrelevant ones.

Variants of management systems a lot, we will choose the optimal one for your site and budget. Everything depends on the tasks and required functionality of the resource. Determine the option that will best meet your requirements.


Design also matters, because the first thing that the visitor will see is the appearance. Already based on this, in the first seconds will decide to stay on the resource or move on. We offer several design options based on scope and price. More specifically:

  • Economic variant. In this case, one of the ready-made designs is used. Due to this, the site can be launched quickly and inexpensively. You can choose a template, but colorful design, which is created by designers.
  • Design of individual design. The result is an absolutely unique resource that is designed to meet your needs. It takes into account all the nuances and features of your portal.

It is the design that makes it possible to get the right emotional response from visitors. It is able to emphasize solidity, success and reliability.

We can also order the development of icons for the site, banners, logo, flash screensavers.

What to choose: ready-made site or custom development

We are ready to develop a turnkey taxi service site, and there are many development options in our arsenal. If you need an economical solution, you should pay attention to the ready-made designs. The second option allows you to launch the project quickly and without spending a huge budget. If you choose a ready-made layout, then from the moment of receiving the task to the launch of the resource will take 5-10 days.

How exactly to present your customers the site, you decide for yourself. Whether it is a business card or a full-featured resource with a catalog of machines you choose. We are ready to work with flexible, scalable solutions. You, on your part, can develop the site, introduce new sections, expand functionality.

Engineering +

The development of such a thematic site may include:

  • Development of the resource structure, its further promotion is taken into account.
  • Domain registration.
  • Development of personal site design.
  • Site layout.
  • Management system integration.
  • Integrating additional modules and services that can extend the resource's functionality.
  • Content writing, seo-optimization.
  • Filling the site with content.

The range of our services includes not only the creation, but also the professional promotion of your site taxi service. After its launch, we are ready to promote and maintain the desired performance. For such services we offer a discount.

With regard to content, particularly those that sell text, we are also ready to help with its creation. Have them written by our authors. In addition to the selling texts, which will attract visitors, they are ready to write materials for the blog, create news and any other necessary content for the resource.

Development cost

The price we offer you is the cost of each individual action according to our price list. That is, the budget is not from the ceiling, and this is a concrete action on our part. To calculate the approximate cost you can have a list of requirements and wishes for the future resource.

The price depends on the depth of the site, which is required of us. You can be sure that our specialists will choose for you the best price solution based on your wishes and budget.

When ordering the development of the site, you can get the following services free of charge:

  • Domain name registrations in the selected zone for 1 year. Our specialists will check whether the domain names are free and choose the best option for you.
  • Registration of the created site in large search engines — Google, Yandex. These actions are carried out manually, so it is guaranteed the correctness and timeliness of the demonstration of the site in search engines.
  • Setting the attendance counter.
  • Placement, configuration on hosting. The selection of hosting, which meets the technical requirements. That is, is able to provide normal functioning of the site. This means that with the development you get an absolutely working resource, ready to earn now.
  • Provide instructions on all peculiarities of working with the control system.
  • Technical support for 6 months. At the same time, the system update is installed, errors are fixed.
  • Online or telephone consultation.

Cause to contact us

For the beginning we are professionals with great experience, besides we offer:

  • The whole process of working on the site is transparent. That is, the client can request any reporting and receives up-to-date information about the process.
  • Each customer gets an individual approach. The specifics of the business, features of the future resource are studied. As a result, you can get the maximum efficiency of work.
  • All communication can be done through modern means of communication, including messengers. As a result, we can be contacted by residents of any region of the country.
  • We select the optimal content management system. And only license modules are used.
  • Define and develop the right design.
  • When developing a taxi service site we use not only the usual methods, but also the latest innovations in the field of site building. This allows us to achieve a wow effect on the part of visitors.

Where do I start?

If you already know what your taxi service site should be, send us the terms of reference for development. We'll be happy to make this a reality. If there is no terms of reference yet, you will be asked to fill in a brief, or in other words a questionnaire, and we will continue to work on it.

If there are absolutely no plans for the future resource, please contact us, we are ready to provide comprehensive advice.

Only one call separates you from the taxi service site. We are ready for any custom solutions and know how to implement them.

Taxi site cost — Price 2021

Taxi Site Price Price, $ Dates of development
Template design from 1200 $ 10-15 days
Unique design from 3300 $ 15-20 days
Unique design from 5000 $ from 20 days