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Author: Анатолий Ситников

Space Site — Website Development

We develop sites to order since 2013

Official Google Partners — TOP studio in Ukraine



The best developers in Ukraine

Competitive cost for 1 hour of work

More than 30 qualified experts

11 years of experience

More than 500 projects

Increase in sales up to 600%

Payback period of the website from 1 month

Our clients recommend us to their friends:)

We are Google partners

We are in TOP 3 SEO studios

We work with clients from all over the world

The strong outcome is guaranteed

We can solve all your problems no matter how complex they are

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Business card website — pricing

The price starts from $1090

Get everything you need:

  • Business card website with a unique design;
  • Your own operating system;
  • A right structure and usability;
  • Mobile-friendly version of your website;
  • Easy to grasp admin panel;
  • Prototyping of a wireframe of a website;
  • Selling design, headline, etc;
  • Hosting and domain name for 1 year.

And a little bit more:

  • Unique selling texts;
  • Maintenance of a website;
  • CRM and Analytics introduction;
  • Promotion of a website on Google;
  • SEO optimization of a website;
  • SMM;
  • And everything you can think of:)
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Online store — the price of creation

The price for an online shop creation starts from $1049

Get everything you need:

  • The functionality of a website on a level with Rozetka;
  • Integration with 1C, CRM, banks, etc.;
  • Fast uploading of goods to your store;
  • High page loading rates;
  • Right SEO structure of a website;
  • Mailout and SMS integration;
  • Advertisements by Google partners;
  • A modern and selling design.

And a little bit more:

  • SEO by TOP SEO studio of Ukraine;
  • Setting up of Google Analytics;
  • Integration with Market Place;
  • Promotion of your brand social networks;
  • Video reviews of articles of a store;
  • Promotion of communities on social networks;
  • Sales office training;
  • Leave an application for reviewing your project ↓

Corporate website — price of creation

The price for a corporate website starts from $990

Get everything you need:

  • Website in the style of your corporation;
  • Functionality of any complexity;
  • Creation of brand book of a company;
  • Setting up of a CRM;
  • Reliable and speedy hosting;
  • Training on how to use your website.

And a little bit more:

  • Right push and pull strategy;
  • Mobile-friendly version of your website;
  • SEO promotion by the TOP SEO studio;
  • Promotion of your brand on social networks;
  • Complete maintenance of your website;
  • Get a big deal ↓

Catalogue/web portal — pricing

The price starts from $990

Get everything you need:

  • A design made from scratch;
  • Right structure of a website for Google;
  • Intuitive interface;
  • Optimization for mobile devices;
  • High-speed rate of a website’s work;
  • Comprehensible admin panel.

And a little bit more:

  • Maintenance of a website;
  • Secured hosting;
  • Filling your website with unique texts;
  • All necessary modules and plugins;
  • SEO, SMM and PPC promotion;
  • Get a contract and business proposal ↓

Landing with a guarantee for applications

The price starts from $920

Get everything you need:

  • Analysis Based Design;
  • We do marketing for the right goal;
  • Create the right prototype;
  • Packed in relevant design;
  • We pay attention for details;
  • Help you learn how to change site content.

And a bit more:

  • Guarantee for calls and applications;
  • Facebook and Instagram Advertising;
  • We connect and integrate services;
  • Set up advertising on Google;
  • Guaranteed result in the contract;
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Website Creation Price, 2021 — Development Price

Service website from $990
Online store from $1049
Corporate website from $990
Landing page from $1990

(!) Check out this info  — everything you need to know is here:

Creation of websites by Space Site (based in Kyiv) is:

  1. A selling website with a unique design;
  2. Creation of a website with an understandable and easy-to-go structure;
  3. Mobile-friendly version of a website with a high loading rate;
  4. High-level usability according to the requirements of Google;
  5. A full-scale project with the capacity of further expanding and extension with no frames.

Your website will be customized to sales

  • No matter how beautiful your website might be, it will not sell anything if it is not customized to sales. We develop websites that in the first instance are oriented towards sales.
  • By ordering creation of a website in our studio, you will get an always ready to sell your goods and services “salesman”.The customers will be led to doing an action you are needed in.
  • Call for action, words that make a person follow a link, make a purchase, make an order or leave an application — all these things lead a visitor to conversion that is required.

