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Since 2013, we have been helping our clients to develop their business on the Internet.


Web site design — order web design development

If you want to make a website, you will need a well-designed web design. Before making an order, it is not superfluous to get acquainted with the main trends in this area.

In this article we offer you advice on how to make your website successful and appealing to customers through design. In addition, we will try to be brief and in essence, using examples of the most important things in web design.

Memorize that the site should not only attract and retain potential customers with its content, but also its appearance. That's what we'll talk about.

How to ensure the success of a web resource with design?

We are all internet users, and we have our own preferences among the sites, as well as those that we openly dislike. How can we make sure that 90% of all people visiting the site not only didn't leave without an order, but also came back again?

  1. Electronic resource must have a strategy. The design should be designed so that the user immediately understands what the site is about, what can be bought, ordered, done, and what it threatens.

Let's give a simple example: suppose we have a company selling spices. The company's website will not only contain a lot of photos of various dishes, herbs, beautifully served tables, but also bright colors will be used to create a clear associative series of food spices. Here a person will immediately understand what is offered to him.

Second example: a construction company in its design of the site will use photos of houses and buildings, clear lines and images of cozy premises. This will create a feeling of comfort and the client will want to become the owner of such a cozy home.

  1. The electronic resource must be convenient. There are many factors that ensure the comfort of the site. Let's consider them as concisely as possible and structured:
  • Try to be guided by the desires and needs of the user — a good knowledge of the audience will help in sales and provide frequent visits to the site. For example, the design of a theoretical physics resource will be different from the design of a cosmetics resource. As well as the level of people visiting the site.
  • Don't think about the interface — the simpler, clearer and more familiar the user menu, the more popular it will be. If it is difficult to use the site, the client may refuse to visit it at all, let alone order it.
  • Pay attention to the design of the text and visualization — separate the colors and design of the category of the site, it will be as easy as possible to perceive.
  • Get away from the difficulties — remember "everything genius is simple" (c). In web design, this quote is as relevant as anywhere else.

Present examples: Many progressive companies actively use symbols, principles, and icons that are well known to all users of the network on their sites. This provides ease of use for the customer and increases the popularity of the site.

  1. Your website should have a corporate identity. Remember that the electronic resource should reflect as much as possible the symbolism and style adopted in your company. Usually quality sites correspond to the marketing policy and direction of the company.

Use the corresponding details — colors, lines, drawings, logos, values. It is also important to use the free space of the resource and make competent compositions.

If you can combine all these postulates into one site, you will be sure to succeed and attract visitors.

The site should awaken feelings of reliability, stability, quality and trust. And these tasks are basic for web designers when developing a resource.

A example of such work, the Starbucks website — they use their branded colors, recognizable worldwide and their logos. Such a technique inspires trust and creates additional advertising for the company.

  1. Don't forget about the content — a beautiful design is good, but the content of the site should not be left out. The quality of content consists of: usefulness, readability, which are incredibly closely related.

User will not understand and appreciate useful, but not readable content, and vice versa — will be read in beautiful phrases, but will not appreciate what information can be useful to him.

And both lead to failure.

  1. Confidence in an electronic resource. Provide your site with maximum user confidence by filling it with information about the company. For example, as statistics show, people do not trust sites where only e-mail is specified in the contacts. E-resources that do not have information about hosts, authors will always seem unreliable and not trustworthy.

Take sure your website has the answers to these questions:

  • As there any information about the owner, the company?
  • Can you see the logo well?
  • The contacts contain: phone number, contacts, addresses, entrance card, etc.
  • Maybe it is possible to get information about employees, executors, employees from the site — this information causes a state of full acquaintance with users.
  • How is the history of the company sanctified? What do you know? What's interesting? How many years in the market? Who founded it? Which investors and clients?
  • Is there a portfolio?
  • And what do users write in reviews and is there a corresponding section?
  • Guarantees — after-sales service, return conditions, etc.
  • What is the privacy policy?

Please note that the websites of all known and serious companies will necessarily contain information about their reliability and stability.

The well-known company Hewlett-Packard, on its website uses a lot of links that can be useful for customers, providing communication with the company and talking about its reliability. They also provide warranty information, feedback and comments.

In addition, the company writes about environmental protection (information about the reuse of materials) and immediately gives information about the price of products.

Directions and trend of electronic resources design

All the requirements we've written about must be applied, but for a really good site you'll need to use both the most current and trendy information. It is also worth taking into account new trends in design, among which:

  • Adaptive features — considering the new technologies, the site should also be well viewed on smartphones and tablets. Take into account and use adaptive layout when designing.
  • Video and animation — these techniques will make the site not only more informative, but also much more aesthetically pleasing. This will add interactivity and vivacity to the site.
  • Flat design — the site should be simple and easy to understand.
  • Use and spread of UI-patters.

In order to determine whether you need to follow all of these trends, or whether it is worth applying them selectively, ask yourself a number of simple questions.

  1. Will this bring new challenges to users?
  2. Does it give an additional understanding of the goals and objectives of the site?
  3. Will users find it harder to use the site?
  4. Will it add to the popularity, will it be more interesting?
  5. Will the corporate identity not distort?

This simple and clear action will help you develop or order a truly convenient, beautiful and popular website.

Do not ignore this important part of marketing, even if your company is focused on direct sales and services, a web resource is still needed.

We hope our article will help you navigate through the design issues. We will also be happy to take your order and create a service for you that will not be equal to it.

Cost of web site design — Price 2022

Price web site designPrice, $Timeframe for development
Internet shop from 2999999 $ 10-15 days
Business card website from 19999 $ 5-8 days
Landing Page from 9999 $ from 5 days

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Space-Site Studio has a wealth of experience in developing web design for portals of different complexity and scale. We know how to effectively present your brand on the Internet! Advantages of working with us:

  • high download speed. Regardless of the number of graphic elements on the site, it will be loaded as quickly as possible, not allowing the user to think about moving to another resource;

  • reliability. At every stage of development, we test the product to ensure that it gets into the network holistically and without critical vulnerabilities. On a tablet, computer or mobile phone, your web project will look equally beautiful;

  • compliance with deadlines. At the stage of drafting the terms of reference, we specify the terms of reference and strictly adhere to them in the process of creating the design. You will receive your website exactly at the agreed time, without unpleasant surprises from the developers;

  • a reasonable price. Web design  in Kiev from the studio "Space-Site" is an excellent quality product at a bargain price.

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