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Since 2013, we have been helping our clients to develop their business on the Internet.

Creation of a website for the bank — order development of a website for the bank

The main purpose of the site of the bank — to attract the attention of potential customers at the first visit and cause a desire to cooperate. The resource must be immediately placed to itself, inspire confidence and a desire to immediately come to the branch and use the services. It is by these rules that a quality website of any financial institution is created. We responsibly approach to performance of such task and give the experience and knowledge for your site on a maximum.

Bank site needed

It is clear that any modern structure, including the banking one, needs to be promoted on the Internet. Today, it is difficult to imagine a bank without its own website, where customers can come for complete information about a particular service, banking product. At the same time, the data should be submitted in such a volume that it is not necessary to apply to the call center or to the branch.

Not surprisingly, the creation of a website for the bank, one of the very popular services of our agency. It is on the web resource that the financial institution will be able to submit the following information:

  • News about the bank's operations.
  • Services — credit programs, deposits, card accounts.
  • Conditions for cooperation with individuals and legal entities.
  • Other data that may be of interest to visitors to the site.

It is more likely that the first acquaintance with the bank takes place on the website and not in the branch. It is such a time that people are more comfortable in the online world. Therefore, it is important to take care of a good first impression. It depends on whether this visitor will become another on the site or become a loyal customer who will actively use the services.

We offer the development of such a site, which from the first seconds will capture the visitor and will not let him go to another resource, cause and keep the interest.

Don't forget that the bank's website is not much more than a business card, a face in the Internet space. Its design must be clear, unambiguous for each visitor, even for the one who = it is not very well oriented on such sites and the one who does not understand such services. A very important point — multifunctionality and the site should be such.

The main functions of the bank's website

While the bank's website should be multifunctional, there are still a number of key tasks that it performs. Among them:

  • Informativity. When the client enters the site, he should have access to the maximum amount of data. These may include credit and debit cards, account balances, payment for various services, transfer of funds, bonus offers, ATM addresses, terminals, and branches. Such a structure is complicated, and in order to make it clear to the visitor it is necessary to try, namely to create a multilevel menu. It is with the help of this menu that we will be able to structure the information and as a result, get answers to the main questions.
  • Image in the little things. The site, including, performs an advertising function, it is able to attract new customers. Do this official resource is obliged to do correctly. That is, when the client gets to the official site should be interesting, and he may immediately want to try and get all the information. If the advertising campaign is correct, he will want to become a client of this bank. Do not forget that customers are different and their requirements are different, but the general — a desire to get clear, simple and safe information. When developing the site, we make every effort to make it stylish, memorable, but unobtrusive. We create the most convenient and practical navigation.
  • Service. If the site has many features that make it possible to use the resource to the fullest, it opens up opportunities for the visitor. Here it is also important to be able to update the service functions. They allow you to quickly and easily get acquainted with the full functionality of the site. An important form of feedback is a function that will reduce the workload of the call center and employees in the branch. Feedback helps to solve many problems or answer questions related to finances. It is convenient if you can order a card online, make a deposit or apply for a loan.

The rest of the functionality of your bank's website is up to you, we're ready to start developing it.

Development Features

Bank is one of the fastest growing sectors of the economy. Moreover, this trend is observed all over the world. For potential customers, the bank's website is a tool for obtaining important information for them. It refers, of course, to banking services. And the more accessible and understandable these data will be, the higher the chances that the visitor to the site will become a client of the bank. What in any case is of interest — exchange rates, conditions for obtaining loans, deposit programs, card products. Of course, it is important to know about ATMs and branches, their work schedules.

It's important that all the data of interest can be found easily, without long wanderings on the pages.

There are a number of other nuances. Thus, when creating such a resource, special attention is paid to its technical part. Today, it is a popular "client-bank" service, but to establish its work, it is necessary to create the appropriate technical support. Careful elaboration and formation of clear, convenient and ergonomic interface.

Other important component, in our opinion, is the creation and launch of correct operation of numerous online calculators. If these are available on the site, the customer will not have to use third party resources. This means that you can also browse other sites where there is a risk of getting another offer regarding your requests. Calculators are multifunctional and should not be neglected.

Design and not only

We believe that the design of the bank's website is also of great importance and it is one of our unique services. Attracting and retaining clients depends on how well the interface is presented. The design, no less, influences the increase of loyalty of existing clients.

In this case, there are important points:

  • Inclusion and transfer of corporate specifics of the bank.
  • Presenting the full volume of information of interest to the client.
  • Providing feasible services in the Internet space.

Plus to this, the design must be adaptive, that is, the site is created in such a way that it is convenient for viewing on devices of any type — PC with different screen size, tablet, smartphone.

Advanced to the development of the site, we offer such services in the field of IT, which may interest banks:

  • Development of the CMS.
  • HR portals.
  • Creation of payment services.
  • Enternet banking development.
  • Designing terminal interfaces, ATMs.
  • Integration of banking services.
  • And much more.

We are absolutely confident that our agency has the necessary competence to develop all the most important content and design of the site of any bank in the country and abroad.

CMS development

It would be nice to talk about CMS development, because we use a reliable and stable content management system. It has passed the test of time and numerous projects, including bank websites. It has established itself as:

  • Resistant.
  • Secure.
  • Easy to manage.

It gives full possibilities of content management and as a result, the creation of the bank's website with a high level of quality.

We are honest with you and ourselves, and we say right away that the development and testing of the bank's website takes a long time. Perhaps, this procedure is the most energy-consuming when compared to other sites. But the difficulties do not frighten us, so we are ready to work and give you the expected result in the form of a large number of loyal customers. And your site will conquer the multifunctionality, convenience, original design.

Cost of the bank's website — Price 2021

Site price for the bank Price, $ Dates of development
Template design from 2000 $ 35 days
Unique design from 5000 $ 40-60 days
Unique design from 10000 $ from 60 days