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Author: Анатолий Ситников

  • Implement edits of any complexity
  • Improvement of sites on any CMS system
  • Let's improve the site on pure PHP code
  • We'll redesign the old site
  • Adapt the site for mobile
  • Integrate with CRM, 1s and SMS
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FROM 420$


 Price benchmark (from)from 420 hryvnias per hour
 Adding new content to the site
 Creating new landing pages
 Website design changes
 Changes to the site functionality
 Optimization of site speed
 Preparing the site for Google search +8000 $
 Any other changes to the site


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Since 2013, we have been helping our clients to develop their business on the Internet.

Technologies are developing very quickly, so any internet resource needs to be improved in order to keep up with the times.

Adding new functionality, updating the design, expanding the capabilities of existing partitions, new modules, etc. — All this is required to keep the resource in the trend, be convenient for users and perform its functions. Studio "Space-Site" offers services for improvement and modernization of Internet projects on favorable terms!

What's a site update?

If you want to improve your position on the Internet and get a high quality product, you need to first understand what needs to be changed in the old site. Upgrades mean both small changes and a complete redesign of the product according to the customer's requirements.

This contract may include the following aspects:

  • improve business logic. We know how to improve usability so that the end user doesn't waste time while your site is uploading;

  • makeup. A common problem is the incompatibility of the resource with some browsers. In the course of redesigning the layout, critical errors are corrected, adaptation to different devices, screen resolutions and browsers are performed;

  • Redesign or redesign. The individual components can be created from scratch, the detail is increased, the images are replaced with the actual ones;

  • refactoring. We are talking about fixing errors in the code. Thanks to this process, the program code is optimized and productivity is significantly increased;

  • create new functionality. After modification, your resource may have such modules as online calculator, order form, catalogue, gallery, possibility to leave comments under articles and so on.

Cost of site improvement — Price 2021

Price for improvement of the sitePrice, $Working hours
Site on pure code from 7999 $ 1-2 days
CMS website from 14999 $ 1-2 days
Site on the constructor from 19999 $ 1-2 days

Benefits of working with us

Experts at Space-Site have extensive experience in developing and upgrading various Internet projects. We know how to improve the site and turn it into a competitive resource in the shortest possible time.

Working with us, you get:

  • current, beautiful design. The designers of our studio will do everything possible to ensure that your business is represented on the web at the highest level;

  • high performance. The site will be loaded much faster than before modernization;

  • a fully tested product. Each stage of development is thoroughly tested;

  • compliance with deadlines. At the stage of discussion of the ToRs, the terms to which we adhere 100% are agreed;

  • favorable prices.

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