Writing of unique texts while creating a website

The first and most important thing that is estimated by search engines is the uniqueness of your web resource. In simple words, a search engine recognizes how much your website is unique and useful. Usefulness is estimated by comparing of similarities of information from your website with information from other websites.

It means that if there are stolen and non-unique texts on your website, you are the same as others and the advantages of Google search engine aren't available for you. If you think that it would be better, then we can fill your website with completely unique texts.

Internal website optimization

Ranking of your website on Google and Yandex depends on search optimization. In case if we do full optimization of your website, it will be easier and faster to reach top positions.

Creating of an optimized website is much easier than optimizing of a ready project. Price for creation of a website with SEO requirements is a bit higher than the price for creation of a website without these requirements. But the price completely differs from the price for optimization of a ready project.

Complete functionality in the process of development

You get a complete website with a simple CMS. It means that you can easily on your own add new information and delete out-of-use information. Moreover, you will have an opportunity to install new components, modules, plugins and change the appearance of your website.

Even if at this moment you`ve got an urge in a business-card website, later, you will be able to turn it into a fully-functional online store. It means that now you can order creation of a website for a low price and with that you get an enhanced tool for developing your business.

Ordering a website from us you will get:

  • Whatever the task might be, you will get an individual approach to every customer by the №1 SEO studio in Kiev and Kyiv region. Whatever your order might be, either business card website or an ambitious project with elements of flash animation, in any case as an outcome you will get a multifunctional project that is completely ready to performing of set tasks.
  • Responsibility for fulfillment of an order on every stage of the process. Our income is in direct dependence with your satisfaction with the results and interest in continuous cooperation, that is why we do our best.
  • Substantial saving — order SEO optimization at once. As it was mentioned above, creation of a website in our studio means base optimization. Base optimization in our studio is free of charge, while in other studios this service is paid as a separate service. In this way, you save some money that can be spent on further development of your website.
  • In addition to this, if you are pleased with the result, we will be glad to see you in the list of our standing customers and we will be glad to offer you a discount on promotion services.

1. Good looking design is the main point, then people will make an order or purchase

Unfortunately, but it does not work like that. At present, a good looking design is a pocket of sales of your website. But, on the other hand, it is true — a book judged by its cover.

There will not be any sales if your website has a breathtaking design but works slowly or hard to navigate and to find information needed. We do it not only good looking, but we do it so that visitors of the website might reach their goals and find needed information without any hardships.

2. I will make an order on the website that offered me services for the lowest price

There are hundreds of companies a lot more different offers. If you think that price is the same in different companies — you are wrong. And you can be completely sure that making an order in a company that offered you the lowest price is not worth it.

Ask yourself — how much money would you like to earn with this website per month? 10 000 $? 25 000 $? Or, probably, 5 000 USD? And what if I want to earn 20 000 USD, how much money do I invest in my website?

How do you think, a website cost of creation of which is equal to 20 000 $ will bring you a profit of 100 000 $? Yes, it won't take place. The outcome depends on the purposes for which the website is being created and on the type of advertisement launched on the website.

You`ve got a unique opportunity to get your website created by a studio, that is one of the TOP 3 SEO companies of Ukraine on Google. We know how to solve your problem if you have either 25 000 $ or 10 000 USD.

3. Making corrections “to your liking” into a variant that was given by a studio is not the best idea.

A number of customers after getting a wireframe start making some corrections that lead to fundamental changes of the wireframe that makes it completely differ from the original version, that affects sales rate. In this case it is more likely that you will do a lot of harm to your project and you will get not exactly what you wanted to.

In our company, we`ve got a highly qualified marketing professional that works on creating a wireframe of a website and designer makes their ideas come true. Every little amendment of a customer leads to deplorable consequences — after launching an advertising campaign the website does not sell as it is supposed to. But it will never happen to us. We do it as it is required and it is out of the question.

4. Making haste when it is necessary to wait and see in order to get a strong result

Every studio thoroughly plans their work and time needed for fulfilling a project, but sometimes everything goes wrong. We set terms with a little bit more time needed for fulfilling a project not going off of the terms of the agreement because for every day expired there are punitive sanctions that is not good for us.

Ordering creation of a website in our studio, you have time frames. You will be protected by the law, but nobody is protected from force majeure, so that is why if our coders say that it is needed to sort things out, just ask him when he will know about how much time he will need more to get problems solved. The less you distract a coder, the faster your problem will be solved.

5. Leaving no explanations

Some customers, despite a discussed project and technical specification, say what they wanted to get after the project has been closed. It is extremely important to make everything clear and to say what do you exactly want on the stage of discussing your project. 

We consult about every step on the way to closing a project:

— Technical specification;

— Wireframe;

— Mockup;

— Coding;

— Adaptation.

But even with project being discussed thoroughly on every step, there are some cases when a customer says that they wanted to get completely different things but not what we did. To get a product that will sale, that will be completely to you liking, that will be with a right and modern design and will make a profit — finish web-design courses, get a grasp on how SEO works, Google ranging system, learn the nuances of usability of a website and write us a detailed technical specification.

In this case you will get what you exactly want, what you described in layman's language for web designers, marketing experts, SEO experts, CSS coder and programmers.

Yes, every project is being made at least by 5 experts who knows their craft.

You can trust us:)

Important aspects of creation:

1) Website is optimized for SEO promotion

2) Easy-to-use and understandable functionality

3) Usability. Website is easy to be used

4) Every page of the website is supposed to solve some task

5) Website loading speed should be in orange/green zone in services of speed check by Google

Looks like we have not missed anything. Then, we will look at every point in details.

Optimized project

We can dwell in endless debates on code optimization, but we will be brief. What does that mean “optimized website”? It means that if you decide to make an order on creation of a website in our company and if you decide to promote it to TOP positions on Google, you will not have to pay webmasters for installing needful for promotion tools. The only thing needed to be done is to write SEO optimized texts and you can proceed to promotion.

Easy-to-use functionality and intuitive design

At present, people's heads are full of different things that is why we do not want to make things worse and that is why we do things in a minimalistic way. It is needed to give website visitors exactly what they came for.

Usability — the easier usability is, the more attractive for traffic website is

It is a very important thing and a new American word. In this case, everything is similar to design thing — the easier usability is, the more visitors and more actions on your website occur. Webpages with intuitive interface are supposed to spur visitors into carrying a necessary for us action. The fewer complexities we have — the more sales we have. There is no use in website promotion if the interface of your website is not in good condition.

Call to action. Spurring visitors into carrying out certain actions

The majority of people don't know what do they want. It is necessary to intrigue a person, make them understand that if they do not buy it right now, then later they will feel upset and the will miss a huge opportunity. Do it right now, buy it right now, make an order right now, call us right now, download it from here right now, watch it here and right now, DO IT NOW! These are the words that should be present on every page of the website!

One more important thing is loading speed of a website

We did everything alright, every point on creation is ready. Everything goes fine: targeted audience visits your website and everything is easy-to-use; but if you make your visitors wait for too long, they will choose your competitors instead of you. Why? Because time is the most precious thing that a person has and nobody wants to waste it on reading of this text and on waiting for a page loading. Make an order on an optimized website and increase your revenues

Creation of websites: short info on the main things:

1. Your website will have a unique and selling design;

2. It will have the right structure understandable for visitors;

3. It will be customized to fulfil purposes set during development;

4. It will be convenient to use on mobile devices;

5. You will get a product that will make a profit right after advertising campaign launch.

Why people address us when they want to make an order on website creation?

A website should be not only an attractive one but, above all, it should work and carry out mandated tasks, that is why you should take seriously choosing the performer of this work. Sure, you can ask an acquainted-programmer of yours, but can they guarantee that the website will work and match your expectations as it is supposed to.

The success of a created website depends on details

Professional creation of a website requires both deep knowledge of design and deep knowledge of software engineering, that is why this kind of services is costly.

A good developer, before starting executing the project, will ask questions to gain clarity on all wishes and requirements of a customer making up a document that is called technical specification on creation of a website.

After the works have been started, every step will be done strictly according to technical specification to avoid misunderstandings.

An attractive design is not the only thing that makes your website “sell”

At present, there are hundreds of thousands of Internet resources and it is hard to stand out of the crowd of these resources, websites. Nevertheless, do not let it put you down. Even if your field of activity is not a unique one, you still have chances at increasing website traffic and thus you can expand the business due to a solid approach to all the details.

Pay a lot of attention not to appearance of your website, but to its content. Sure, nobody argues that good appearance is very important.

But you do not have to forget that visitors come to your website not to feast eyes upon visual effects but they came here with a certain purpose. That is why our main goal is to catch visitors` eye and to rouse them to action.

If you sell goods and provide services, then the web content of your source should inspire visitors to make purchases. That is how the popular phrase “selling website” came to a being.

Creation and optimization of a website in the same SEO studio

Starting works on diverse projects we had been thinking of how could we stand out of the pack of companies offering the same services.

And the solution was obvious. What did we do? We included base optimization in the price of the plan on development of a website. It should seem that this service should be provided by default, but the majority of studios still charge it as a separate service.

To our mind, a qualitative website, whether it is a business card website or corporate website, should be completely ready for use and should be ready for probable further promotion while being met.

The outcome is the maximal level of effected sales on your website

In this way, making an order on a turnkey basis you will get not only solid and carefully tested web source but either you get a powerful advertising tool that will become a good basis for further expansion of your business.  

It is not for nothing that we accentuate a lot of attention on importance of optimization, because without unique text writing your website will be never found on search engines, no matter how attractive and interesting it might be.

Moreover, ordering development of a website in our company you save a lot of money on its further promotion some day or other you will fall back on.

Before we start our cooperation, all details are carefully discussed with an orderer. Pricing policy is made in such way that the orderer works direct with a performer of the works ant that is the reason why there is no extra payments during working process.

Creation of any website is divided into several steps, starting from initial discussion of conception up to presentation of the fulfilled concept and to project handover. Every step requires a certain period of time so that means that you do not have to expect for a fast result if your highest priority is quality.

What is the price for a website creation?

To ask a developer “What is the price for creation of a website?” is equal to the question “What is the price of a suitcase?”. Sure, you will be said some range of minimal and maximal price, and it is normal that you want to know precise numbers, price..

Exactly the same precise info the developer wants to get from you. You must admit that the price of the suitcase depends on brand, size, materials, colour and other different features. The same situation is with the creation of the website, but the price on that is formed on the basis of other features.

Website creation is a labour-intensive process requiring certain knowledge and experience, no matter what theme and scale website might be. It is clear that price for creation online-stores is a bit higher that the price for creation of a small business card website with several pages. But still, let's make things clear and puzzle out how the prices are formed.

How the price for website creation is being formed?

At first, you have to be specific about the purposes of your website and what tasks your website will solve. Based upon your wishes and preferences, the functionality, that takes a lot of labour and time, will be formed.

At present days, you can't find for money or love a company that will not offer you a website with a content management system (CMS). By means of CMS, a customer is able to control the content of their website by themselves.

Content management systems are divided into chargeable and free. An individual CMS that is developed to meet your requirements will affect the total price. Often it happens so that the functionality of CMSs that are free is more than enough for managing your website.

As has already been mentioned, the price for creation largely depends on the scale of a website. Creation of a simple business card website takes less time than creation of an online store with thousands of articles or a multilevel corporate website.

Available variants of the functionality

And here we go again, it all depends on what purposes you want your website get created. If you want your website to inform people about services provided and goods sold but do not want that there would be an opportunity to take actions, in this case, business card website and its functionality is enough. Here you can post information with a brief description of your company, upload price list and indicate contacts.

If you need visitors to make interactions (making purchases, filling in the forms, etc.) so in this case you need a large scale project. And, consequently, creation of large-scale projects takes way more efforts, time and funds.

Here we also have two variants: chargeable and free. In the case of chargeable functionality, payment for this included in the total price of the project. This thing is also initially discussed while making up the technical specification.

We create modern and selling designs for websites

Not the least factor that affects the price is visual price, i.e. design. Prices for web design are formed in the same way as price for creation of websites is formed. If you have an adapted wireframe, readymade design, the price will be significantly lower than drawing all the elements from the scratch.

Moreover, complexity of coding of a website matters. It is not hard to make a good picture, it is hard to combine it with the engine of the site so that thing may work together properly, without any errors. But there may be extra payments if there are additional elements such as flash-animation, java-scripts and other methods of interactive displaying of information.

So, there we have all the factors that affect the creation of the websites. Sure, there is a lot of other factors of less importance that are mandatory to be discussed with the client before our getting down to work. But these factors do little for price changing so they are not worthy to be mentioned here.

We do our projects counting on further continuous cooperation. That is why our customers get not only a high-quality product customized to performing tasks set, but they get a ready tool for promotion on the Internet that is configured to catch clients` interest and to increase your profit.

After completing a project you will not have to pay extra for SEO optimization and that is how you save like 200$, which can be invested in further development of the website by filling it with high-quality content and promotion of the website on search engines to reaching TOP positions.

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